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Saturday, August 1, 2015

College Basketball

Fans Miss End of Kansas-Missouri Game Because of Sun Spots Affecting CBS Feed

The tournament hasn’t even started yet but we’re already having complaints from fans about getting their game switched out for another one on CBS. Only this one appears to be due to a legitimate technical error rather than the judgment of an individual. During Saturday’s border war on the hardwood between Missouri and Kansas, fans…Read More

John Pelphrey Unfazed by Arkansas Newspaper Ad Against Him

Arkansas is 18-11 on the season but only 7-8 in conference. They lost on Wednesday to Mississippi State on Senior Night, prompting an angry reaction from fans. One in particular took out a quarter-page ad in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette to express concern regarding the direction of the program, as I learned via Lost Letterman….Read More

Brandon Davies reportedly got a girl pregnant

BYU’s 3rd-ranked basketball team took a major hit when it was revealed that center Brandon Davies would be suspended the rest of the season for violating the school’s honor code. It turned out that the violation was for having pre-marital sex and getting a girl pregnant. The young lady who Davies got pregnant was not…Read More

Coach K Throws Chair During Duke Game

God may call Mike Krzyzewski for advice, but even Coach K has his weak moments from time-to-time. That includes channeling the fury of his mentor, Bob Knight, during a timeout on Wednesday night. With his team involved in a close game on Senior Night at Cameron Indoor Stadium against Clemson, Coach K tossed a chair…Read More

Louisville Male Cheerleader Jordan Alcazar Gets Technical Foul (Video)

Note to all college basketball cheerleaders: don’t touch the ball. It may be hard to believe, but a cheerleading squad is eligible for a technical foul during a college basketball game. Those of who who were watching as Louisville sealed a 62-59 overtime upset over Pittsburgh on Sunday got to witness that first-hand. Jordan Alcazar,…Read More

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