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Friday, November 28, 2014

College Basketball

Steve Lavin Forgos the Hair Gel

I was utterly stunned when I saw this. Stunned. You know those pick up the phone moments they talk about? You know, when your team hits a game-winning three pointer at the buzzer and you gotta share the moment with friends? That was my reaction to seeing the mop-topped Lavin lose the grease on his…Read More

Billy Donovan Locks His Players Out

In a move quite similar to Tom Izzo recently, Billy Donovan played the “you don’t deserve to wear the ___ uniform” card on his squad. That’s right, after Florida lost to Bama in the opening round of the SEC tournament last week (perhaps a result guided by fate?), the Gators became essentially eliminated from tourney…Read More

Don’t Be Fooled by the ‘Opening Round’

From time-to-time in sports, and everyday life for that matter, you’ll see euphemisms pop up. You know, like the coach who’s decided to “Move on to pursue other opportunities,” when really, it should read: fired because he sucked. Well the same thing is going this evening, and I don’t want you to get confused. Tonight,…Read More

Did Mykal Riley’s 3ptr Save Lives?

It’s insane to consider the thought, but it’s quite possible Mykal Riley saved lives by making a shot in a basketball game. Yes, that’s correct, with one basket, Mykal Riley could have changed the fate of thousands of people. On Friday night in Atlanta, Alabama was trailing Mississippi State by three points at the end…Read More

Seth Greenberg: Tournament Selection Committee Is Insane

In case you missed it Saturday, the always charming and charismatic Virginia Tech coach Seth Greenberg had a moment of truth during which he desperately campaigned for his Hokies squad to get into the tournament. Virginia Tech had just lost in the ACC tourney semis by two points to North Carolina on a last-second shot…Read More

Blake Hoffarber the New Laettner

You really have to see this incredible shot by Blake Hoffarber of Minnesota to knock out Indiana of the Big Ten tournament, in case you haven’t already. And really, you have to understand the historical context of Hoffarber’s career of the shot to appreciate it completely, so check out the entire video: Think this kid…Read More

March Madness Is Good for Offices!

Every single year without fail, we seem to get the nauseating reports of all the lost office productivity due to March Madness. Usually the figures are released right around this time, saying something like “March Madness costs the economy 80 bazillion dollars” because dummies are slacking at work, spending more time checking their bracket busters…Read More

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