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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

College Basketball

It’s Conference Tourney Picks Time, Win Some No Fear Swag from LBS

In case your March Madness brackets turn out to suck like mine usually do, I’m giving you the chance to get something else right instead (and win some swag too). We’re running an LBS conference tourney picks pool here, presented by No Fear Earn Some Cred. Even though there are a grip of conferences out…Read More

Apparently Blake Griffin Doesn’t Care About His Concussion

The Oklahoma sophomore missed Monday’s game against Kansas because of a concussion sustained against Texas last weekend. The team lost both of those games. After a week off, Blake Griffin was finally cleared to play against Texas Tech and didn’t hold back one bit. In fact, the dude channeled his inner Shaq at one point…Read More

Indiana Team Manager Michael Santa Sees Action in Northwestern Game

If you were watching the end of the Indiana/Northwestern game on Wednesday night (and God help you if you’re not an alum of either school and were still watching), you may have been wondering who that 5’9″ tiny white guy on the floor was. You might also be wondering why that J.V. high schooler was…Read More

Video: Jim Calhoun Owns Reporter Questioning the Coach’s Salary

A dumbass “activist” (read: pussy) tried to go all Wall Street Journal on UCONN head coach Jim Calhoun as if Calhoun were the CEO of a Wall Street firm taking money from TARP only to spend it on private jets and executive bonuses. This clown, whose name I won’t mention because I don’t want him…Read More

My Cousin, Indiana Hoosiers’ Crab Man

My uncle sent me this video, just to make sure I saw how well his tuition money was doing. The video below comes from the Indiana/Illinois game on Sunday. Keep your eyes on the guy in the crab suit: That would be my cousin, Andy, a junior at Indiana, who also happens to be an…Read More

Tom Crean Proactively Suspends Devin Dumes for Throwing Elbows

I’m starting to really like this Tom Crean guy. As if building up Marquette into a powerhouse wasn’t enough, he came to Indiana where he stripped the program naked to clean it up, getting rid of their top returning talent and scholarship players in the process. The team hasn’t been successful on the court this…Read More

Video: Pat Knight Goes Berserk on Officials in Nebraska Game

Apparently feeling that the sport was losing its touch without his father around lately, Texas Tech coach Pat Knight went nutso on Saturday in the loss to Nebraska. As you can see in the video below, he sprints onto the court to politely disagree with the referee’s judgment on a call. Unsatisfied with the waves…Read More

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