Purdue: The Best Defense in the Big Ten

The Rex Grossman getting boned by a Packers player picture now has some serious competition. Jimmy Traina, who presides over SI’s entertaining Extra Mustard section, revealed this hilarious photo of Purdue guard E’Twaun Moore playing some “on the ball” defense on Demetri McCamey of Illinois. No further explanation is needed:

Any wonder why McCamey wound up screaming? When it comes down to it, I suppose an accidental nut grab is much better than an intentional nut grab.

Jacob Pullen and His Beard Beat Texas

Kansas State handed Texas its first loss of the season, a 71-62 defeat in Manhattan. K-State got up by 10 at the half and held on for the win despite struggling from the outside, going just 1-12 on three pointers. Star Jacob Pullen went 0-6 on his long distance attempts and only 2-15 overall but he still was number one in the fan’s hearts. The junior guard has electrified the fans by averaging 19 points a game and sporting a thin Abe Lincoln-style beard. The look has become so popular in Manhattan that 1,000 Pullen mock beards were passed out to the fans prior to the game. The fan motto has even become “Fear the Beard.” Nobody ever accused the Kansas State fans of originality. The beard has also become a good luck symbol for the team and the squad has responded. At 16-2, Kansas State is rolling.

Travis Leslie Ridiculous Dunk on DeMarcus Cousins

Last weekend DeMarcus Cousins was in the middle of a controversy for a double technical early in Kentucky’s win over Louisville. This weekend he was part of another significant play but it’s not the kind you would want to be part of. Georgia sophomore guard Travis Leslie absolutely rocked Kentucky freshman big man DeMarcus Cousins on a dunk after beating the press. It was incredible and reminiscent of last year’s Jonny Flynn dunk against Rutgers. Check out this must see video of Travis Leslie’s dunk on DeMarcus Cousins:

Kentucky may have come out on top 76-68 but Cousins sure lost a lot of cool points on that one. Mark Fox is keeping Georgia competitive this season but they just didn’t have enough to keep up with Kentucky. As I’ve said before, the Wildcats are still my pick to win it all. They’re loaded.

DeMarcus Cousins Wastes No Time Getting Involved in the Louisville Rivalry

DeMarcus Cousins is one of the fabulous freshmen that have helped turn Kentucky into a 15-0 bonafide powerhouse team. The big man is averaging 15 points, 9 rebounds, and nearly two blocks per game despite playing limited minutes because of blowouts and fouls. Cousins had what probably was his best game of the season against one of Kentucky’s rivals — the Louisville Cardinals — recording 18 points and 18 rebounds. He also scored Kentucky’s first six points of the game and helped hold Louisville field goal-less the first 10 minutes of the contest. Oh yeah, Cousins also brought some serious intensity to the game, evidenced by his scrum on the floor with Jared Swoopshire early on that resulted in a technical. Cousins got the tech for throwing an elbow, check it out:

I must commend the fan who shot that video as the quality was impeccable. It’s not like that elbow was dirty — it really struck me as an “this is my ball, get away from me” type of move rather than one with an intent to hurt. Still, it certainly won’t sit well with Cardinals fans who have to be pleased with their team’s comeback but not the outcome. At this point, I’m looking at Kentucky as my favorite to win it all. We’ll see how that works out.

Keith Tiny Gallon Shatters the Glass and Breaks the Backboard vs Gonzaga

Oklahoma freshman big man Keith Tiny Gallon is considered by many to be an heir to Shaq, even being nicknamed Baby Diesel. The ironically nicknamed “Tiny” Gallon even did his best Shaq impression breaking the backboard on Thursday against Gonzaga. Gallon didn’t dunk on the play — he was going up for an alleyoop when he came down on the rim and shattered the backboard. Check out the video of Tiny Gallon breaking the glass:

Gonzaga wound up winning 83-69 but Oklahoma’s loss wasn’t for a lack of strong play on Gallon’s part. Tiny was 4-4 from the field for 8 points in only 13 minutes of work. He’s actually close to a double double average for the year and I’ll bet this isn’t the last time we’ll be hearing from him this year.

John Wall Has Some Serious Hops

This is the first post we’ve done about John Wall here at LBS and I have no doubt there will be many more to come. Fittingly, it is a post about Wall’s sensational ability on the court. The fabulous Kentucky freshman dished out a school record 16 assists on Tuesday night against Hartford. He also put his incredible leaping ability on display when heading out of bounds following a steal. Check it out:

You have to figure John Calipari used one of his shady recruiting methods to land the superstar point guard (hello Worldwide Wes!) and it’s well worth it. With the loads of talent the Wildcats have on this team, a Final Four run should be in store. In fact, they’re currently my pick to win it all.

Derrick Roland Suffers Gruesome Broken Leg Injury

Here I was thinking the Eric Wood broken leg video was awful, but after seeing what happened to Derrick Roland I might have to reconsider things. Texas A&M was taking on Washington in Seattle when early on in the 2nd half when guard Derrick Roland went up for a bucket. It appears as if his legs got entangled with a Washington player’s and Roland came down awkwardly. The result was one of the most disgusting images I’ve seen. You can even hear the “crack” sound from when Roland’s leg snapped in this horrific vid. Check outs the Derrick Roland injury video if you think you can endure it, keep in mind that you really only live through it via the reaction of Aggies teammate Donald Sloan.

The reality is that Roland’s collegiate career could be over, but the good news is that the surgery reportedly went well. You can only wish the best for Roland after seeing something so horrific happen to him like that and seeing the way it impacted his teammates. It’s also nice to note that the team is attempting to support Roland as much as possible, staying with him in the hospital until his family arrives. Here’s hoping for the best for Derrick.