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Saturday, October 25, 2014

College Basketball

Screw Florida, I Quit

Do you know what it’s like to see your team lose two years in a row after reaching the Final Four?  Two excellent seasons full of promise and only to see it come to a crashing hault?  Losing to Joakim Noah and his disgusting antics on the court.  Getting crushed by the inside play of…Read More

Why UCLA Will Beat Florida

Feel free to come back and ridicule me later after the Bruins get their rumps handed to them. But until that point, here are five reasons why UCLA will beat Florida in the Final Four. 5. Florida is just way too cocky. They haven’t played with determination, grit, and intensity all year long. Anyone else…Read More

What Josh McRoberts Will Be Missing

When he leaves Duke for the NBA (prematurely).  Although I have a feeling that won’t be McRoberts’ only premature action after he sees these fans sitting courtside There you have it, the breast best things about Duke all in one picture. Click here to watch the entire video, it’s well worth it, courtesy Hoops Odyssey. (chest bump…Read More

Who Goofed I’ve Got to Know?

And the Winnars of the 2007 Men’s NIT Tournament… The West VirGINA Mountaineers!! Who were for the record, better than about 20 teams in the big dance. Chest Bump NCAA FanHouse)

Elite Eight to Final Four, It’s Time For the Coaches To Shine

UCLA beat Pitt Thursday night 64-55 — in somewhat convincing fashion. In fact, the nine point victory turned out to be the largest margin of the evening, by far. Despite the relatively easy win, my excitement as a proud UCLA almunus was immediately halted. That’s when it him me — next up is the #1…Read More

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