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Monday, March 30, 2015

College Basketball

Michigan State Got Help from the Refs

As good of a program as Michigan State is, you figure they wouldn’t need much help to take care of the second place team from the WAC — one that went 22-12 in the regular season. That wasn’t the case on Friday night when Michigan State never held more than a four point lead in…Read More

New CBS Boss Button Has a Dilbert Feel

This time of year the almighty “Boss Button” is a huge item of contention. Last year we criticized CBS’ March Madness on Demand Boss Button because of the content on the page. If anyone were to look at the screen closely, they would have seen that the content was all sports-related rather than business-related. A…Read More

Why Your March Madness Bracket Sucks

Ah March Madness, the time of year when we scramble to finish our brackets confident that we have chosen the biggest upset in the history of college basketball. We stand assured that our number 16 seed will take it all the way. We ignore the “you are insane” looks we receive from friends and co-workers…Read More

LBS Expert 2010 NCAA Tournament Picks

For the 2011 Tournament Picks, go Here Yes, we obviously use the term “expert” quite lightly. The only thing we’re experts in knowing is that the tournament is unpredictable and that Cornell is not going to the Elite Eight. Anyway, you want expert March Madness picks for 2010? Here are the LBS 2010 NCAA Tournament…Read More

Mid-Major vs. Mid-Major Complaint Is B.S.

Ever since the NCAA tournament brackets for 2010 were released on Sunday, I kept reading a complaint that too many mid-majors were playing each other. The argument is that the beauty of the tourney is watching the little guys knock off the big guys, seeing David slay Goliath. Moreover, the feeling is that the tourney…Read More

UCLA Snubbed by the N.I.T.

Quit your whining, UConn and Carolina fans, a UCLA fan wishes to opine. In what completes the most disappointing season for Bruin basketball in the Ben Howland era, UCLA stumbled out of the gate and bumbled to a 14-18 record. Forget making it to the Big Dance, the losing season left the Bruins far short…Read More

Crazy Jay Bilas Has Cornell in Elite Eight

I’ve seen a lot of nonsense before in my life but I haven’t seen as many ridiculous notions as the one Jay Bilas suggested on Selection Sunday. Analyzing the brackets for ESPN, Bilas revealed his pick of Cornell to reach the Elite Eight in the East Region. I know March Madness got its nickname because…Read More

Maya Moore Rejects DeMarcus Cousins Despite His Crush on Her

The hottest story in women’s college hoops is UConn and their utter domination in the sport. The Huskies have now won 72 straight games — all by double digits — and one of their star players is Maya Moore. One of the hottest stories in men’s college hoops is Kentucky and their studly play the…Read More

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