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Friday, May 22, 2015

College Basketball

Keith Tiny Gallon Shatters the Glass and Breaks the Backboard vs Gonzaga

Oklahoma freshman big man Keith Tiny Gallon is considered by many to be an heir to Shaq, even being nicknamed Baby Diesel. The ironically nicknamed “Tiny” Gallon even did his best Shaq impression breaking the backboard on Thursday against Gonzaga. Gallon didn’t dunk on the play — he was going up for an alleyoop when…Read More

John Wall Has Some Serious Hops

This is the first post we’ve done about John Wall here at LBS and I have no doubt there will be many more to come. Fittingly, it is a post about Wall’s sensational ability on the court. The fabulous Kentucky freshman dished out a school record 16 assists on Tuesday night against Hartford. He also…Read More

Derrick Roland Suffers Gruesome Broken Leg Injury

Here I was thinking the Eric Wood broken leg video was awful, but after seeing what happened to Derrick Roland I might have to reconsider things. Texas A&M was taking on Washington in Seattle when early on in the 2nd half when guard Derrick Roland went up for a bucket. It appears as if his…Read More

Evan Turner Breaks His Back on Landing from Missed Dunk

Evan Turner has been a star for Ohio State through seven games. The junior is leading the team with 20.6 ppg, 12.9 rpg, 6.6 apg, oh yeah, and he’s also shooting 62% from the field. The stud has already triple-doubled twice, or three times depending on if you can’t the turnover category in the game…Read More

UCLA’s Basketball Season Just Went from Bad to Even Crappier

UCLA is 2-4 on the season with losses to local schools reminiscent of the Steve Lavin era. The Bruins lost their opener to Cal State Fullerton, struggled to beat Cal State Bakersfield, and they got obliterated by Portland, whatever that is. After a run of three straight Final Fours, Bruins fans began to be spoiled…Read More

Tom Izzo Brings Down the House at Midnight Madness

Friday night was Midnight Madness across the country in college basketball because Saturday is the first day schools can officially begin practicing. Many programs put on a show for their fans but none may have matched Michigan State’s display in East Lansing. They had more electronics there than a freaking KISS concert. You think they…Read More

So That’s What He Had Stashed in the Unibrow …

It was a sad day on Wednesday when former Binghamton standout Emanuel “Tiki” Mayben was arrested for possession with intent to sell cocaine. You might better remember him as the guy who tried to make the unibrow famous in March Madness but failed when his team lost to Duke in the first round. Mayben was…Read More

Duke Deserves a Banner Taken Down

With Memphis crying over having to take down one of its finest banners in program history because of the Derrick Rose SAT scandal, some people are saying the NCAA isn’t handling punishments evenly. Contributor JS emails in with a story from Gary Parrish at CBS Sports who says Duke got away with having Corey Maggette…Read More

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