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Saturday, August 1, 2015

College Basketball

Enough Whining Over UCLA Non-Calls

That seems to be the theme around college hoops lately — UCLA and all the great calls they’ve received from officials. Sure, I admitted they benefited against Stanford and Cal down the stretch, but people are now bringing up the Texas A&M game as well. First it was a co-worker saying there was a non-call,…Read More

UCLA Taking Years Off My Life

They’ve been doing it all year. During the regular season, I kept saying, “at least it’s not March,” every time the Bruins got down at the half only to rally back and win the game. Only problem on Saturday night was that it was March, meaning they don’t come back to win, season’s over. I…Read More

Trent Johnson Ejected by Quick Draw Curtis Shaw

Come to find out that there was more to Stanford coach Trent Johnson’s ejection Saturday than meets the eye. Luckily we don’t have to discuss the controversial nature of the move since Stanford ended up winning the game, but apparently Trent Johnson should have realized with whom he was dealing. The sleuthing Matt Spiegel at…Read More

NCAA Sticking it to Student Broadcasters

One of the greatest aspects of my college days, without question, was being able to broadcast UCLA athletics, including football games at the Rose Bowl, and basketball games at Pauley Pavilion. By the time I got to UCLA, the campus radio station (KLA), had lost its signal, and the station was available strictly online at…Read More

Steve Lavin Forgos the Hair Gel

I was utterly stunned when I saw this. Stunned. You know those pick up the phone moments they talk about? You know, when your team hits a game-winning three pointer at the buzzer and you gotta share the moment with friends? That was my reaction to seeing the mop-topped Lavin lose the grease on his…Read More

Billy Donovan Locks His Players Out

In a move quite similar to Tom Izzo recently, Billy Donovan played the “you don’t deserve to wear the ___ uniform” card on his squad. That’s right, after Florida lost to Bama in the opening round of the SEC tournament last week (perhaps a result guided by fate?), the Gators became essentially eliminated from tourney…Read More

Don’t Be Fooled by the ‘Opening Round’

From time-to-time in sports, and everyday life for that matter, you’ll see euphemisms pop up. You know, like the coach who’s decided to “Move on to pursue other opportunities,” when really, it should read: fired because he sucked. Well the same thing is going this evening, and I don’t want you to get confused. Tonight,…Read More

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