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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

College Basketball

My Cousin, Indiana Hoosiers’ Crab Man

My uncle sent me this video, just to make sure I saw how well his tuition money was doing. The video below comes from the Indiana/Illinois game on Sunday. Keep your eyes on the guy in the crab suit: That would be my cousin, Andy, a junior at Indiana, who also happens to be an…Read More

Tom Crean Proactively Suspends Devin Dumes for Throwing Elbows

I’m starting to really like this Tom Crean guy. As if building up Marquette into a powerhouse wasn’t enough, he came to Indiana where he stripped the program naked to clean it up, getting rid of their top returning talent and scholarship players in the process. The team hasn’t been successful on the court this…Read More

Video: Pat Knight Goes Berserk on Officials in Nebraska Game

Apparently feeling that the sport was losing its touch without his father around lately, Texas Tech coach Pat Knight went nutso on Saturday in the loss to Nebraska. As you can see in the video below, he sprints onto the court to politely disagree with the referee’s judgment on a call. Unsatisfied with the waves…Read More

Chase Budinger Gets Face Intentionally Stomped on by Houston Player

What is it with Houston and their aggression toward the Pac-10? First it was the Cougar mascot getting into it with the Oregon Duck mascot. Now it’s Aubrey Coleman stomping on Chase Budinger’s face in the game between Houston and Arizona on Saturday. Thanks to the magic of Yahoo!, nearly four million people have seen…Read More

Video: Johnny Flynn Monster Dunk Against Rutgers on Mike Rosario

The Rutgers coach was pretty pissed that he didn’t get a foul called on the play. The Rutgers player in question who got teabagged, Mike Rosario, appeared to be taking a charge and probably wanted a foul called, too. In the end, he just wound up taking some nuts to the chin. Check out this…Read More

Where Are All the Asian-Americans in College Basketball?

For all the talk about instituting a Rooney Rule in collegiate athletics to open the college football head coaching door to minority candidates, there sure isn’t much second thought given to the plight of the Asian-American college basketball player or coach. I would like Sir Charles and Dr. Richard Lapchick to chew on this for…Read More

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