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Monday, April 27, 2015

College Basketball

Honestly David Lighty, Who Still Uses BB Guns?

OK, let me get this out of the way first: he pleaded not guilty along with two other comrades on the charges, but they are expected to plead guilty eventually. Now onto the fun: David Lighty and two of his former teammates on the Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School basketball team pleaded not guilty today…Read More

Bobby Lutz Must Not Be a Fan of Message Boards

A friend of mine passed along this story to me in an email, and I had no idea how jacked up it really gets. Here’s your quick background: Bobby Lutz is the men’s basketball coach at Charlotte, who also interviewed for the South Alabama job. But that’s not all. His name got thrown into the…Read More

Nebraska AD Wants Five Years of Eligibility for Athletes

Huh? Whaaat? I guess it’s his way of helping Nebraska fans get more enjoyment — but memo — it’s too late to work the magic with Tommy Frazier and Eric Crouch. Lemme see how this works … it takes four years on average to graduate, yet athletes should have five years of eligibility? What, are…Read More

UCLA Rocks, Reaches 100th National Title in School History

That’s right, since I’m a proud UCLA alum, I must boast to the world when my school achieves something quite notable — you know, just like a proud parent showing off pictures of their ugly ass kid that nobody cares to see. On Sunday, the UCLA women’s water polo team defeated Stanford 5-4 to capture…Read More

Colorado State Basketball Needs Some Work on Their Team Chemistry

First we had one Baylor basketball player shoot his teammate, then we had a Northern Colorado backup punter stab the starter in his leg, and now there is a report that Colorado State basketball player Xavier Kilby allegedly pointed a gun at teammate Ronnie Aguilar’s head. (Kilby is the sweet young man pictured at right)…Read More

What Are Greg Oden and Mike Conley Sr. Hiding?

First the story comes out on Friday evening that the father of Ohio St. center, Greg Oden, says his son will enter the NBA draft. And become one of the top two picks. And go on to make millions of dollars. And go on to make All-Star games and win championships. And eventually be enshrined…Read More

Billy Gillispie and Kentucky Is the Perfect Marriage

Even though I’m not a Kentucky fan, let me take the time to explain why UK made a brilliant move in hiring Billy Gillispie, as the current reports suggest. To start, Billy Gillispie coaches Texas A&M in basketball. Basketball! Not football mind you, but basketball. I guarantee you most people didn’t even know A&M had…Read More

Hope Dana Altman Wasn’t Expecting an Invite to the Masters

Because that dude is out of the good graces of Frank Broyles and the entire state of Arkansas. He announced on Tuesday that he would be returning to Creighton a day after accepting the job to coach men’s basketball at Arkansas. One of my favorite parts of the story is that a private jet registered…Read More

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