Incoming USC PG OJ Mayo Busted for Marijuana Charges

I guess when you’re a highly touted athlete from West Virginia, you have no choice but to follow in the footsteps of fellow West Virginia natives Jason Williams and Randy Moss — maybe it’s some sort of initiation process. WANE TV in Huntington West Virginia reports that

O-J Mayo was among four males cited on misdemeanor marijuana possession charges in Huntington, West Virginia, late last night. Cabell County Sheriff’s Deputy Doug Adams says the driver had a small amount of marijuana on him and there was marijuana in a spare set of shoes in the back of the car.

That’s a nice start to Mayo’s career. Between this and the facebook group controversy, I’d say the Trojans are having a heck of a week.

Now who’s going to go ask him about it on his myspace page?

Chest bump for commentor JS on the tip.

UPDATE: The citation has been dismissedtwo dudes from Mayo’s entourage fessed up two of the men he was with took responsibility for the marijuana


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Why I Hate March Madness

Heads Up: The following words are not for virgin eyes, please act accordingly.

I fucking hate March Madness.  Yes, let me repeat.  I fucking hate March Madness.  I hate the tournament.  I passionately loathe and despise it.  My life would be much more complete without that 65 team summabitch – for several fucking reasons.

Me: Countless hours upon hours pouring over sports.  Reading stories, watching games, scouting teams (in whatever way that I can), listening to post-game interviews, doing everything possible to keep up with the action going on across the country.

Friends and Co-Workers: A few minutes here and there watching games, only if the TV happens to be on, or if someone cute is calling, playing, or coaching the game.  No newspapers, no blogs, no recaps, no post-game shows, no flipping channels from 9-5 on Saturday.

But funny thing is, none of this matters when it comes to picking the tournament.  None.

I can tell you I’ll pick Butler to reach the Sweet 16 because they knock down an average of 9 3ptrs per game, and I’m big on outside shooting teams getting hot.  I can also tell you I’ll leave Ohio St. out of my Final Four because they keep trying to force the ball inside with Greg Oden, and his offensive abilities aren’t quite ready to carry the squad.

Meanwhile, Joe-Loser from accounting thinks Joakim Noah is a character from Leviticus, and that a 1-3-1 zone is the newest lo-carb diet.

Further, 65 fucking teams?  All you have to do is be one of the best 65 fucking teams in the country to win the tournament and be called National Champion?  Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

George Mason.  You think I really want to fucking watch them try and beat Florida?  Please.  UCONN put 4 players in the 1st round of the NBA draft, and you’re telling me I want to see George Fucking Mason in the Final Four?  Get real. 

And then you have those conference tournaments.  Those mother-fuckin’ conference tourneys.  Is it a good sign if your team loses early or wins late?  Are they spent or on on a roll?  How the fuck do you judge those tricky-ass conference tournaments?  Why does it always seem like they’re fuckin’ up my universe?

Fine, now you’ve heard me say my piece.  So here you go.  Here’s my 50 fucking bucks, up-front, because I know I’m going to lose every fucking pool I enter. 

Just take my money, kick me in the nuts, and we’ll call it a day.  You know why?  Why?  Because I’m going to lose. 

And not just lose.  I will lose SPECTACULARLY. 

I will be coming in the bottom 20% of every pool I enter.  All of them.

So if you want another 5 bucks going to your winner, send me your invitation, because lord knows I won’t be winning, and being the “sports fan” in every circle to which I belong, I will inevitably receive every invitation in the world. 

And that my friends is why I hate March Madness.

What was up with Brent Petway’s hair?

Saturday Ohio St. beat Michigan in Ann Arbor 65-61 running their record to 27-3. It was a game that Michigan led for the most part, so no doubt it was a disappointing loss for the Wolverines to their hated rivals. Despite the loss, senior Brent Petway bid his farewell with a memorable hair style – shaving the Wolverines football helmet into his head. While it’s not something I would do, it was definitely pretty pimpish. 

DL Alan Branch from the football team said this about Petway and his hair on Fox Sports Radio with Sean Farnham and John Fricke:

“That guy, he’s a crazy guy ever since I met him.  He’s not going to follow the norm at all.  If he feels something’s cool or different he’s going to go ahead and do it.  He’s a crazy character.” 

Continue reading if you want to check out the 360 photo views of Petway’s hair. (MGoblog has some good pics too)

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Why isn’t UCLA #1?

I was wondering this even before the Bruins took out a tough Washington St. team last night in Pullman. 

UCLA is 26-3, and 15-2 in Pac-10 play.  They’ve won 16 straight at home, and five straight since their loss at West Virginia.

Ohio St. is 26-3, and 14-1 in Big Ten play.  They’ve won all of their home games this year, and 13 in a row overall.

One question however, who of value has Ohio St. beaten? Why is their basketball team starting to look eerily familiar to another program from the athletic department? Let’s see, notches on their belt include two-point home win against Tennessee, and a one-point nail-biting win over Wisconsin last weekend (who lost Brian Butch to a dislocated elbow). Other than that, we’re talking wins against some lowly Big Ten opponents. 

Fact is that the Buckeyes got their world rocked with they visited North Carolina and Florida, and they lost the first meeting against the Badgers in Madison.

UCLA’s resume on the other hand crushes Ohio St.  Let’s start with wins over Kentucky and a shellacking of Georgia Tech en route to a Maui Invitational win. Fast-forward to December and you’ll find a win over one of the Big 12’s best, Texas A&M at the Wooden Classic, and a drubbing over Michigan, a slightly above average team from the Big Ten. 

The Bruins’ resume also boasts in-conference wins over ranked Washington, Arizona, Oregon, Washington St., and USC teams. UCLA’s worst loss was by eight points at Stanford.  The other two losses were by a combined seven points.  Detractors will point to a non-conference loss at West Virginia, 70-65.  I’ll point to the inactivity of point guard Darren Collison that game and ask how Ohio St. would do without Mike Conley Jr., who isn’t half of what Collison is.

I show you all this and then I ask the question, how in the world is UCLA not #1? 

Please tell me because I am searching for the answer.

Bobby Knight wants Integrity in College Athletics

There aren’t many public figures (especially in athletics) who are more polarizing than Bobby Knight. On one hand, Knight’s berating style, mental and physical abuse of players, and frequent disdain towards the media has made him public enemy No. 1 amongst much of the college basketball crowd. On the contrary, he makes players attend class, prepares them for life after basketball, has an excellent graduation rate, and he is a superb coach. Simply, if you view Knight in first manner, you are a Knight hater, and if you view Knight in the second manner, you are a Knight supporter (often called enabler). John Feinstein does an excellent job explaining this.

Bob Knight speaks out again

I bring this up because Bobby Knight has made some comments suggesting the new rule of making all players be at least one year removed from high school before entering the NBA hurts the integrity of college basketball. Knight said that the rule is

The worst thing that’s happened to college basketball since I’ve been coaching. Because now you can have a kid come to school for a year and play basketball and he doesn’t even have to go to class. He certainly doesn’t have to go to class the second semester. That, I think, has a tremendous effect on the integrity of college sports.

Knight’s comments are particularly directed at Texas for recruiting Kevin Durant — who’s expected to leave for the NBA as soon as the season ends. Marc Isenberg of Money Players wonders if the comments show that Bobby Knight is out of touch reality. I say applaud Knight for maintaining integrity — being unwilling to sell his soul for a quick fix at the hands of a one-and-done phenom.

Rather than criticize Knight for being unrealistic or old-school, I laud him for actually valuing a college education — a positive trait Knight has long espoused, and far too many other coaches disregard.

Anybody who hates Duke like I do should love this!

Thanks to an email tip bringing this video this to my attention via CJ Wilcats Fan Blog.  The body of the email read like this:

Anybody who hates Duke like I do should love this!

Simple enough. Here are the lyrics courtesy of song writer Ryan Parker in case you’d like to follow along. And without further ado…

Watch out coaches, he wants your number!

The TV announcer for the Youngstown State vs. Loyola Chicago Horizon League women’s basketball game on February 3rd says a couple of funny things in the pre-game show. The announcer is Chad Krispinsky and the coach he is talking about is Shannon Reidy of the Loyola Chicago women’s basketball team. Here’s what Krispinsky said (to his directors) thinking he was off-air

You guys are gonna really like getting cut-aways of the Loyola coach. What do you think of her? I don’t know about that, I think she’s married. Uh, no she’s not. Let me look here, I’m gonna find out. And then I’m gonna get her number. Hey guys, we’re not hooked up to the internet are you?

In case you were wondering, Reidy’s bio makes no reference to her marital status.

*audio was removed due to copyright infringement