John Calipari: I know nothing about UConn

John Calipari MemphisJohn Calipari is back in the NCAA championship game after leading his Kentucky Wildcats to an improbable run in the NCAA Tournament.

Freshman Aaron Harrison stepped up for the third straight game and hit a huge 3-pointer in the final minute to help the Wildcats advance, and now they are set to face UConn in the championship game Monday as a 3-point favorite.

In his interview with TBS after the big win, Calipari praised Huskies coach Kevin Ollie and the UConn program while admitting he knew nothing about them.

“I don’t know anything about them,” said Calipari. “The issue now I gotta be up all night watching tape getting ready for them. I know their guards are good and I know I recruited a bunch of their guys, so I know how good they are, but I don’t know how they play.”

Are you buying that from him? If he’s telling the truth, then he really won’t have much time to prepare for the game on Monday night.

We’re guessing some of his assistants have been watching tape on the Huskies and will have him up to speed before long.

Aaron Harrison makes another game-winning 3-pointer (Video)

Aaron Harrison has earned legend status through his play at the NCAA Tournament. The Kentucky freshman made yet another deciding shot for the Wildcats during their tourney run when he hit a game-winning 3-pointer to beat Wisconsin 74-73 on Saturday night in the Final Four. Harrison also drained the game-winning 3-pointer against Michigan to send Kentucky to the Final Four.

And how’s this stat for you? Kentucky made two 3-pointers all night — their first and their last.

Goodness gracious. And can you believe how far away Harrison was on that shot:

Aaron Harrison 3-pointer

Harrison also had a huge 3-pointer to put Kentucky up 70-68 on Louisville and give them the lead for good in that game. What a baller.

Alex Poythress gets kiss from John Calipari after big plays

John Calipari kiss Alex Poythress

Alex Poythress made some huge plays late in the close Final Four game between Kentucky and Wisconsin on Saturday, and his contributions earned him the affection of his coach.

Kentucky was down by four 69-65 with under five minutes left in the game and Poythress threw down a dunk on Sam Dekker. He was fouled on the play, but he missed his free throw to keep it a 2-point game. A few minutes later, he put in another layup to give the Wildcats a crucial lead.

The run led Wisconsin to call a timeout, and Poythress was the recipient of a big kiss from John Calipari at the break.

Below is a GIF of the kiss:

John Calipari kissing Alex Poythress GIF  on Twitpic

And here’s a look at the dunk:

Charles Barkley calls fans who don’t understand ‘teamcast’ idiots

Charles Barkley teamcastIf you tuned into the Final Four games on Saturday and ended up watching what you thought was a biased telecast, that’s probably because you were unwittingly on the wrong channel.

See, Turner decided to experiment with a new concept for the Final Four games called the “teamcast.” They had team-oriented/biased telecasts for one team on TNT and the other team on TruTV. To find the unbiased CBS call, you had to watch on TBS.

Many fans didn’t understand what was going on and were tweeting Kenny Smith and Reggie Miller to complain about the biased announcing. And even guys like former NBA player Detlef Schrempf complained that the announcers were slanted towards Kentucky.

Luckily we all had Charles Barkley to set us straight at halftime of the Kentucky-Wisconsin game.

“Some of you people are idiots. Y’all are tweeting Kenny and Reggie complaining about the ‘teamcasts.’ They’re supposed to be homers. Stop complaining!” said Barkley.

“They’re killing Kenny and Reggie on their tweets. Listen you idiots: that’s why we call them homecasts,” said Charles, who got the name of the product wrong.

Right after Charles went through his diatribe, Kenny Smith stepped in to save the viewers by pointing out to Charles that if they were able to hear Charles say that, then they were already in the right place, meaning Charles was preaching to the wrong people. He was right.

I’m sorry, but I thought Turner did a terrible job letting people know what was going on. Had my TV channel guide menu explained what was on each channel, I would have known which one to tune into. And then I would have known to put on TBS to get insulted by Charles Barkley.

Brandon Flowers’ jacket honoring the ’89-’90 UNLV championship team is fantastic


During the 1989-1990 men’s college basketball season, there wasn’t a better team than the UNLV Runnin’ Rebels.

Led by Larry Johnson, Stacey Augmon, David Butler, Greg Anthony, and Anderson Hunt, UNLV finished the regular season as co-champions of the Big West Conference. Then, they won the conference tournament. The Rebels capped off their season with a run through the NCAA Tournament that ended with them cutting down the nets as national champions after beating Duke 103-73 in the final.

On Saturday, during the March Madness Music Festival, Brandon Flowers of the Las Vegas-based band The Killers took the stage wearing the above pictured jacket, complete with the names of UNLV’s starting five from that title-winning team.

That jacket is fantastic. I’m not from Las Vegas and don’t have an allegiance to UNLV, but I would wear it in a heartbeat.

Photo via Twitter/lukezim

Seth Davis dishes on Jabari Parker possibly returning to Duke, DeAndre Daniels’ NBA potential

Seth-DavisHas Jabari Parker played his last game at Duke? That is a question NBA teams would like to have answered sooner rather than later as we inch closer to the June 26 draft. Parker is still a potential lottery pick. He picked a terrible time to have one of his worst games of the season against Mercer, but the talent is undeniable.

The longer Parker waits to announce his decision, the more speculation we hear about the possibility of him playing another season under Mike Krzyzewski. College basketball analyst and expert Seth Davis discussed Parker’s future with Larry Brown Sports on Friday.

“I’ve been saying for a while that I think there’s a good chance he’ll come back,” Davis said. “When I say good chance I mean relative to his situation. 99% of the kids in his position wouldn’t even hesitate to turn pro. He’s a different kind of kid. So instead of being 99% gone I would put him more 85% gone.”

Davis, who is serving Subway’s new Flatizzas with Jared the Subway guy at the Final Four this weekend, said Parker is ready for the NBA but could simply decide that he would rather play another year of college ball.

“Physically, emotionally, psychologically he’s ready,” Davis said. “It’s just a question of what he wants out of life. There’s worse things in life than being a sophomore in college. We’ll have to wait and see.”

Davis also offered his thoughts on the Final Four. He’s staying with Florida as his championship pick but could envision any of the four remaining teams cutting down the nets. Speaking of NBA potential, Davis believes UConn’s DeAndre Daniels has the tools needed to be an NBA All-Star.

“I think we could look five or 10 years down the road and say DeAndre Daniels was the best player on that UConn team,” Davis said. “He literally has no idea how good he is. It can be maddening to coach him and watch him. If that kid ever figures out how good he really is he can be an NBA All-Star. I think he’s that good.”

If you happen to be in Dallas this weekend, stop by Subway on 1222 Commerce Street and say what’s up to Seth and Jared. Enjoy the end of the Madness.

Adreian Payne throws down sick dunk, adds great bowling celebration (Video)

Adreian Payne may not have won the college slam dunk contest at Moody Coliseum in Dallas on Thursday, but he certainly had the best dunk and celebration of the night.

The Michigan State senior forward brought down the house with a sick double-clutch 360 that was just out of this world. As if his awesome dunk weren’t enough, he topped it off by bowling a strike that knocked down all the human pins.

Try to top that.

Well, Eastern Kentucky’s Marcus Lewis did. He won it all. You might remember Lewis from this ridiculous alley-oop he threw down last season.

But how about this from Payne:

Adreian Payne dunk