Missouri suspends Dorial Green-Beckham indefinitely

Dorial-Green-Beckham-touchdownDorial Green-Beckham left high school as one of the nation’s top football players in 2012 and had nearly every major college after him before deciding on the University of Missouri.

Unfortunately, off-the-field incidents have occurred during Green-Beckham’s time as a member of the Tigers. He was suspended for a game in 2012 after being arrested for possession of a small amount of marijuana. In January of this year, Green-Beckham was arrested after marijuana was found in a car he was a passenger in, although it did not belong to him.

Now, due to recent issues, the 20-year-old finds himself suspended from the University of Missouri football program effective immediately for violating team rules.

“It’s unfortunate, but it’s the right thing to do for our football program, for the athletic department and also for Dorial,” head coach Gary Pinkel said via KCTV 5. “We have high standards related to the expectations that come along with being a Missouri Tiger, and Dorial has not met those recently. Representing Mizzou and our fans is a privilege, and we’ll work with him during this process. It’s been disappointing to have this, and other issues which have taken place lately. It’s frustrating, because we work very hard to instill responsibility and discipline in our young men so that our program represents Mizzou the right way. These actions aren’t representative of those expectations, and we are addressing these issues head on.”

Last season, Dorial Green-Beckham led the 12-2 Tigers in both receptions (59) and touchdown catches (12) and was second with 883 yards. He’s the only of the team’s top three wide receivers from a season ago who is scheduled to return this fall with L’Damian Washington and Marcus Lucas both graduating.

Gene Chizik does not look happy about his daughter’s prom date

Gene Chizik prom picture

Greatest picture ever or greatest picture ever?

Former Auburn football coach and Florida Gator player Gene Chizik acted exactly how you’d expect any father to act about his daughter going to prom with an athlete. Look at him all tucked away in the corner, the look of suspicion and disapproval plastered across his frown. He even has his UnderArmour shirt on and long sleeves as if he’s going to run an Auburn practice in a few minutes.

The person who posted the photo that has now gone viral is Jeri Dickey, the mother of the boy in the picture, Jerod Dickey. She actually says Gene likes her son and guessed that he may have just been photobombing.

Dickey is a senior and pitcher on Auburn High’s baseball team. According to this article, he was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when he was two years old.

Maybe ol’ Gene should cut the kid a little slack! Doesn’t he remember what it was like to be a young kid taking a girl to prom? After all, he married his coach’s daughter!

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Ohio State coach Ed Warinner takes funny shots at Michigan, Brady Hoke

Ed Warriner Urban Meyer

Ohio State assistant coach Ed Warinner (pictured above winking at Urban Meyer following a Carlos Hyde touchdown run) is now a known man in Michigan, and it’s all thanks to a couple of funny shots he took at the Wolverines and their coach, Brady Hoke.

Warinner, the co-offensive coordinator/offensive line coach for the Buckeyes, spoke at the team’s annual Spring Kickoff event on Tuesday. According to Buckeyes reporter Marcus Hartman, Warinner hit Hoke with a zinger while speaking to the Buckeyes crowd:

Now that is classic. I don’t even know how Michigan fans could be upset over that line — it’s just too darn funny.

But Warinner wasn’t done with the one-liners!


This dude’s a comedian!

Keep in mind that Warinner was speaking at essentially a pep rally, so we shouldn’t get too carried away about the comments, just like we didn’t when Hoke said Notre Dame was chickening out of their series with Michigan.

Not even Hoke seemed bothered by the comments when asked about them.

“The one thing around here, we always try to stay in between the lines,” Hoke said of Warinner’s comments Thursday morning on 1050-AM WTKA’s Michigan Insider. “That’s important with how you handle your program.”

At least he made light of it. But for now, the offseason zinger scoreboard reads just like the result from football: Ohio State gets the win.

Photo via Twitter/GerdOzone

Report: FSU investigated Jameis Winston case, he didn’t cooperate

Jameis WinstonJameis Winston was never charged with sexual assault late last year after he was accused of raping a woman on Dec. 7, 2012. The state attorney determined that there was not enough evidence against Winston to file a charge, and he later went on to lead Florida State to a BCS National Championship. But is he out of the woods?

According to a report Deadspin published on Thursday, Florida State has conducted its own independent investigation of the incident with what is called a Title IX investigation. As a result, FSU players Chris Casher and Ronald Darby were recently charged with five violations of the school’s code of conduct. Winston, however, is not facing any sanctions from the university.

Casher and Darby both gave signed affidavits to legal investigators heavily supporting the notion that Winston’s alleged victim was a willing participant. Both said they watched Winston having sex with his accuser and Casher admitted to filming the act on his cell phone. He said he later deleted the video.

As a result, Casher and Darby face FSU charges of ”conduct of a sexual nature that creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment for another person” and “acts that invade the privacy of another person.” Casher is also charged with “recording images without consent.”

So why have Casher and Darby been charged by the school but not Winston? Because Jameis didn’t say anything. According to Deadspin’s source, Winston was called to a meeting with FSU dean of students Jeanine Ward-Roof and others in January. Winston said at the meeting that his legal team advised him to say nothing.

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Mark Richt sending Georgia recruits portraits of themselves


Georgia head coach Mark Richt has found a unique way to grab the attention of recruits this offseason, and it may be working. In an era where teams feel that sending recruits dozens of letters in a single day is a great way to make an impression, Georgia has been sending prospective players something much more personal — portraits of themselves.

The artwork features each player wearing a jersey that represents their high school team on one side and shows what they would look like in a Bulldogs uniform on the other. Chuma Edoga, a four-star offensive lineman from McEachern High School, received the portrait you see above. He told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that it was the most creative piece of mail he has gotten.

“I’d say this (UGA portrait) is the most creative thing I’ve gotten in the mail so far,” Edoga said. “I thought it was pretty cool that they took time to do that (the drawing). And it was a pretty good drawing. I feel like it looks like me a little bit.”

Edoga said he also received a photo from Ohio State that showed a picture of his would-be Ohio State jersey with his name on the back hanging in a locker. Here are some other portraits recruits have received from Georgia.

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Washington coach Chris Petersen April Fools’ pranks players with new uniforms (Video)

Washington-uniforms-April-FoolsCompared to what we have grown used to, Tuesday was a very quiet April Fools’ Day across the sporting world. I don’t know if people are just less gullible these days or what, but we didn’t see that many pranks. Washington football coach Chris Petersen still managed to pull one over on his players.

Petersen gathered his team for a meeting and unveiled the Huskies’ new uniforms, which of course were a complete eyesore. They featured some cartoon sketch husky on the helmet and the block letter “W” plastered all over the pants. The best part had to be the word “DAWGS” written across the ass of the pants.

Some of the players initially laughed when the new threads were unveiled, but Petersen stuck with it. He was convincing enough that the room erupted with relief when he finally dropped his “April Fools’!” punchline. We applaud him for the effort. Those things were downright awful.

Video via Reddit
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Johnny Manziel puts Charlie Strong in check for doing Topszn handshake

Charlie Strong Johnny Manziel Topszn

Ohhh Charlie. For a guy who apparently treats hand symbols pretty seriously, Charlie Strong really screwed up on this one.

Strong, the new Texas Longhorns coach, was photographed doing the Topszn regime handshake. The handshake was popularized recently by Johnny Manziel and his crew (read the full history of the Topszn handshake here), as Manziel did it throughout the past two seasons. The photo of Strong doing the Topszn shake didn’t escape Manziel — a noted Longhorns fan — who posted the picture on Instagram along with the caption:

“Sorry Charlie…you’re not a part of the regime #SawEmOff”

Ouch. Nothing like being put in check by a college kid!

How did Strong not know better?

Photo: Instagram/JManziel2