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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

College Football

Mike Krzyzewski Defends Joe Paterno, Implies Age is a Factor

With all that has gone on regarding the Penn State scandal, I must admit I’m a little surprised that more people haven’t pulled out the “poor old man” card for Joe Paterno.  The American public has a tendency to view senior citizens as children at times.  Despite the fact that the Jerry Sandusky scandal has…Read More

Jerry Sandusky: I’m Not a Pedophile, I’m Innocent

Jerry Sandusky has been charged with multiple counts of child sexual abuse, but he maintains his innocence. In an interview with Bob Costas for NBC News’ Rock Center, Sanusky reportedly defends himself and his actions towards young boys. “I say that I am innocent of those charges,” said Sandusky in a phone interview with Costas….Read More

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