Nicki Meyer, Gigi Meyer Defend Dad Urban Meyer Against Ohio State Rumors, Fans

The Meyer girls are fed up with people talking about their daddy. As more and more controversy begins to build within the Ohio State football program, talk of Jim Tressel’s dismissal has picked up. Urban Meyer has been a popular speculation pick to replace Tressel, but his daughters, Nicki and Gigi, are tired of hearing people bad mouth their father and took to Twitter to put the haters in their place and let everyone know Urban is not going to Ohio State. Check out some of these entertaining Tweets.

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Fan Offering Cam Newton 1 Million Dollars to Pass Lie Detector Test

Cam Newton is preparing to be drafted this coming week and could very well end up as the top overall pick. He’s been scrutinized and criticized by draft analysts, and much of it is deserved.

Newton left Florida after stealing a laptop, reportedly was involved in academic cheating, and then he was shopped by his father to different colleges before he signed with Auburn. Cam never missed a game for Auburn because the NCAA determined he didn’t know his father was soliciting money. Try to hold your laughs.

Apparently there are still several fans who think the whole situation and NCAA reasoning is garbage, and one is on a mission to prove it. Clay Travis shared the news that a fan launched a website called Cam Newton Lie Detector. The fan who started the site is offering $1 million to Cam if he can pass a lie detector test by honestly answering “no” to these four questions:

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Arizona State New Uniforms Raise Satan’s Disciples Gang Concerns

Arizona State is one of the handful of college football teams to update their uniforms with a newer, sleeker look this offseason. They’ve gone to black uniforms and like I said when I first saw them, they’re pretty hot. But not unlike many sports teams’ jerseys and logos, these ones are raising concerns because of their similarity to the logo for Chicago Hispanic gang “Satan’s Disciples.”

A Chicago-area cop who works with gangs says he’s convinced it’s a matter of time before the Satan’s Disciples adopt the new ASU gear. He says the similarity between the gang’s logo and the new ASU pitchfork is uncanny, as you can see in the picture above.

Look, gangs using sports gear to represent is nothing new so this shouldn’t surprise us. Honestly, do you have any other explanation for why I see so many Pittsburgh Pirates hats in LA? There aren’t that many Pirates fans in Pittsburgh. It’s a gang thing, and this is nothing new.

SB Nation Arizona has great coverage of the uniforms in case you’re curious for more info and thanks to EDSBS for the original link.

Oregon Will Wear Hideous Camouflage Military Uniforms for Spring Practice

When it comes to ugly uniforms, the University of Oregon pretty much has copyright on the subject. Please tell me you remember these ugly shrouds they unveiled in 2008. Well it looks like Oregon has outdone themselves. Check out the uniform they plan to wear for the football team’s spring game later in the month:

Those look like soccer style uniforms with more patches than a NASCAR driver’s fire suit on Sunday. Those things are fugly. I wouldn’t give them away to the Goodwill they’re so bad. Homeless people on the streets would turn em down. Yeesh. Please tell me they’re not planning to actually wear those.

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Thanks to Oregon enthusiast Dan Rubenstein of Solid Verbal for the picture

Harvey Updyke Claims He Was Assaulted in Opelika Near Courthouse

You haven’t forgotten about Harvey Updyke yet, have you?  You know, the crazed Alabama fan who allegedly poisoned some extremely old trees on the Auburn campus and bragged about doing it on the radio?  Updyke is back, but this time he has made his way into the news for something other than the tree poisoning incident — kind of.

Good friend Sports by Brooks called our attention to an extremely interesting story on Wednesday evening.  When he was on his way back from Lee County Courthouse Wednesday afternoon, Updyke says he was assaulted at a Tiger Express gas station in Opelika, Ala.  When asked for details on the alleged assault, Captain Allan Elkins of the Opelika Police Department told Opelika-Auburn News that Updyke “has not really been too cooperative at this point.”

What makes this story particularly interesting is that no one really saw anything, including Harvey himself.  Through his lawyer, Glennon Threatt Jr., Updyke says everything “went black” before he could even get out of his car at the gas station and he woke up on the ground next to a gas pump.  Elkins said he had a 4-inch cut above his right eye and a 1-inch scratch between the eyes, but that the extent of his injuries “does not equate to an assault charge” considering he has no information on the alleged assaulter or assaulters.

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Duke Linebacker Tyree Glover Arrested, Kicked off Team for Trafficking Cocaine

The headline pretty much says it all: Duke sophomore linebacker Tyree Glover was arrested on Tuesday for trafficking cocaine and has been kicked off the team as Josina Anderson tipped us. The announcement that Glover had been kicked off the team was made by Coach David Cutcliffe who cited the reason as “conduct unbecoming of a member of the program.” Ah, so you’re telling me that someone distributing a few bricks of nose candy doesn’t reflect positively upon the football program or university? There’s a shocker.

You want details? Fine. I drive a Ferrari, 555 Cabriolet, what’s up? Police reportedly confiscated 29.6 grams of powder cocaine and 72.4 grams of marijuana from Glover’s dorm room. The young man was charged with trafficking in cocaine and possession of marijuana and cocaine with the intent to sell and deliver.

Gee, ya think? So someone who has 72 grams of weed and 30 grams of coke on them intended to deliver. Naw, I really just thought his plans were to get his face number for the next six weeks.

Honestly though, this really is shocking in some aspects. It’s crazy to think that someone who’s a Division I college football player at an esteemed university like Duke actually was dealing heavy amounts of drugs. You figure they’d be too busy practicing and studying for something like that but clearly it’s not the case. Just as long as we don’t hear any arguments about why college players need to be paid to avoid something like this I’ll be fine.

Iowa State’s Paul Rhoads Reenacts Clark Griswold Walley World Skit

I always thought I was a pretty big fan of the Vacations movies, but it looks like Iowa State and football coach Paul Rhoads has me beat. That video was uploaded to YouTube by isuvideos and the description says “Watch a skit played at Cy’s House of Trivia as Paul and Vicki Rhoads, Leonard Johnson and Ter’ran Benton play the Griswold family in National Lampoon’s Vacation.” Yup, that pretty much explains it all.

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