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Saturday, December 20, 2014

College Football

Did Bill Stewart’s Wife Leak Dana Holgorsen Alcohol Stories?

Over the past few months, the football coaching situation at West Virginia has quickly transformed into a drama-packed episode of Days of Our Lives.  About two weeks ago we told you about an alleged incident involving head coach-in-waiting Dana Holgorsen, during which Holgorsen had to be removed from a casino due to inappropriate behavior assumed…Read More

Bobby Bowden: Impossible to Run Clean Program Because of NCAA Rules

Jim Tressel resigned as head coach at Ohio State last week amidst a merchandise-for-tattoos and weed scandal engulfing the program. Worst of all, Tressel lied to his university and the NCAA about the problems, covering up for his players. The NCAA reportedly is targeting North Carolina next, and their recent targets have also included USC…Read More

Central Arkansas Painting Field Purple and Gray (Pictures)

This is getting a little out of hand.  We understand that schools with small football programs need to work a bit harder to gain publicity and capture some of the media spotlight, but where does it end?  As time goes on, more and more schools are opting for artificial turf over natural grass in their…Read More

Fort Myers Miracle to Host Jim Tressel ‘Rest the Vest’ Night

At one time associated with unrivaled success and a five-star football school, the name Jim Tressel will now likely become permanently attached to what turned out to be a dirty program.  You could certainly argue that most of what Tressel and his players were caught doing is commonplace across NCAA Division 1 athletics, but with the…Read More

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