Nick Saban and Pat Dye’s Daughters Post on Cyrus Kouandjio’s Facebook Wall

If you’re unaware of the saga involving high school recruit Cyrus Kouandjio, here’s your refresher. Kouandjio is considered the top offensive tackle recruit in the country. He announced he was going to play at Auburn on National Signing Day, but he never signed his letter of intent. He’s still uncertain where he will play, and the decision has been so difficult it’s given him a nervous tick.

He’s deciding between Auburn, Alabama, and New Mexico, and it complicates matters is the fact that his brother plays for Bama. It also doesn’t help that two of the schools from which he’s choosing also happen to have the most passionate fanbases possible.

The competitive nature between Bama and Auburn is intense, to say the least. Fans have been raiding Kouandjio’s facebook profile recently, trying to sway him to play for their school. To give you an idea of how much this guy means and how desperate these schools are, the daughter of Alabama coach, Nick Saban, and the daughter of former Auburn coach, Pat Dye, have both written on Kouandjio’s facebook wall recently. Check out these postings from Kristen Saban and Missy Dye McDonald courtesy of SI college football writer, Andy Staples:

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Bama Fax Cam Girls Receive Complaints, Facebook Group

Wednesday we passed along the story info that some women happen to monitor the fax machine at Alabama as letters of intent come in throughout the day on National Signing Day. Yes, those ladies are members of the Crimson Cabaret team, and yes they were wearing short skirts. But aside from this being a minor “move along, nothing to see here” story on the internet, some official at a rival SEC school got their behind all chapped by the Fax Cam Girls and complained to the league.

I’m not sure what code in the league rules this violates considering asking a school for $180,000 for your son to play results in no punishment, but what else should we expect? That a school complained about the Bama Fax Cam Girls is every bit as pathetic as Bama actually running a “Fax Cam” online to satiate interest.

This story would obviously not be complete without mentioning that like so many other menial subjects in the world, the Bama Fax Cam Girls have received their very own cyber honor. That’s right, a facebook group called the “Bama Fax Cam Girls” was recently started. I’m not sure of its purpose, but here it is in case you’re interested. God help us all.

National Signing Day Feeds Sense of Entitlement, Shows Immaturity

On Wednesday, several TV networks offered essentially an entire day to coverage of college football’s National Signing Day. Top recruits from all over the country were asked to announce on national TV where they would be playing college football and far too often it becomes a spectacle of self-indulgence. These are kids — generally huge kids, but still kids — and many don’t seem to have the maturity necessary to handle the big stage.

While some handle it as well as can be expected and have a little fun with it, others handle their announcements like spoiled children. Some, like highly-rated offensive lineman Cyrus Kouandjio, announce they will be attending one university (Auburn) before reconsidering and refusing to sign their letter of intent. Obviously, Kouandjio should go where he wants and is allowed to change his mind, but it’s not like he didn’t know this day was coming. Jadeveon Clowney, widely-considered the No. 1 recruit in the country, refused to announce his decision with everyone else, instead choosing to make his announcement on Feb. 14, his birthday.

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Rich Rodriguez Interviews Brady Hoke During CBS’ Signing Day Coverage

Rich Rodriguez was recently fired as head coach at Michigan, a move that was long overdue. After flirting with Les Miles, Jim Harbaugh, and possibly other coaches, the Wolverines finally settled on Brady Hoke to fill the vacancy. Hoke didn’t have much time to put together a recruiting class for the upcoming season, but he and his staff managed to do fine. He was even invited to join CBS College Sports for an interview during their Signing Day show and a potentially awkward five minutes arose because Rodriguez was sitting in as an analyst, as I learned via Kegs ‘n Eggs:

CBS’ Bryan Fischer says Rodriguez was asked if he wanted to skip the interview, but he decided to hang in there. That’s pretty professional on Rich Rod’s part, and the interview surprisingly did not seem awkward at all. Hoke loves everything about Michigan and was cordial towards Rodriguez, even lending some praise. Rodriguez for his part asked questions someone knowledgeable about the program would — whether the current players and new facilities helped the recruiting process.This could have been disastrous, but it turned out to be nothing.

Isaiah Crowell Signs with Georgia, Breaks Out Puppy Bulldog on TV

Isaiah Crowell is one of the top rated running backs in the country and one of the most-coveted high school players (he was ranked as the top RB on ESPN and Rivals’ lists). On Signing Day Wednesday, he announced he was choosing Georgia over Alabama. The Carver High product combines with several other in-state recruits to form what coach Mark Richt terms a “dream team” of local players.

Richt’s squad has been struggling lately, going 8-5 in 2009 and 6-7 this past year which was Richt’s first losing season. He had a well-publicized plan to recruit in state and keep local players at home — hence the “dream team” concept. Crowell helped make Richt’s dream come true by finally accepting the scholarship offer that was extended to him when he was a freshman.

So what’s the story behind the bulldog puppy you ask?

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution found out that “Crowell’s friend and backup running back Cequanti Ford brought out his bulldog puppy for him to hold.” Keeping in stride with the antics many high schoolers devise on Signing Day, “the two had hatched the plan Tuesday to add flair to the ever-growing pomp of signing-day announcements. Ford had to smuggle in the puppy — named Uga, naturally — to keep the decision a secret.”

I ripped into a Rutgers signee for his self-centered jerk move during his announcement and I’m no fan of the egotistical display put on by many of these teenagers. Breaking out the puppy however didn’t hurt another school, and let’s face it, it was kind of cute. Now all that remains is seeing if Crowell can live up to his high school billing. Let’s just say if he comes close to matching Knowshon Moreno’s production he’ll be in fine shape.

Alabama Has Hot Girls Retrieving Their Faxes on National Signing Day (Picture)

It’s National Signing Day folks, and if that doesn’t excite you enough in itself the University of Alabama has you covered.  As some of the top recruits in the country commit to joining the Crimson Tide, the names are being posted on the fax machine on Alabama’s athletics website and fed to a live stream for fans to enjoy.  It’s a move that has been used before, but I don’t recall ever seeing a phenomenal rump retrieving the faxes.  Check it out:

Is that appropriate?  I mean I’m not complaining, but you can clearly see cheek there.  It’s a decent marketing idea I suppose, but shouldn’t this type of stunt be reserved for a smaller school?  Tide fans get excited about this stuff enough as is.  The heiny is just a bonus.  Thanks to Deadspin for the picture.

UPDATE: Bama Fax Cam Girls get a spanking from SEC, plus more pictures

Florida High School Coach Bans Purdue, Danny Hope from Recruiting on Campus

Things have not gone well for the Purdue Boilermakers since Danny Hope took over for Joe Tiller as the team’s head coach. They’ve gone 5-7 and 4-8 under Hope, and issues like the one he had with A.J. King won’t help matters.

King is a receiver for Armwood High School in Florida, and the senior hurt his knee in August and needed surgery. King apparently hurt the knee again in his team’s first game of the year, but the problems did not stop Hope from recruiting the youngster. King went to West Lafayette for a recruiting visit in December, but later in the month he was informed his scholarship offer had been pulled. Hope had second thoughts after four of his players who had the same surgery as King did not recover well.

Armwood coach Sean Callahan was not happy to see Purdue jerk around his player, so he fought back using his only weapon: his players. The Tampa Tribune says Callahan has banned Purdue from recruiting on the campus.

While I don’t have a problem with a coach pulling a scholarship because of injury, I think it’s poor form to lead the player on if you did not intend to sign him. Still, all is not lost for King — he’s deciding between Toledo, Kent State, and Ball State. It’s not the Big Ten, but you can do worse than one of those MAC schools.

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