Alabama Has Hot Girls Retrieving Their Faxes on National Signing Day (Picture)

It’s National Signing Day folks, and if that doesn’t excite you enough in itself the University of Alabama has you covered.  As some of the top recruits in the country commit to joining the Crimson Tide, the names are being posted on the fax machine on Alabama’s athletics website and fed to a live stream for fans to enjoy.  It’s a move that has been used before, but I don’t recall ever seeing a phenomenal rump retrieving the faxes.  Check it out:

Is that appropriate?  I mean I’m not complaining, but you can clearly see cheek there.  It’s a decent marketing idea I suppose, but shouldn’t this type of stunt be reserved for a smaller school?  Tide fans get excited about this stuff enough as is.  The heiny is just a bonus.  Thanks to Deadspin for the picture.

UPDATE: Bama Fax Cam Girls get a spanking from SEC, plus more pictures

Florida High School Coach Bans Purdue, Danny Hope from Recruiting on Campus

Things have not gone well for the Purdue Boilermakers since Danny Hope took over for Joe Tiller as the team’s head coach. They’ve gone 5-7 and 4-8 under Hope, and issues like the one he had with A.J. King won’t help matters.

King is a receiver for Armwood High School in Florida, and the senior hurt his knee in August and needed surgery. King apparently hurt the knee again in his team’s first game of the year, but the problems did not stop Hope from recruiting the youngster. King went to West Lafayette for a recruiting visit in December, but later in the month he was informed his scholarship offer had been pulled. Hope had second thoughts after four of his players who had the same surgery as King did not recover well.

Armwood coach Sean Callahan was not happy to see Purdue jerk around his player, so he fought back using his only weapon: his players. The Tampa Tribune says Callahan has banned Purdue from recruiting on the campus.

While I don’t have a problem with a coach pulling a scholarship because of injury, I think it’s poor form to lead the player on if you did not intend to sign him. Still, all is not lost for King — he’s deciding between Toledo, Kent State, and Ball State. It’s not the Big Ten, but you can do worse than one of those MAC schools.

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Recruit Brent Calloway Still Undecided Between Alabama and Auburn

Brent Calloway is a highly-rated recruit from Birmingham, Alabama. He had been committed to play football at Alabama for a year and a half, but he surprised folks by announcing a change of plans at the U.S. Army All American Game earlier in the month. His father, “Peaches” Winston, was not happy about the announcement, as we found out this weekend via College Football Talk.

“I’m from the old school,” Winston said. “When you shake a man’s hand, look him in the eye and make a commitment, you stick to that commitment. I respect him and I’m going to root for him. But I don’t think he handled it the right way.”

A big reason for the disconnect is a debate over what position Calloway should play; he wants to play running back which Auburn is offering, while his father and Bama both think he’s better suited to play defense.

Apparently Winston is not going down without a fight, because Calloway was in Tuscaloosa for a visit with Bama this weekend.

Only Calloway knows what he’ll announce on signing day Wednesday, and then we’ll find out how upset his folks are. Maybe the reason he’s reconsidering Auburn is because the money’s too good. If that’s the case, it’s certainly not being kick backed to his father’s church.

Savon Huggins Pulls Jerk Move on North Carolina When Committing to Rutgers

I don’t spend much time following high school recruiting news, so you know something had to happen for me to write a story on it. This is about Savon Huggins, who apparently is a pretty highly ranked running back recruit. I don’t know who this guy is, but I do know that his college and NFL stats are identical to mine: 0 yards. Until he’s actually proven something at a level that matters, he shouldn’t pull crap like this, and he really shouldn’t be doing it at all.

Frumpzilla shares with us how Huggins teased North Carolina when he announced he’d be signing with Rutgers for college. Check out the 1:20 mark of this video:

Yeah, I know recruiting news has become a big deal in this country because there are so many diehard college football fans. I know hundreds of coaches are sending letters to these kids and smooching the butts of these 17 year olds, telling them how special they are. But let’s get real, they need to learn some lessons about respect. Huggins is just a high school kid. He should never pull disrespectful moves like that, screwing with another school. Who does he think he is?

As far as I’m concerned, he’s put himself in the same class as Jimmy Clausen and Kobe Bryant for high school announcement jerk moves. Kobe showed up to his indoor press conference with sunglasses on. Jimmy Clausen rolled up to his in a stretch limo. Those are no-nos right there, and this guy Huggins has now placed himself in the same category. Listen kid, you’re no big deal. You have no place to be pulling garbage like that.

Robert G. Burton, UConn Football’s Top Donor, Wants $3 Million Back

The UConn football program could be in serious trouble.  Former head coach Randy Edsall left the team after its Fiesta Bowl loss to Oklahoma to accept the same position at Maryland, but all of a sudden that may not be the team’s most pressing issue.  UConn’s top football booster, Robert G. Burton, is planning to cut ties with the team after athletic director Jeff Hathaway failed to fulfill his request of remaining involved in the process of hiring a new head coach.

UConn recently hired former NFL defensive coordinator and Syracuse head football coach Paul Pasqualoni, a move that Burton does not support and says he was not consulted on in any way.  It was the Burton family’s “lead gift” of $2.5 million that allowed UConn to open one of the best football facilities in the country back in 2006.

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Randy Shannon to UCLA as Defensive Coordinator Close but Not Done

A little over a week after Mike Johnson was hired as the new offensive coordinator at UCLA, the Bruins have progressed in their efforts to fill in the rest of the coaching vacancies. Former Miami Hurricanes head coach Randy Shannon interviewed for the defensive coordinator job over the weekend and is close to being hired. Bruin Report Online’s Tracy Pierson says he’s heard from recruits who have been told that the deal is done for Shannon and it just needs to be signed. I’ve heard similar information, but that the deal for Shannon is not done yet.

I’m told that Coach Rick Neuheisel likes Shannon but that one of the issues regarding a potential hiring could be money. As a head coach, Shannon was making approximately $1.2 million before receiving a four-year extension prior to last season. We’re told he may have been making around $1.75 million in 2010. Comparatively, Chuck Bullough who was fired in December, was only making $325,000 as UCLA’s defensive coordinator. It’s possible the school will be able to pay around what Norm Chow made, which is $500,000.

Additionally, I’ve heard that Neuheisel has plans to interview Mark Carrier for the position. Carrier, the former NFL safety, played high school ball at Long Beach Poly and graduated from USC. He’s currently the defensive line coach for the Jets, and just became available for an interview after his team lost Sunday. If you’re wondering the connection to Neuheisel, Carrier, like Mike Johnson, was a coach on the Baltimore Ravens’ staff in 2006 and 2007, serving as their secondary coach.

Lastly, if he is to be hired, Randy Shannon is expected to have a major impact on recruiting. For starters, Shannon reportedly has a good relationship with Tony Steward who is ranked as one of the top high school linebackers in the country. Neuheisel is planning to visit Steward soon and it would be a major help to have Shannon on board for the meeting. As recently as Friday, Steward said “Right now it’s dead even with FSU and Clemson. To be honest, UCLA is right there too. The Bruins are in it. I had a great trip there and I love that coaching staff.” After a disappointing 4-8 season, Neuheisel is eager to do anything possible to turn things around otherwise he could be out of a job.

Stanley Jacobs Says Les Miles Turned Down More Money from Michigan Twice

The story we all figured was true has been confirmed by someone on the record: Michigan offered LSU coach Les Miles truckloads of money and he turned it down to remain in Baton Rouge. Stanley Jacobs, who is a member of the LSU Board of Supervisors, told the Shreveport Times that Michigan offered their head coaching job to Les Miles twice, only to have him turn them down. Jacobs says that Michigan naturally offered Miles more money the second time after they had already been turned down before.

As a testament to Les’ character (in Jacobs’ eyes), Miles didn’t even leverage the Michigan offer into more money from LSU. I’m not as willing to make the same connection because I figure Miles had some other motivation, but it still is a meaningful piece of information. Les already makes $3.75 million at LSU and according to Jacobs, was offered in the $4.25 million range in Michigan’s second attempt to hire him.

Michigan AD Dave Brandon has insisted that only one person was offered the job and that was Brady Hoke, but that’s just a matter of semantics. It’s like when a coach answers a question about whether or not he’s talked with a team about a job. The coach can always say “no” and be truthful because it’s his agent who’s talking to the team, but the answer is deceitful.

If Brandon wasn’t trying to make Miles Michigan’s coach, why did he bother meeting with him on a few occasions? And if Michigan was so set on Brady Hoke, why did they bother attempting conversations with Miles and Jim Harbaugh? It’s because Hoke was a backup plan as everyone knows, and the school ultimately failed to get Miles. And you know what? That might not be a bad thing.