Current BCS Bowl Game Projections

Towards the end of the USC-Oregon game on ABC Saturday night, Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit were breaking down a graphic that projected the BCS bowl games. With the way they looked against USC, Oregon would be in the title game against Auburn who beat Ole Miss 51-31. The national championship game will be played in Glendale, Arizona, nearby the Fiesta Bowl.

Here are the rest of the BCS bowl game projections:

Rose Bowl: Ohio State against Boise State
Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma against Pitt
Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech against Nebraska
Sugar Bowl: Alabama against Wisconsin

The two teams noticeably missing from the list are TCU and Utah. Those teams meet next weekend at Utah, and the winner has a good chance of going undefeated. Both teams have San Diego State left on its schedule which will be a challenge, but if either team wins out, they have to make it into a BCS bowl game over one of the teams listed above. The winner of that game can easily compete with and beat Pitt and Virginia Tech and it wouldn’t be right if that team were left out.

Urban Meyer Says Florida Win Over Georgia Was Biggest They Have Had

For the first time since Urban Meyer took over the Florida Gators football program, they lost more than consecutive games in a season. The Gators got stomped by Alabama 31-6, and then lost tight games to LSU 33-29 and Mississippi State 10-7. The team had a week off to prepare for The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party against Georgia in Jacksonville and pulled off the win 34-31 in overtime to end their 3-game losing streak.

Florida went up 21-7 over Georgia going into halftime thanks to three second quarter touchdowns. Trey Burton gave the Gators a 31-24 lead with a 51-yard touchdown run, his second TD of the game. Georgia scored to tie the game at 31 and they headed to overtime. Florida got an interception on Georgia’s first possession of OT and then Chas Henry kicked the game-winning field goal to give Florida the big victory.

The Gators were emotional after the win, but nobody could have predicted the hyperbole coming out of their coach’s mouth. “This is the biggest win we’ve had, and we’ve had some big ones around here,” Meyer said. “People might say we’ve had some bigger ones, but I’d argue with that. This was the biggest win we’ve coached in a long time.”

Alright, I give it to Urban that that was an emotional victory and one of the biggest wins they’ve had in a while, but Urb’s coached in (and won) two national title games. There’s no way this game against Georgia was bigger than either of those. Yes, it would have been a disaster in Gainesville had they lost this game, but Meyer became a legend by winning those national titles. We all get caught up in the moments, but his remarks were incorrect.

Oh, and if you didn’t already know how awesome Urb is as a coach, he’s now 14-1 following a bye week. He’s also undefeated when it comes to making hyperbolic statements.

Photo Credit: Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Jacory Harris Jacked Up By Virginia’s John-Kevin Dolce (Video)

A few weeks ago, Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck enlightened us by demonstrating how a quarterback delivers a thunderous hit after a turnover.  On Saturday, Miami quarterback Jacory Harris reminded us that that’s usually not the way it goes.  The guy throwing the ball is usually taking the beating, not dishing it out.  Harris left Miami’s game against Virginia on Saturday and didn’t return after being lit up by Virginia defensive tackle John-Kevin Dolce.  The best part about the hit is that it was hard, but clean.  That’s almost impossible to pull off with all the rules that protect quarterbacks these days, so defensive players should take some notes from Dolce on how to throw a big hit on the quarterback and not draw a flag.  Check out the video of Jacory Harris getting jacked up by John-Kevin Dolce:

Video Credit: YouTube user 300mckenzie

Randy Edsall Says a Spy Is Posting UConn Practice Information on the Net

If you were wondering why UConn is only 3-4 after going 25-14 and to bowl games the past three years, we now have our answer. Their inside information is being posted online for the masses to see! True story.

Sports by Brooks Live shared the story with us via the Hartford Courtant which explains a parent of one of the former Huskies came across top secret information on a message board. The parent informed the football program and coach Randy Edsall responded by taking the gang indoors. Actually, the team practiced indoors because of the rain, but he says they’ll consider practicing inside to protect themselves.

Football teams have so much personnel there’s no doubt some assistants spend time on rival Web sites the week of upcoming games to see if they can find any pertinent information, and this sort of thing certainly qualifies. If Edsall is worried, it’s for good reason, though I’m not sure West Virginia coach Bill Stewart would know what to do with such tips if he received them.

As for UConn, sources inside the program tell me all students living in the dorm overlooking the football field have been placed on double secret probation. Edsall shouldn’t have anything to worry about at this point.

John Clay’s Hair Tribute Secret to Wisconsin’s Success

Trips to Hawaii are so old. Handing out Rolex’s are played out. You want to give your offensive linemen a real gift? The new way to go is shaving their numbers into your hair.

That’s what Wisconsin running back John Clay did prior to the team’s game against Ohio State two weeks ago and his team attitude has paid off. Clay, who was considered a Heisman Trophy candidate prior to the season, has 13 touchdowns on the year. He scored two in an upset win over Ohio State and two more in another upset win over Iowa on the road. Both big games have been achieved since Clay made the tress tribute to his teammates:

Attention quarterbacks and running backs looking to give love to their lineman: the stakes have been raised. Any wonder why Wisconsin has won both of these huge Big Ten games? It has to be the hair.

Photo Credit: Wisconsin State Journal

USC Coaching Poll Penalty Will Not Hurt Oregon in BCS Standings

Oregon is 7-0, leading the Pac-10, and ranked first in the AP and USA Today Coaches’ Poll. With a game Saturday evening at the Coliseum in Los Angeles, they’re set for their toughest test of the year since facing Stanford at home. Because the BCS computers already are ranking the Ducks lowly, my uncle brought up a good question leading up to this game: will USC’s penalty of being unranked all season by the Coaches’ Poll hurt Oregon should the Ducks win? The answer is no.

The only team whose BCS standing is hurt by USC being unranked by the Coaches’ Poll is USC. That doesn’t matter since USC is ineligible for the postseason anyway. The BCS computers actually are ranking USC as if it weren’t on probation, that way Oregon — and any other team who plays them — gets the proper credit for the win. In fact, playing and beating USC actually will be more helpful than any win the Ducks have had since taking out Stanford, which is currently 13th in the BCS.

The computers are actually fairly high on the Trojans, ranking them 27th on average. Jeff Sagarin has them ranked 20th, Anderson & Hester has them 26th, Richard Billinsgley and Peter Wolfe rank USC 27th, the Colley Matrix has them 28th, and Kenneth Massey has them 29th.

Looking back over Oregon’s schedule, though they’ve looked impressive in their wins, the reality is their schedule has been weak and that’s why they’ve been ranked lower in the BCS than the polls. A win over USC will do wonders for its BCS ranking. The only remaining obstacle is winning the game. Now that will be the tough part.

BCS Computers Do Not Like Oregon Much

Oregon was the overwhelming number one team in the country this week in both polls. The Ducks received 44 of the available 60 first-place votes in the AP Poll. Likewise, they received 50 of 59 first-place votes in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll. If the human polls had Oregon as the runaway top team in the country, why were they second in the BCS standings behind Auburn? The answer is easy: the computers are down on the Ducks.

There are six BCS computers and the high and low ranking (the outliers) are thrown out. Then, an average is taken of the remaining four rankings to give a team its computer ranking. The ultimate BCS ranking is calculated using 1/3 of the Harris Poll, 1/3 of the USA Today poll, and 1/3 of the computer average. Considering Oregon was number one in both the Harris and USA Today polls, they had to be ranked pretty lowly by the computers and that was the case.

One computer has Oregon ranked 11th in the country, behind one-loss teams Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Ohio State, and LSU. Strangely, though the PW computer is high on one-loss teams, it has Alabama (possibly the best one-loss team in the country), ranked 15th.

Another computer has Oregon ranked 10th behind Oklahoma, LSU, and Ohio State. A third computer has Oregon ranked 8th while three of them have Oregon ranked 6th, giving them a computer average of 8.

I understand that the computers have systems weighing different factors that allows them to arrive at their rankings and I respect all the effort put into the calibration of the computers. However, something is definitely wrong if the Ducks are only ranked 8th by the computers. They are easily a Top 10 team no matter how you look at it, and I would favor them to win against almost every team in the country on a neutral field. Being ranked 8th by the computers is inexcusable.