Cincinnati Bearcat Mascot Arrested for Throwing Snowballs (Video)

If you think the Oregon Duck doing The Dougie was unique, you’ll love what the Cincinnati Bearcats mascot had in store for fans on Saturday during the Pittsburgh-Cincinnati game.  At first glance, you might think this is a joke.  Why wouldn’t you?  A mascot — in costume — being restrained and arrested?  It’s pretty hard to believe, but it happened.  Check out the Cincinnati Bearcat mascot arrest video via YouTube user wingedhelmet13:

According to an AP report, the mascot was cited for disorderly conduct after throwing snowballs into the stands.  He was allegedly told to stop throwing snowballs before pushing a security guard and knocking him over.  The mascot was then arrested and cited and a backup mascot took over his duties for the second half.  Yes, seriously.

P.S. — How about the girl with the “you guys should stop recording this it’s not that funny.” Is she serious? Apparently she has no appreciation for capturing a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.

The UCLA-USC Football Rivalry for the Victory Bell … in Poetry Form

Here’s to you, Terry Donahue. We interrupt this USC rules violation to bring you a football game. While the University of Statutory Cheating squares off against a football team Undergoing Currently Languid Athleticism, collegial loyalties are split down the line in Los Angeles. Cardinal and gold, powder blue and gold. East LA and Westwood. Agents and houses, handicapped parking permits. For over a decade, UCLA has had its Victory Bell rung by the school from across town. To prepare you for this weekend’s matchup between UCLA and USC, here is an ode to the crosstown showdown, that would make Bill Shakespeare frown…

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Arizona Loses to Arizona State on Two Blocked Extra Points

As far as losing rivalry games are concerned, it doesn’t get much worse than the manner in which Arizona fell to Arizona State in the Territorial Cup Thursday night. Zona was down 20-14 when Nick Foles hit David Douglas for a game-tying touchdown with less than 30 seconds left. All Arizona had to do was kick the extra point to win the game. In heart breaking fashion, they had the kicked blocked. The game went on to overtime and Arizona appeared poised to tie up the game in the second OT when they lined up for another extra point. Alex Zendejas’ kick was blocked for the second time by James Brooks and they wound up losing the game.

I can’t fathom much worse of a way to lose a game than that one, especially in a rivalry game. Arizona went from 7-1 to start the year to losing four straight and finishing 7-5. The win made Arizona State 6-6 and barely bowl eligible. Luck really was on their side in this one.

Cecil Newton Tried to Take Money, But Cam Newton is Eligible to Play

Auburn Tigers nation can breathe easy — for now.  Their Heisman Trophy candidate quarterback has been declared eligible by the NCAA.  On Monday, the NCAA concluded that a violation of amateurism rules had occurred and, consistent with the protocol of such an investigation, Cam Newton was briefly deemed ineligible.  At that point, the university can request that the athlete be reinstated.  If it is determined that the athlete was not directly involved, he or she can be reinstated while the investigation continues, as was the case with Newton.

While Cam Newton’s name is “clear” at the moment, the NCAA discovered what we already suspected and were confident in — that his father, Cecil Newton, worked with the owner of a scouting service to market and sell his son’s talents.  SEC Commissioner Mike Silve spoke out against the conduct of Cam Newton’s father and the individual from the scouting service, saying it is “unacceptable” and “will not be tolerated in the SEC.”

On to the important part.  It comes in the form of comments from Kevin Lennon, the NCAA’s vice president for academic and membership affairs:

In determining how a violation impacts a student-athlete’s eligibility, we must consider the young person’s responsibility. Based on the information available to the reinstatement staff at this time, we do not have sufficient evidence that Cam Newton or anyone from Auburn was aware of this activity, which led to his reinstatement.”

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Donald Trump Tells Miami President to Hire Mike Leach

Three years ago, Donald Trump expressed his discontent with Miami University president Donna Shalala for hiring Randy Shannon and not Mike Leach to coach the Hurricanes.  Shannon certainly didn’t work out, and now Shalala is responsible for hiring another head coach.  While many reports indicate Jon Gruden will be the heir to the U throne, Trump continues to lobby for his buddy, Leach.  Check out this note he sent Shalala in typical Trump fashion:

For those of you who have normal eyes and can’t read that, here’s what the note says:

Donna, you made a big mistake when you did not take my advice and hire Mike Leach of Texas Tech — look what’s happened to them since he left [something no one can seem to read] — Hire Coach Leach and you will be number one. Best wishes, Donald — And you can get him for the right price. Best wishes, Donald.”

Keep in mind that as of Tuesday night College Football Talk was reporting that Jon Gruden will be the next Hurricanes coach, “barring a last-minute glitch.”  Hopefully it works out.  I’d hate to be Shalala and have to decipher one of these obnoxious notes again if it doesn’t.

Chip Kelly Could Make $4.3 Million With an Oregon Win This Weekend

The Oregon Ducks are one win away from a guaranteed trip to the BCS national title game.  With a win over Oregon State this Saturday, the Ducks would run their record to 12-0 and remain atop the BCS polls.  The stakes can’t be raised any higher than that.  Or can they?

For Chip Kelly, they certainly can.  After a review of Kelly’s current contract with Oregon, USA Today determined that the Ducks’ game this weekend is valued at around $4.3 million for their head coach.  Kelly’s contract includes a provision that tacks another year onto his contract if Oregon wins at least 12 games in the 2010 season or qualifies for the BCS title game.  A win over Oregon State would assure both and give Kelly an extra year on his contract worth $4 million, taking him into the 2016-2017 season.

Like almost all other coaches in the NCAA, Kelly also would receive a bonus if Oregon were to go on and win the national championship.  That would pay him an additional $200,000 along with adding a year to his deal.  And that’s not all.  Kelly also earns $285,000 every time one of his teams wins 12 “regular season” games, so he would get his hands on that cash with a win this weekend as well.

No pressure.

BCS Bowl System Is a Load of B.S.

Isn’t the holiday season grand? People slipping in and out of a gravy-induced coma, gathering around the television to watch the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys try to figure out the rules of football, and the annual exchange of gift receipts. That just leaves time to harp on the process of sending college teams to prestigious bowl games. The succinctly titled B-C-S. The mere mention of the three-lettered acronym nearly had President Obama dispatching the National Guard to Bill Hancock’s house. The controversy stirs up more vitriol than an old ladies’ pinochle showdown. Give me a ‘B’!

It seems like every year around this time, the same old debate is stirred up in towns whose major attractions are a Walmart and “The World’s Largest (something).” A Senator from Utah was so miffed that he threatened an anti-trust lawsuit against the Behemoth-CS. Well, you better batten down the Orrin Hatch, because here we go again. People in Eugene, Auburn, and Fort Worth wait with baited breath since, let’s face it, there really isn’t much else to do in those places.

There was a time when the Rose Bowl stood as college football’s version of winning the Publisher’s Clearing House (without having to subscribe to all those crummy magazines). Collegians played off for the right to go to Pasadena or there would be no postseason. But, then came the Orange and Sugar Bowls helping to feed the carb-crazed college football scene, with the Cotton Bowl soon after. Some 75 years later, the Granddaddy has had so many illegitimate children he’s beginning to make Shawn Kemp look like Father of the Year. Every corporate entity is represented in this bastion of amateurism (that’s what they tell us, at least). There is something called a Beef O’Brady’s Bowl (just sounds fattening), an Insight Bowl (which ironically provides no insight into entertainment), a Liberty Bowl (played in the city that gave birth to freedom… Memphis, Tennessee?), and there’s a bowl that’s a message, The Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl (a Pac-10, WAC matchup will accomplish this by causing one to lose their appetite).

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