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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

College Football

LSU’s SEC championship rings say ‘#2 NATIONALLY’ (Photos)

Championship rings are supposed to be a fond reminder of the success you and your teammates accomplished in a season. And that’s exactly what these LSU SEC championship rings are intended for. Rightly so; these days an SEC title is definitely something that ought to be celebrated with more than just a pizza party. But…Read More

TCU needs to keep this welcoming video away from its recruits (Video)

You hear that? That’s the sound of most of the Texas Christian University (TCU) incoming freshman calling up their safety schools asking if it’s too late to register for classes. “Call Me Maybe” is already the most popular and overplayed song in the world with new parodies going viral everyday. For TCU’s sake, they should…Read More

BYU recruit Brayden Kearsley burns letter from Utah (Picture)

Apparently this is now the cool thing to do. Once a recruit decides on a school they plan to attend, they are no longer flattered that other schools were interested in offering them a scholarship. Those “other” school instantly become the enemy. And what do we do to the enemies’ letters? We burn them. As…Read More

Arkansas unveils new football uniforms for the 2012 season (Pictures)

The Arkansas Razorbacks will have a brand new look next season, and we’re not just talking about Bobby Petrino no longer being the team’s coach. In addition to a new head coach, Arkansas will also have new uniforms. The team announced on its official athletic site Wednesday that the Razorbacks have been given a touch…Read More

Chip Kelly will be selecting Casey Martin’s outfits at the U.S. Open

Ever hated those eye-assaulting uniform combinations that the Oregon football team are prone to sport on the field? There was a time when you could have directed your complaints to Oregon men’s golf coach Casey Martin, who was responsible for designating what pants, jerseys and helmets the Ducks would wear each week during the 2009…Read More

A.J. McCarron and Tyrann Mathieu involved in Twitter squabble

For those who love fireworks between LSU and Alabama but can’t wait for college football season, good news: A.J. McCarron and Tyrann Mathieu both have Twitter accounts and neither had any self-restraint to be afraid to take swipes at the other in 140 characters or less during a brief tiff the two had on Monday….Read More

North Carolina football players reportedly took phony classes

Several North Carolina football players took classes that lacked instruction and involved forged signatures, a report published by The News & Observer says. One particular class — AFAM 280: Blacks in North Carolina — is under the most scrutiny. Of the 19 students who enrolled in the class last summer, 18 were football players and…Read More

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