Les Miles Redeems Himself with Gutsy Fake Field Goal Against Florida

A week ago Les Miles backed into a win over Tennessee despite horrible clock management at the end of the game. While those issues cannot be overlooked, Miles redeemed himself with a gutsy call that helped his team beat Florida. Down by three and needing a 53-yard field goal to tie it, Miles called for a fake field goal that gave his team the first down. Check out the play in case you missed it:

There was a near five-minute delay to review the play and see if the over-the-shoulder toss was a forward pass, but it was ruled to be a clean lateral. Four plays later, the Tigers threw a touchdown pass to take the lead and they hung on for a 33-29 victory. LSU somehow is now 6-0 while Florida drops to 4-2.

Miraculously, Les Miles is heading one of the few remaining undefeated teams in the country. As incredible as the comeback was, as long as it comes at the expense of the Gators I’ll take it. And the riverboat gambler lives again.

Best Running QB: Taylor Martinez, Denard Robinson, or Cam Newton?

After years of the spread offense and gun-slinging quarterbacks, it feels like we’ve gone back in time to the days of the option quarterback leading the team in rushing. From Denard Robinson at Michigan to Taylor Martinez at Nebraska and Cameron Newton at Auburn, the proliferation of big-time running quarterbacks has been incredible this year.

Thanks to a 241-yard rushing performance against Kansas State, Taylor Martinez is now second to Denard Robinson in rushing yardage this year. That’s two quarterbacks leading the country in rushing (though Martinez will probably be passed by LaMichael James after the weekend).

Martinez is a true freshman quarterback from Corona, California and has run for at least 100 yards in four of five games this year. While he’s only thrown three touchdowns, Martinez has lit it up with 12 TDs on the ground. Taylor routinely fakes out cameramen and defenders with his unbelievable handoffs and he uses his blazing speed to bust through holes.

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Flier: New Mexico State Women on Sex Strike Until Football Team Wins

I knew that players at big time schools were Big Men on Campus and raking in the ladies, but I had no idea that the same was true for smaller schools. Apparently that is the case. Sports by Brooks has a hilarious story about fliers circulating around the New Mexico State campus Wednesday. The fliers encourage a sex strike against the school’s football players until they win. In case you were out of the loop, New Mexico State is 0-4 and just got stomped 59-0 by Boise State. They’ve lost their games by a combined 182-57 total.

Photo Credit: SPORTSbyBROOKS

As lewd as those fliers are, they sure are hilarious. At least former UCLA defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker can thank the people behind the flier for providing his players with some motivation!

Troy’s Jamie Hampton Suffers Nasty Leg Injury (Video)

Like most of our nasty injury videos here at LBS, we wouldn’t recommend watching this video if you’re squeamish and don’t like seeing things bend in ways they shouldn’t be bending.  If gross injury videos are right up your alley, feel free to pause the video at about 10 seconds to see Jamie Hampton’s leg resting on the ground like that of a rubber action figure.  Here is Troy’s Jamie Hampton leg injury video, as pointed out by Sports by Brooks Live:

I thought Dan Mason’s dislocated knee was bad but I must say this looks a little worse.  Nobody wants to look down and just see a leg dangling — not even the opposition.

Video Credit: YouTube user MidwestDrummer

Video: LSU and Tennessee Crazy Ending

LSU lucked out with a 16-14 win over Tennessee thanks to a 13 men on the field penalty. The outcome of the game changed hands so quickly most people didn’t realize what happened. Because of poor clock management that should have Les Miles fired, it appeared as if the Tigers had lost to Tennessee 14-10. Then, the penalty called on Tennessee gave LSU a second chance at victory and they capitalized. In case you missed the game, here is a video of the Tennessee and LSU ending that has people going wild:

LSU Lucks Out with Win on Tennessee 13 Men on the Field Penalty (Picture)

LSU somehow lucked out with a win over Tennessee 16-14. LSU really should have lost 14-10 because of their ineptitude with clock management, but thanks to a 13 men on the field penalty on Tennessee, they got a second chance at victory. With four seconds left, here’s how Tennessee lined up:

Referees reviewed the play and gave LSU a second chance because of the penalty. They went in for the score after that and won 16-14. Regardless of the win, coach Les Miles still should be fired for his poor clock management. I’ve seen teams back into victories before, but it doesn’t get more blatant than that.

Les Miles Still Deserves to be Fired Over Clock Management Problems vs Tennessee

There wasn’t a more baffling end to a game Saturday than what happened between LSU and Tennessee in Baton Rouge. LSU had a 1st and 2 at the Tennessee 2 with 36 seconds left, down 14-10. They had no timeouts and needed a touchdown to take the lead. Jarrett Lee threw an incompletion but the play only took up four seconds off the clock. With time stopped, LSU waved on quarterback Jordan Jefferson to many boos. Jefferson ran to the right on second down and was stopped for no gain, but the clock kept running.

LSU did not know what to do and let the click keep ticking. The clock went all the way down to four seconds before LSU snapped the ball. The ball was snapped past quarterback Jordan Jefferson and Tennessee won the game 14-10.

So they thought.

Despite the celebration, the referees reviewed the play and penalized Tennessee for having 13 men on the field. LSU lined up for another chance at victory and Stevan Ridley punched it in for the game-winning score. LSU lucked out with a 16-10 win, and they can only thank Tennessee’s too many men on the field penalty for the reason.

UPDATE: Video of the LSU/Tennessee ending

Once again Les Miles proved he can’t manage the clock in crunch time. Just like last year in a loss to Ole Miss, they let the clock run down and almost cost themselves the game. Now all that remains to be seen is if google’s famous idiot blames his quarterback for the problems again. The Tigers need to ignore the outcome and focus on the horrible clock management problems.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky