Ben Cotton Grabbed in Nuts by Tony Jerod-Eddie (Video)

While a healthy discussion has broken out over Nebraska coach Bo Pelini’s treatment of the refs and quarterback Taylor Martinez Saturday, a few Huskers fans took the liberty of pointing out that A&M wasn’t acting like a bunch of honor students either. At the bottom of a pile in the first quarter Saturday night, Texas A&M junior defensive lineman Tony Jerod-Eddie can be seen pinching sophomore tight end Ben Cotton in the thigh and gasp! — balls! Check out the video:

That sort of stuff goes on at the bottom of the pile all the time, but it’s usually not in plain view like it was on TV. Maybe getting publicly ridiculed for being dirty will help curtail this sort of behavior in the future. There’s certainly no place for nut grabbing another man. Ever.

USC Players Pictured at a Teague Egan 1st Round Entertainment Group Party

Highly-touted freshman running back Dillon Baxter found himself in trouble with USC once again last week. Baxter did not travel with the team to Oregon State after it was discovered he accepted a golf cart ride across campus from Teague Egan, a certified agent. Egan also happens to be a USC student, so the image of Van Wilder tooling around in his sled must be percolating through your mind.

Ordinarily we wouldn’t give a second thought to this non-incident, but the mini-violation brought Egan’s 1st Round Entertainment group to prominence. USC site Conquest Chronicles did some digging and found pictures of a 1st Round party where several current and former Trojans football players were in attendance, as site contributor Black Jack shared with us.

(from L-R) Chris Galippo, Everson Griffen, Jordan Campbell

In pictures from the group’s facebook page, you can see the likes of current players Chris Galippo, C.J. Gable, Daniel Harper, Jordan Campbell, Ryan McMahon, Malcolm Smith, and Shareece Wright, and former players Taylor Mays and Everson Griffen partying it up. Just being at a party isn’t an NCAA violation, but the mere association of the several players with a known NFL agent could be a problem.

There’s no doubt Lane Kiffin and the Trojans have warned the players about associating with Egan after what happened with Baxter. Now if you’re wondering about 1st Round Entertainment, think of them as the Seinfeld of promoters; they’re a group about nothing. The “company’s” vision as described on its Web site is nothing but a bunch of sentence fragments, with sayings borrowed from Talladega Nights. Teague Egan is nothing more than a Josh Luchs wanna-be who should be avoided by all college players, and despised by USC fans for getting the players into trouble.

More USC Players and 1st Round Entertainment

Cal Security Guard Chokes a Fan (Video)

Even in the age of the cell phone camera, we see a lot of physical force used by security guards at sporting events.  There has been plenty of controversy regarding when and when not to use a Taser to control a rowdy fan.  We’ve also seen security guards throw some respectable big hits on fans when they rush the field.  But choking?  That seems like a little much.

Security guards at the Stanford-Cal game tried to control students when they were rushing the field after Stanford beat Cal in The Big Game.  I’m not sure why fans were charging the field considering Stanford is a significantly superior team, but that’s beside the point.  It doesn’t appear that the situation got out of control in any way, but a certain security guard treated it like it did.  Check out this video of a Cal security guard choking a fan, courtesy of YouTube user jkromp:

I’d be surprised if that security guard keeps his job.  That has police brutality written all over it.  Seems like there was no need.

Bo Pelini Chews Out Taylor Martinez, Refs After Nebraska Penalized 16 Times in Loss

Nebraska blew a chance to clinch the Big 12 North Saturday night at College Station when they fell to Texas A&M 9-6. Huskers quarterback Taylor Martinez was injured early in the game when his ankle was stepped on by a lineman during a running play. Head Coach Bo Pelini lost his mind during the game, seeing his offense do very little. In the second quarter he chewed out Taylor Martinez on the sidelines, and throughout the game he was yelling at the refs, even earning an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in the 4th quarter. Here’s the video of him chewing out Taylor Martinez in the second quarter:

Pelini’s anger towards the refs was justified; the Huskers were penalized 16 times for 145 yards while Texas A&M only was flagged twice for 10 yards. The most egregious call was a roughing the passer penalty on safety Courtney Osborne who nailed Ryan Tannehill on a 3rd down play. Instead of A&M having a 4th and 11 late in the game and being forced to punt, the penalty put them in position to kick the go-ahead field goal with 3:25 left.

VIDEO: Ben Cotton’s nuts grabbed by A&M player
NEWS: Taylor Martinez has not left the Nebraska program

Nebraska can still clinch the Big 12 North with a win over Colorado on Friday. After that, a rematch with Oklahoma State is likely in store in the Big 12 Championship Game. Though Pelini was upset for a good reason, he has to maintain his composure better than that. It’s pretty clear all his bitching only hurt his team more than it helped. When they talk about Texas A&M having the 12th man at Kyle Field, now I know what they meant.

USC Loses Matt Barkley in Loss at Oregon State, Mitch Mustain Enters Picture

Corvallis was unkind to Southern California for the third straight time. The Trojans fell to Oregon State 36-7 on Saturday night, dropping to 7-4 on the season. It was their third straight loss on the road at Oregon State as the Beavers dominated every facet of the game. Making the win even more surprising was that Oregon State had lost two straight games, falling to inferior opponents UCLA on the road and Washington State at home. On the other hand, USC entered the game having beaten Arizona on the road and Arizona State at home their past two games.

Oregon State got up 20-0 on USC at halftime, returning an interception for a touchdown and getting a pass interference penalty on a fake punt leading to their second touchdown. Sophomore quarterback Matt Barkley got hurt on USC’s last offensive play before halftime, injuring his ankle. The team struggled to move the ball with him in the game and had little success with backup Mitch Mustain running the offense. Barkley was 10-17 for 75 yards and the pick six while Mustain was just 8-17 for 60 yards. Both players seemed uncomfortable throwing the ball in the cold weather, never connecting with their receivers consistently. Moreover, Oregon State defensive lineman Stephen Paea was in the backfield disrupting play after play.

Barkley’s injury is a high ankle sprain, something that usually takes around a month to heal. That means Barkley is likely done for the season. USC only has two games remaining on their schedule and no bye weeks. If the Trojans were eligible for the postseason, Barkley would probably be able to return in time for a bowl game, but it looks like he’ll miss USC’s two rivalry games — Notre Dame and UCLA.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Steve Dykes

Miami Wearing Ugly Nike Pro Combat Jerseys Against Virginia Tech

Watching Miami play Virginia Tech on Saturday, it wasn’t their hot start or decision to go with Stephen Morris at quarterback that stood out. Oh no, it was their hideous garb that was most noticeable. As planned since the beginning of the season, Miami wore its Nike Pro Combat uniforms for their game against Virginia Tech in their version of dress like FAMU day. I’m sure the jerseys have some sort of amazing functions (guaranteed to make you run faster and jump higher!), but at some point you’re just sacrificing too much in the way of aesthetics for whatever upside these unis are supposed to provide. Here are pics from the jersey unveiling back in September, courtesy of CaneSport.com:

Now we just have to figure out what’s worse: the Under Armour jerseys Utah wore, or these ones.

Oregon Would Not Be Favored Over Auburn in National Championship Game

Oregon is unbeaten at 10-0. They have the highest scoring offense in college football, averaging just over 50 points per game. They’ve blown out nearly all their opponents, with the exception being a 15-13 win at Cal last weekend. The Ducks are first in the AP Poll, first in the USA Today Poll, and first in the BCS standings. That makes them by far the best team in the country, right? Maybe not, despite what other people have said.

A story last weekend at FanHouse had point spreads listed by USA Today analyst Danny Sheridan. Sheridan had Oregon favored over Auburn by six points if the teams were to meet last weekend (which doesn’t make much sense because the teams wouldn’t meet until January). He also had Boise State and TCU favored over Auburn if the teams were to hypothetically meet last weekend. Based on his lines, Oregon was the best of the four unbeaten teams and Auburn the worst. That didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, but lines listed on ESPN’s College Football Live corroborated Sheridan’s picks.

In projected lines shown on College Football Live Monday, Oregon would be favored over all three unbeaten teams if they were to meet. The Ducks were said to be a 9 point favorite over Auburn, a 4.5 point favorite over Boise State, and a 2.5 favorite over TCU, making them the best team in college football. In the odds they showed, TCU was also the second best team in the country. What really didn’t make sense was how Oregon would be favored by nine points over Auburn. Do you think they’re that much better than Auburn? Neither do I. In fact, a veteran oddsmaker says that was a mistake.

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