Jahvid Best Badly Hurt on Touchdown Dive

Cal running back Jahvid Best had a scary moment early in the game against Oregon State that has many fans holding their breath. Best went airborne to score a touchdown and was hit by someone who catapulted him even higher than he already was. Jahvid may have been six feet in the air at the peak of his leap (plus the push) before he came to a crash on the ground. Best landed on his back and may have injured his neck or back severely on the play. Here is video of Jahvid Best’s touchdown run and the hit that hurt him:

Jahvid had to be carted off the field on a stretcher and as you can tell, it did not look good. We’ll continue to keep you updated on the situation and we hope it’s nothing serious though at this point that’s wishful thinking.

UPDATE: Best has a concussion but has movement in all his extremities

Oregon Coach Chip Kelly Sported the Duck Costume Before the USC Game

The Oregon duck mascot has quite the history here at LBS. A few years ago, the Duck was suspended after getting in a fight with the Houston Cougar mascot. That may have marked the greatest moment in the history of mascot moments. This time around it was Oregon coach Chip Kelly trying to pump up the home crowd at Autzen Stadium by donning the costume before the USC game. Check it out:

Kelly has quickly become one of the coaches I respect the most in college football. First off, I think he handled the LeGarrette Blount situation quite well, handing down a harsh penalty but maintaining an interest in seeing Blount overcome the incident. Then, Kelly reimbursed a dissatisfied fan who traveled to the Boise State game. And now he’s wearing the Duck suit. Here’s what he said about it, “I take my job seriously, I don’t take myself seriously. It was more of a chance to see our fans. I think they’re the best fans in college football.” Talk about a BMOC … he better savor these days while he can because you can bet your butt the fans will be calling for his head when they have a 6-6 season.

Brandon Spikes Will Gouge Your Eyes

Brandon Spikes has been making it in the news quite a bit this weekend. Two of his noteworthy moments were positive, but the third was negative. First it got reported that Spikes and Tebow got into it during the Mississippi State game but they ended up bonding to help lead the team to victory. Then there was a positive moment for Spikes in the easy win over Georgia where he returned an interception for a touchdown in what ended up being Florida’s final score. His other noteworthy play however, was nowhere near as positive. Spikes was caught gouging the eyes of an opponent on national TV Saturday. Let’s go to the video:

I understand that foul and dirty play happens at the bottom of piles all the time. Fingers are broken, body parts are scratched, pinched, bit, pulled — anything you can think of probably happens, but that doesn’t mean it’s OK. I also believe that intentionally sticking your fingers in someones face mask with the purpose of poking them in the eye is an offense that belongs in a separate category; you don’t mess with something as delicate as another person’s vision. Just ask Willis McGahee about that — he’ll tell you.

Gotta Love Bob Toledo’s Outlook on Tulane’s Loss to LSU

LSU Tulane FootballThings have been pretty brutal for Bob Toledo ever since he was axed at UCLA. Toledo went to Tulane and his teams have gone 8-22 over three seasons, with the squad getting waxed 42-0 Saturday. Bob had already vented his frustration during the week, complaining about the lack of fan support and enthusiasm surrounding the program. Overall, he doesn’t seem like a very happy man. And getting blitzed by LSU didn’t help matters either. I really haven’t heard such a depressing explanation for a blowout loss as the one I read yesterday:

“It’s a little bit of a mismatch regardless of what people want to say,” Tulane head coach Bob Toledo said. “They’re a great football team. They’re bigger, stronger and faster than we are. Their Xs and Os are bigger than our Xs and Os. OK? Plain and simple.”

Wow, sounds like this guy wants out and is trying to write his ticket home. Another one of my favorites was this positive gem this week, “We haven’t had a punt return in two weeks, so our punt return team is pretty good right now because they haven’t been on the field in two weeks.” Umm, it was nice knowing you, I guess. Damn, that sounds awful. Who would want to continue playing when it sounds like the coach has even packed it in?

Mike Leach Is Not Happy with His Players ‘Fat, Little Girlfriends’

Mike Leach has taken on somewhat of a cult figure persona as the coach of Texas Tech. Having never played the sport himself, he’s regarded as a mad scientist of sorts, one who stays up all night crafting crazy passing plays. While his teams have enjoyed a tremendous amount of success on the field, Leach’s popularity has grown off the field. Ostensibly it’s because of his straightforward personality that leads to remarks such as the one he made over the weekend and reiterated this week after the game. The Red Raiders were shocked by lowly Texas A&M Saturday, the same A&M squad that was blown out by Kansas State the week before. Leach was saying the reason Tech got blown out is because the players were too busy reading their press clippings, only he worded it slightly differently:

Thanks to my boy, The Wiz of Odds for sharing that video of pirate fanatic, Leach. Considering his warnings to the players to take A&M seriously didn’t catch their attention, I’m guessing these comments did. It’s also surprising that Leach was picking on fat girls considering he’s the same guy who advised men to take their dates somewhere the ladies could eat real food. Sounds like a contradiction to me.

Jonathan Dwyer Is a Man!

Georgia Tech takes some heat for running the triple option which has been considered an antiquated offense. Thing is if you have the right personnel and you can execute the option to perfection, it can be highly successful. The Yellow Jackets have proven that and they’ve gone 7-1 to start the season. Not only have they mastered the triple option but they also have elite personnel. Just check out resident strongman Jonathan Dwyer who absolutely destroyed Virginia cornerback Chris Cook on this play:

Dwyer was thought to be a preseason Heisman Trophy candidate but his campaign dropped off because he hasn’t racked up the gaudy stats on a consistent basis. Since he plays fullback instead of quarterback or tailback in the system, he doesn’t get as many touchdowns as the other players, and they also spread the ball around too much. Still, Dwyer is highly ranked amongst running back prospects for the NFL. It’s easy to see why.

Ohio State’s Message to Terrelle Pryor: It’s OK to Punt

Minnesota Ohio St FootballThe Buckeyes struggled against Minnesota in the first half of their win Saturday before eventually going on to blowout the Golden Gophers. They led just 7-0 at halftime, the score coming on a 62-yard touchdown pass from Terrelle Pryor to DeVier Posey. As Ohio State was moving in for a score just before halftime, Pryor threw a pass into about triple coverage that was intercepted in the end zone. Rather than being up 10-0 or potentially 14-0 at halftime, the game remained at 7-0. The pass prompted an anecdote from one of the ESPN announcers who said the Ohio State coaching staff posted a sign in the team’s facility that said “It’s OK to punt.” Per the announcers, Pryor took offense to the sign and that’s when coach Jim Tressel had to put it context — it’s OK to punt instead of committing a turnover — something Pryor did four times in a loss to Purdue last weekend.

The wheels really started to fall off the bus for the Buckeyes following that embarrassing loss and most people felt Pryor had regressed. Also hurting matters was when Pryor’s high school coach chimed in to say that the QB wasn’t being used properly by Ohio State and that Terrelle should have gone to Michigan. I say that Ohio State’s a fine place for him to be, he’s just going through growing pains on a massive stage. Pryor needs to learn how to look off receivers and avoid locking in on his targets, and that turnovers are killer. So far he’s responded with a strong game in the air and on the ground against Minnesota. Pryor could easily run the zone read all day but if he wants to take his game to the next level, these are the things he has to do and learn, as pride-swallowing as it may be.