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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

College Football

Kellen Moore Went Bobsledding and Ziplining for His Bachelor Party

Attention Tony Romo: This is how you put together an alcohol-free bachelor party.  We can’t exactly assume Kellen Moore and his friends didn’t drink at Moore’s bachelor party because we don’t know.  What we do know is that they did some pretty cool things that do not require drinking.  In fact, it would probably be…Read More

Michigan State’s William Gholston is a Dirty Player (Video)

We all know extracurricular activity at the bottom of the pile is commonplace in football.  Whether it is high school, college, or the pros, players are always looking to gain an edge by throwing an extra elbow, stepping on someones arm, or grabbing and twisting at a special area.  In the case of Brandon Spikes,…Read More

Nick Saban Drops S-Bomb During Tennessee Press Conference (Video)

Alabama coach Nick Saban held a press conference Monday that gave reporters an opportunity to ask questions about the team’s upcoming game with Tennessee. Some of the questions were indirectly related to the Tennessee game, and Saban didn’t like that. Apparently he only wanted to talk Xs and Os about Tennessee, and nothing else. One…Read More

Iowa Salutes U.S. with Patriotic Card Stunt at Kinnick Stadium (Video)

The fans at Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City put together one of the best card stunts you will see at a sports event. Prior to Saturday night’s game between Iowa and Northwestern, the 70,000+ fans in attendance saluted the U.S. with a stars and stripes stunt. Afterwards, they flipped their cards to show support for…Read More

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