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Saturday, October 25, 2014

College Football

UCLA Discouraging Home Field Advantage vs. Fresno St at Rose Bowl

Once again, UCLA’s sports marketing department has dropped the ball, rather, taken the ball and run the opposite direction to create a score for the opposing team. The first step in this season-long process was baiting USC to run up the score against the Bruins, proclaiming the football monopoly in LA was over. Yeah, real…Read More

Mike Leach Gives Dating Advices

I might not have wanted the man around when he was being discussed as a potential UCLA coach, but there’s no doubt he’s worked wonders with the Texas Tech program. He’s got a gimmick offense that spreads the ball around with a crazy passing game and produces results. Apparently Mike Leach isn’t just an offensive…Read More

Air Force Does Not Complete a Pass, Still Beats Houston

Apparently Air Force does not like to mix pleasure with business. The kids who make their training and living by day through the air, decided not to use that method in their athletics. Air Force beat Houston 31-28 on Saturday in a game played in Dallas because of Hurricane Ike. The Falcons rolled up 380…Read More

Rutgers Student Gives ESPN the Middle Finger During North Carolina Game

If there’s one thing we can all learn from this, it’s that you don’t show crowd shots of fans of the home team following an interception by their quarterback –This is not some gentle english sport like cricket or horse racing. Either that, or certain Rutgers fans are pretty classless. If there’s a downside (and…Read More

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