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Monday, November 30, 2015

College Football

Jim Mora to be UCLA’s Next Head Coach … and I’m on Board with it

Jim Mora reportedly will be named the next head coach of UCLA’s football program Saturday, replacing Rick Neuheisel who went 21-29 over four seasons. The Bruins athletic department undoubtedly dropped the tip to the LA Times and ESPN LA late Friday night because they wanted to bury the news over the weekend. They knew this…Read More

Best and Worst Bowl Game Gifts

Aside from every college football player’s obvious wish to play in a bowl game, there are other perks than holding up the winning trophy. Case in point: the gifts you get. These days athletes know that a bowl berth means that there are gifts waiting for them. Bowl gifts are as close to payment as…Read More

Jerry Sandusky New Victims Accuse Him of Forcing Anal and Oral Sex

Jerry Sandusky’s defense attorney said his client may have to think about a guilty plea depending on the amount of charges he faces. Looks like it’s time to consider such a decision. A second presentment was released by the grand jury Wednesday that details sexual abuse charges from two new victims (PDF link). Victim 9…Read More

Life on the Coaching Hot Seat Isn’t so Bad

The times they are a-changin’. Amen, Bob Dylan. (Or is that Robert Zimmerman? I forget.) Just as with life itself, sports are simply not what they once were. You can’t buy a bleacher seat for a nickel anymore, but a Jose Canseco autograph could probably be procured for as much, even if it is Ozzie’s…Read More

Montee Ball Would Vote Robert Griffin III for Heisman Trophy

Wisconsin running back Montee Ball is one of five players invited to New York City for the Heisman Trophy ceremony Saturday. The junior leads the country with 1,759 rushing yards and 32 rushing touchdowns. Even though his numbers are stellar, he says his vote would go to Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III. “I’d vote for…Read More

Florida Fan Wants to Change Middle Name of Son ‘Spurrier Urban’

Yes, there are Florida Gators fans so dedicated to the their favorite team they would actually name a child after the school’s football coaches. Jen Wiley, a Florida graduate and huge Gators fan, named her son “Spurrier Urban” after the two Florida football coaches who won national championships at the school. But as Bay News…Read More

Tom Izzo Was Disappointed with Nick Saban for Snubbing Michigan State

You can add another person to the list of those who have a beef with Nick Saban’s final regular season coaches’ ballot.  While many have griped about the Alabama coach voting Oklahoma State No. 4 on his ballot, that can’t really surprise anyone.  Although you are supposed to be completely objective in voting, we know…Read More

Jerry Sandusky Recent Dinner with Alleged Victim Was Monitored by Police

You may recall hearing about Jerry Sandusky’s plan of defense against multiple charges of sexual abuse. Sandusky’s attorney boasted that the former Penn State coach recently had dinner with one of the alleged victims. They’re friends you see! How could there be abuse when they’re buddies who still hang out? Well so much for that…Read More

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