Georgia Fans Have Creative Posters

Georgia’s quarterback is a senior named Joe Cox. South Carolina’s nickname is the Gamecocks. Put the two in a bottle, shake it up, mix it around, add a creative yet brazen fan, and you get the following funny poster:


I don’t know what it is with those southern fans but they sure come up with some creative posters. I’m not sure which was the best, this, or the Florida Got Nutt’d on, or The Civil War Should Have Been Best 2 out of 3.

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Don’t Bother USC Coach Jeremy Bates When He’s Talking Strategy

Some TV crews are so intrusive they actually cross the line from informative to invasive. What ESPN’s cameras did at the end of the USC/Ohio State game definitely falls into that category. USC was looking to finish off their drive with about a minute left and they were talking things over during a timeout. Naturally the ESPN cameras tried to get a glimpse of the private conversation and got blown off by SC coach Jeremy Bates:

There’s a line between real live sports and produced sports drama, and throwing the cameras in there for a closeup in that situation crosses the line. I’m glad Bates told them to beat it so that the camera guy understood there still are some limits.

The Seat Just Got Hotter for Charlie Weis, Cooler for Rich Rodriguez

Notre Dame Michigan FootballHard to believe after the way I ripped Rich Rodriguez that I had to root for him to win on Saturday, but that was the case. People are saying the game was an instant classic and it surely was a good one, but was it as good as the Bush Push game? Not quite that good. Anyway, Charlie Weis is taking a ton of heat for throwing two passes at the end of the game while the Irish were trying to nurse a 34-31 lead.

They had the ball 2nd and 9 at their 30 when they threw two straight incompletions taking just 20 seconds off the clock, leaving 2:19 for the Wolverines who got the ball at their 43. Weis said he was just trying to win the game, “They loaded up the box and made it clear that they weren’t going to let us do that, so we had to throw the ball. On third down, we could have run and made them use a timeout, but we were trying to win the game.”

Forcier said that saving the timeouts for their final drive was key and there’s no doubt it was. By making Michigan burn their timeouts, the Wolverines would have had a much tougher time moving the ball in the final drive and they might have had to settle for a field goal. You telling me Weis wouldn’t have taken his chances in overtime? No doubt that was a tactical error and it was extremely costly. The only question is whether or not this leads to a tailspin and a new head coach for Notre Dame. I guess it was just another lesson in Weis’ coaching internship.

Colorado Doesn’t Let Dan Hawkins on the Team Plane Back to Boulder

Toledo — After getting blasted by the Toledo Rockets 54-38 on Friday evening, the Colorado alumni made their displeasure with the program known. Several prominent football boosters phoned athletic director Mike Bohn to complain about the team getting manhandled in their first two games of the season. The Buffs are 0-2 and have been outscored 77-55 in their losses to Colorado State and Toledo. The biggest complaint was that the defense allowed little known Toledo quarterback Aaron Opelt to look like a Heisman Trophy candidate. The senior quarterback with a career rating of 78.4 threw for 319 yards and four touchdowns while also running for 109 yards and two touchdowns.

Phone calls apparently began coming in early in the third quarter when the team was down 30-3 and also in the fourth quarter when they were down 54-24. The Buffs are now 13-26 under Dan Hawkins who’s in his fourth year as the school’s football coach. One anonymous backer of the program said, “Four double-digit win seasons last decade, we’re used to a certain standard of winning around here. Right now the program is not achieving at the level where we want to be. For me, the performance starts all the way at the top.” Another booster made a fourth quarter call to Bohn insisting that Dan Hawkins not be allowed back on the plane to Boulder, suggesting he take a bus back to think long and hard about how much he wants this job. Luckily quarterback Cody Hawkins was allowed to travel back with the team.

*The events detailed in this story never actually happened. Dan Hawkins instead posted his response below:

Clemson Got Screwed by Bogus Holding Call Against Georgia Tech

clemson-georgia-techWhile most people were watching the opening of the NFL season Thursday night between the Steelers and Titans, there was also a college football game going on between Georgia Tech and Clemson. Since the college game started an hour earlier than the pro one, I’m guessing most people saw Georgia Tech run out to an early 24-0 and figured the thing was over and that Clemson was folding early in the year like they always do. Crazy thing about it is that Clemson actually didn’t pack it in despite the large deficit — they rallied to take the lead 27-24 in the fourth quarter. Tech got the ball back and drove to tie the game at 27 with a field goal, leaving just under six minutes on the clock. That’s around the time Clemson got screwed.

The Tigers were around midfield in a 3rd and 11 situation when they completed a long pass down the right side of the field (pictured) that would have taken them down into field goal range. Somehow, someway, a flag got thrown well after the catch was made and we found out there was a holding penalty called on the left guard of Clemson. The Georgia Tech defensive tackle was running out of steam rushing the quarterback and started to fall down, conceding defeat to the offensive lineman. As the Tech guy was losing ground and falling down, the Clemson lineman essentially fell on him to make sure he wouldn’t get up. And that’s what the referees said was holding. The 10-yard penalty turned things around from Clemson having the ball in field goal range to having a 3rd and 21 at their 34. They throw an incompletion, wind up punting, Tech takes the ball and drives down the field for the game-winning field goal.

Now I’m not saying that the Yellow Jackets wouldn’t have won the game but had that horrible call not been made Clemson would have had an excellent chance to take the lead — possibly for good. The call was so bad that the officials called a makeup holding call against Georgia Tech when the Jackets got the ball back. It was also so bad that even Georgia Tech fans acknowledged the terrible call that helped them win the game. It’s too bad the officials changed the game with one bad call like that. I wonder if they had some money on the Jackets.

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Don’t Talk to Nick Saban About Cupcakes (He Prefers Brownies)

If you’re wondering what makes Nick Saban such a good coach (aside from his tireless work ethic, excellent recruiting skills, and defensive mind), this clip from his news conference on Tuesday will give you some insight. About halfway through the video Saban gets rolling in response to a question about keeping his team motivated against an “inferior” opponent like Florida International.

That’s right folks, there are no cupcakes in Nick Saban’s book. And actually, that’s a really important lesson for his team to learn. Saban already experienced that sort of disappointment when they lost to Louisiana-Monroe in his first season in Tuscaloosa so he knows how losing focus one week can derail one’s season. By the way, as far as #4 goes, it doesn’t take a whole lot to be better than anyone Virginia Tech offered up on offense last week. They stunk.

Ed Orgeron, Kiffin Want to Crush UCLA

ed-orgeron3The game between UCLA and Tennessee this weekend is already being billed as “The Blabber Bowl.” Sounds like a good nickname to me. Even Tennessee coach and former USC d-line coach Ed Orgeron is kicking off the gabbing pretty early:

“You will not find anybody else in the world that wants to beat UCLA more than Ed Orgeron and Lane Kiffin, so these boys better be ready. They’re going to find out what it is to prepare for a big game. And you know what? I think our guys are going to be ready for the outcome of last year. You can hear it in the locker room. I don’t think there needs to be any extra motivation to beat the Bruins.”

Can’t say I blame the guy — UCLA’s colors are light blue and yellow, and the team stunk when Ed was at USC. As for Lane, pretty weird that he opened his yapper all offseason but now he’s staying relatively quiet during the year. I guess he’ll just settle for putting up 28 points in the fourth quarter against Western Kentucky instead. No question Kiffin doesn’t like Norm Chow and that this in some ways resembles a USC/UCLA game because of the staffs. Mix in last year’s win by UCLA and you know the bad blood will be flowing early. Problem is that neither program quite has the horses to embarrass the other. Should be a struggle the entire way.