Quite a Crappy Week 1 for the ACC

When it comes to college football, there isn’t much more fun than breaking things down and comparing conferences. For instance, the common thought is that the SEC has had the best football for the past several years and that they were the top conference entering the season, along with the Big 12. The Big Ten’s lost some respect because of their losses to the SEC in the title games and the prevailing thought that they don’t have enough speed. The Mountain West’s been trying to assert itself as a big-time conference and it sure helped its case with BYU beating Oklahoma. The WAC got a boost seeing Boise State beat Oregon. But the conference whose reputation took the biggest hit on Saturday? The ACC, without a doubt.

North Carolina and Georgia Tech handled their cream puff games pretty well, as did Clemson and Boston College. Virginia Tech may have only lost their neutral site game to Alabama by 10 points, but they were out-gained 498 to 155. Ouch. Wake Forest lost at home to Baylor, which hasn’t won more than five games in a season since ’95. N.C. State couldn’t muster up more than 133 yards on Thursday against South Carolina and lost at home 7-3. Maryland got blitzed by Cal 52-13. Oh yeah, and did I mention that both Virginia AND Duke got beat by Division 1-AA schools? Yes, William and Mary and Richmond both got to put a “1” in their win column before UVA or Duke did. That’s sad. Hey, at least they have basketball!

Terrelle Pryor’s Michael Vick Eyeblack Pictures

In what’s picking up steam as a story, Ohio State sophomore quarterback Terrelle Pryor expressed his support for Michael Vick during Saturday’s game against Navy by writing his name on his eyeblack. Check out the pictures of Pryor’s Vick eyeblack:


I have no problem with Pryor supporting Michael Vick but I’ve always been against players using their eyeblack to convey any sort of message — I just think it’s stupid. Particularly, if you’re Pryor, I hope you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into (the comments you’ll receiver, people you might piss off) when you’re doing that. As long as he does, then he should be cool. Well, that, and as long as he doesn’t make dumbass comments like this one, regarding the eyeblack:

“Not everybody is the perfect person in the world,” Pryor said of Vick. “Everyone does — kills people, murders people, steals from you, steals from me. I just feel that people need to give him a chance.”

Yikes! We all know that’s not what he meant but it certainly came out wrong. I’m with him on the giving another chance part. This episode certainly will be a major factor in Pryor’s career. Will he back down from his statements or continue to be a polarizing figure? Only time will tell. He better grow up soon because he has the Trojans coming to town on Saturday.

Photo via Obsessed with Sports

Pictures: Mark Sanchez Wears Colorado Gear on Sidelines at Buffs Game

Trojan fans won’t be too happy to hear about their Rose Bowl winning quarterback decked out in another school’s gear this past weekend. Mark Sanchez made his way to Boulder and was spotted by TV cameras on the sidelines for the CU/Colorado State game Sunday. His choice of apparel was quite surprising:


Since I was at work while the game was being played, I had the TV on mute and only caught the last few seconds of the explanation for Sanchez’s presence. From what I could gather, he was there supporting a friend of his. Whatever the reason, it’s quite a shocker to see him decked out in a school’s gear other than his own. I could understand a had or just a shirt maybe, but the whole package? That’s a little much. Maybe the whole rift with Pete Carroll still has some sting.

Thanks to the CMSB for the clearer picture

Video: Sam Bradford Hit by BYU, Sprains Shoulder

So much for a repeat Heisman Trophy performance for Sam Bradford. Right before the half, Bradford got crushed by Coleby Clawson and he was driven down into the turf, shoulder first. The hit was very reminiscent of the Tom Brady/Albert Haynesworth play, but this seemed more direct. Check out the Sam Bradford BYU hit video to judge for yourself:

Just another reason to leave for the NFL and make the money when you can get it, you know? Based on the way Bradford cradled his arm close to his body throughout the second half, I’d guess it’s separated. He’s probably out at least half the season but maybe I’m just overstating things. One thing to keep in mind is that this doesn’t mean Oklahoma should be counted out for the season. Remember when they kicked Rhett Bomar off the team right before the season? They still went 11-3 and made an appearance in the Fiesta Bowl. This should be interesting.

video via BSO

Video: Iowa Blocks Two Field Goals in 7 Seconds to Win

Of all the crappy ways to lose a game, this has to be somewhere near the top of the list. Northern Iowa was down 17-16 with seven seconds remaining so they set up for a 40-yard field goal to win it. The events that transpired were dumbfounding:

Honestly, blocking one field goal like that is magical, then to do it again? That’s absurd. Iowa quarterback Ricky Stanzi said it was like hitting green at roulette two spins in a row. That’s probably about right. Iowa also screwed up by backing away from the ball after blocking the first kick because they could have retained possession if they jumped on it. Something tells me I know what Northern Iowa’s going to be working on next week in practice …

Full Video: LeGarrette Blount Punches Boise State’s Byron Hout After Game

If the entire sports world didn’t know the name LeGarrette Blount before, they will now. The 17 touchdowns from last season and the potential Heisman dark horse run have been marred by Blount’s actions after Oregon’s beat down by Boise State on Thursday night. Upset, angered, frustrated, and disgusted by Oregon’s crap performance and his terrible performance, Blount went crazy after the game. Check out this video of LeGarrette Blount punching Boise State player Byron Hout:

As far as culpability here, Hout clearly initiated with some trash talking because even his coach was pulling him back in a manner of saying “hey, stop that.” Still, no doubt Blount crossed a line by delivering a punch. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Blount threw a punch at his own teammate! (#86), and then later was charged up going after the fans and had to be restrained like a mad man. Blount embarrassed himself and his school, and a suspension for poor sportsmanship, unnecessary aggression, and an inability to maintain sanity is in line. I’d say the kid should be suspended by the Pac-10 around three games to send a message that his actions were unacceptable and I really couldn’t disagree if the team suspends him for the season. His team was embarrassing, uninspired, and inept. If there’s anyone he should be upset with it’s himself for his 8 carry -5 yard performance and the rest of his team. That’s no way to take out frustration.

Mike Leach’s New Pirate Parking Spot (picture)

Last time around The Wiz of Odds was sharing a video of Texas Tech coach Mike Leach giving dating advice to a freshman on campus. This time around he’s sharing pictures of Mike Leach’s new pirate-themed parking spot on campus in Lubbock.


Leach has long had a pirate obsession that I frankly don’t understand but hey, if he can coach like that I guess it really doesn’t matter what his hobbies are. Well, so long as it isn’t anything too disgusting like child porn obsessions. Here’s to a rebuilding season for Texas Tech without Harrell or Crabtree. Then again, is it ever rebuilding with that system??

Also courtesy of the Dallas Morning News.