Dog Bites Auburn DB Jerraud Powers During Iron Bowl

The game may have been under the radar for the national scene, but it was as important as ever in Alabama — Nick Saban’s first taste of the Iron Bowl. Sadly for Saban, the Crimson Tide lost 17-10. On the other side of the ball, Auburn sophomore defensive back Jerraud Powers had a pick in the first half, helping his Tigers get the victory. In addition to gaining bragging rights from the win, Powers ended up with quite the battle scar:

After successfully defending a long pass during the fourth quarter, Powers was bitten on his left hand by a police dog stationed beyond the end zone. The sophomore celebrated by mimicking the referee’s signal for an incomplete pass, which the dog interpreted as an aggressive act.

“I saw blood coming out of my glove. I started panicking,” Powers said. ” I was looking toward the sidelines and I was screaming, ‘The dog bit me,’ the next three plays. When I went into the training room I was like: Do I need a rabies shot? Then I thought about it and it is a federal dog. I’m sure he’s the cleanest dog in America. I’ll be sure to wash it out real good.”

I guess the dog was a Bama fan. Sigh. I’m just waiting for Bevo to ram some horns up an opposing linebacker’s ass. Now then we’d be talking.

Eric Cartman Introduces the CU Buffs

This is actually something that has irked me lately. I can’t stand some of the introductions they give on TV. Why should Jonathan Papelbon introduce the BC players? Does he even know any of them? Has he ever watched any of their games? If the introducer has to look off camera and read off a teleprompter to find the player’s names, then he probably shouldn’t be introducing them. But when ABC gets creative and has Eric Cartman introduce Colorado’s players, then we’re getting somewhere. Witness:

Thanks to commenter Nick, via Awful Announcing and The Postmen. And yes, Boulder has a lot of hippies.

Kansas vs. Missouri for the National Title Game?

There are some things in college football I just can’t get down with. This would be one of them. When it comes to the national title picture, I’m a snob; I want to see big-time programs and dominant teams. I don’t like seeing teams luck out because their conference was weak and they played an easy non-conference schedule. Which brings us to the upcoming Kansas/Missouri game this weekend. The thought that the winner of this game could have a one-way ticket to the title game in New Orleans makes me just a wee bit uneasy.

Take the Kansas Jayhawks for instance. They played perennial powerhouses Central Michigan, Southeastern Louisiana, Toledo, and Florida International to pad their record at 4-0 to start the year. Nice little confidence-booster type games that made their players feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Missou at least took on Illinois on the road non-conference, but their schedule was hardly daunting. Oh yeah, and they’ve also already lost once to Oklahoma.

Should Kansas win this weekend and make it into the title game by winning the Big 12 conference championship game, I won’t say that they haven’t earned their way in — at that point they will have. I’m just disappointed that it will have sent the wrong message, that scheduling cupcakes is in your best interest once again. We’ve come a long way since the mid-90s to get past that point. Now I have nothing left but to hope that the winner this weekend loses to the Big 12 South champion in the conference title game. Kansas or Missouri playing for a national title? I just can’t fathom it.

No Fried Turkey Dinners for ASU Fans

What an utter shame. They say making fried turkeys on Thanksgiving is one of the best treats out there. At the same time, it’s also one of the most dangerous, with people getting injured from the fryers as often as kids blow off their hands on July 4th with fireworks. For that reason, the peeps at ASU won’t be allowing turkey fryers to the USC tailgate on Thursday:

The vats of hot grease used to fry turkeys are a safety hazard and will be banned from the Nov. 22 game against the University of Southern California, ASU police Cmdr. Jim Hardina said.

“They extended the [tailgating] hours so people are going to be out there longer, drinking longer,” Hardina said. “The last thing we wanted was vats of hot grease out there.”

I for one, cannot go along with this motion. What could possibly be more exciting than a tailgate of drunken asses and hot grease? The combination would be magnificent! (you know this whole post was just an excuse to put that picture up there, right?)

Damn You, Arizona, Ruining Seasons

Well, I guess it was more of Dennis Dixon’s knee ruining the season, with Arizona taking advantage while he was out. What really pisses me off is that Arizona sucks at football, and nobody on campus cares about their football team, so their wins go to waste. Think about it — if you’re only going to go like 5-7 or something on the year, why bother knocking off a good team and ruining their season? If you’re going to pull an upset, at least make it to a good bowl or something — make it worthwhile. Unfortunately, Arizona doesn’t do that, so their upset wins are virtually meaningless. Big wins by the Wildcats don’t change their program; they’re not jumping off points for future success. They just are wastes and it sucks.

I’m going to take this a step further and say that Oregon should still be in the national title game if Dixon comes back healthy and they finish with just two losses. You cannot possibly tell me that there is another team in the country more dangerous than Oregon when Dixon is bouncing around on the field. They are a nearly unstoppable offense gaining 7-8 yards per play, it seems. The game was on its way to 15-0 and an Oregon blowout to start. Dixon gets hurt, enter a rusty Leaf, and it’s over. I can easily let this loss slide. Sure, Oregon’s defense is sketchy, but I’d like to see any team in the nation try to stop that offense when it’s healthy. Good luck with that. That’s why when January comes around, I’d still want to see Oregon in the title game, putting up a 40 spot.

(photo courtesy Wily Low)

Cal Tree Hugger Falls, Breaks Wrist

They’re so depressed in Strawberry Canyon right now about the football team going from national title contender to a four-loss squad in a matter of a few short weeks, that the protestors are jumping out of the branches to try and commit suicide. OK, maybe not. But those same Berkeley tree-dwellers that freaked out all the Tennessee Vols fans at the beginning of the college football season are still swinging on branches as a protest. Unfortunately for one of them, he suffered a humpty-dumpty like fate:

One of the tree-sitting protesters in a grove of oaks next to UC Berkeley’s Memorial Stadium was in the hospital Monday after taking a bone-breaking fall.

Nathaniel Hill, who fell at least 30 feet on Sunday night, was in stable condition at Highland Hospital in Oakland, a nursing supervisor at the hospital said.

“It’s just kind of a fluke that it happened,” the 24-year-old Hill said in a phone interview from his hospital bed Monday afternoon. He said he broke his wrist and ankle, both of which are in casts.

Hill estimated he was between 30 and 40 feet in the air when he fell from a rope he mistakenly thought his harness was attached to.

I honestly had been wondering how these guys never got hurt before. You seen em? They literally are living in the trees — those rent free bastards. You just knew this had to happend at some point, right? I’m guessing they’ll find some sort of way to blame Tedford for it.

(Thanks to my buddy Andy for the tip)

Has Karl Dorrell Lived His Last Life?

Of all the disappointing seasons under Karl Dorrell — and there have been many — this year might be the most excusable. Down to a third and fourth string QB at times would hamper any team, program, and coach. It’s hard enough to win with a backup — but a backup to a backup? Yeah, that’s pretty much game over. So is it justifiable and fair that Dorrell would get fired after a season ruined by injuries? Well, the argument can be made that it was heading towards disappointment with healthy QBs anyway, and that he was set up for failure to begin with, as TJ Simers says. I’ll concede that the harsh academic standards and low coaching salaries makes the job of a UCLA football coach no easy task, but it can be done better than it is.

I’d like to see Dorrell succeed in his career — I really would. I’ve just seen enough of him in Westwood. It’s been five years of mediocrity, and this season can be heading towards 5-7. I’d like to see someone who can run a respectable program that wins on a more consistent basis. Now, why people are so hot on Mike Leach from Texas Tech boggles my mind. What’s so much better about losing 50-45 than 24-20? I’m still trying to figure that one out. Dorrell is not the answer, but neither is Leach. I’m not sure who the proper replacement is, but there’s no question that a change is needed.