Nice 48-0 Orange Bowl Farewell Miami

After crushing Ohio State the way I just did, I would be remiss if I also didn’t touch on the pathetic display by my Canes on Saturday. In their last home game ever at the Orange Bowl, Miami got blitzed 48-0 by Virginia. Virginia. Not a powerhouse program, but a mediocre one like Virginia. I supposed it’s better than getting crushed by Florida State or Virginia Tech, but still, that’s pretty horrible. How can you get run off the field so horrendously in a farewell game like that? All the great alumni were at the game, and the program was embarrassed on the occasion. To put the loss in perspective, here are some details:

It was Miami’s first home shutout loss since Oct. 4, 1974 against Auburn, and the Hurricanes’ worst defeat since losing 66-13 at Syracuse on Nov. 28, 1998. The last time Miami lost by more points at home was in 1944, when Texas A&M beat the Hurricanes 70-14.

That’s a lot of history right there, and this stands out just as badly as any of them. It was another stellar day from the dynamic duo of Kyle Wright and Kirby Freeman at QB, with Wright not even cracking 100 yards passing. Just goes to show that high school recruiting classes are meaningless; all that matters is what you do on the field at the next level. Kyle Wright was the top high school quarterback prospect entering college and turned out to be a dud. I think it’s also worth mentioning that since the night I set foot in the Orange Bowl for the first and only time in my life, Miami hass gone 13-13. They lost that evening to Calvin Johnson and Georgia Tech 14-10, couldn’t move the ball offensively, and have been in a tailspin ever since. (head down in shame) It’s all my fault.

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Finally Ohio State Loses Sparing Us All

I don’t think I’ve been less enthusiastic about a team recently than Ohio State. Ever since getting run off the field by a one-loss Florida squad in the title game last year, I’ve thought very little of them. Once that happened, nothing accomplished in the Big Ten could impress me. Think about it; Ohio State ran through everybody in the conference only to get squashed in a game for which they had weeks of preparation. That’s why I had just been waiting every single week for them to finally get knocked off. Who really wanted to see them get embarrassed yet again in a title game? Certainly not me — I’ve already seen that show and it sucked.

Ohio State lost at home to Illinois. Illinois is not a very good football team. The Buckeyes couldn’t stop a running quarterback, letting the Illini run over eight minutes off the clock with their final fourth quarter drive. If they couldn’t stop Juice Williams who isn’t even a threat to pass the ball, what would they have done against a Dennis Dixon or Matt Flynn/Ryan Perrilloux combination? Suffice it to say that an Oregon team which whooped up on Michigan in the Big House would’ve done the same to Ohio State.

Now the door has finally opened up for an Oregon/LSU match up which I think would be the most fulfilling in the entire country. Will those teams hold up their ends of the bargain? I don’t know, but I sure hope so. I’m just glad we’ve all been spared from having to watch Ohio State get run in a title game for the second year in a row.


SpinMax emails in to say that Ohio State could have been jobbed by some disgruntled officials in the game. Apparently there are some Big Ten officials from the Penn St/Purdue game facing suspension for poor calls two weekends ago. Turns out this is the same crew (warning: link is a PDF file) that also worked the Ohio State game, and Spin thinks revenge against the conference could have been on their mind.

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Maryland Mascot Getting Bar-Mitvah’d

I guess I’ve completely missed the boat (arc?) on this one. Dan Steinberg of the famed DC Sports Bog passes along news that the Maryland Terps mascot, Testudo, is set to have a Bar Mitzvah in the near future. What I hadn’t realized what that this was a common trend. Per Steinz:

In the fall of 2004, Syracuse’s Otto the Orange was Bar Mitzvahed. ” ‘Otto came and tore down the house,’ said Jacob Perlin, communications vice president for Hillel. ‘He came in dancing and everyone went crazy.’…Shortly after Otto entered and danced the horah, about six male party-goers hoisted Syracuse’s favorite mascot into the air.”

In March of 2006, UNC’s Ramses was Bar Mitzvahed. “A blown up image of Ramses was covered by guests with the signatures and words of good luck such as ‘Rock on Ramses’.”

That fall, Miami’s Sebastian the Ibis was Bar Mitzvahed. “The party lasted three hours, but Sebastian did not read from the Torah, the Jewish Holy Scripture …”

Apparently Bucky the Badger and Central Florida’s mascot have also enjoyed the honors. Storming the Floor has put together an excellent list of mascots who surely won’t be getting Bar-Mitzvah’d in the near future. And while we’re at it, you must check out the post Matt did at With Leather — the mascot photo gallery is tremendous (and where I snagged the photo above). Now, this begs the question: are bris’ next?

Nebraska Deserved 76 Points on Them

I had a caller over the weekend crying on the phone because Nebraska got blown out by Kansas Saturday. How could they dare hang 76 on his beloved Cornhuskers, he whined? Well, on the same weekend that Notre Dame suffered the ultimate form of disappointment — losing to Navy at home for the first time since the effing Revolutionary War — another team got the proper dose of medicine it deserved. Nebraska, the biggest culprit when it came to running up the score and embarrassing its opponents throughout the mid-90s, got a 76 spot hung on them by the Kansas Jayhawks. Yes, the same proud basketball school which might not even score 76 in a given hoops game, rang up a 76 on Nebraska, and it was beautiful.

This is the same Nebraska powerhouse that went 8-0 against KU in the 90s under Tom Osborne, outscoring the Jayhawks by a 454-86 margin. They slapped Kansas around 63-7 in 1996 and probably never thought twice about it. That same ’96 season, Arizona State avenged an embarrassing 77-28 loss the previous year in Lincoln with a 19-0 Jake Plummer special in Tempe. It might take more than a decade, but what goes around obviously comes around. Getting crushed 76-39 by Kansas — a former laughingstock of college football — is unheard of in the Big 12 world. It was well-deserved and well overdue. Welcome to 4-6 hell Nebraska. Sucks to be down, doesn’t it?

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Trinity Plays Rugby, Not Football

I’m not sure if you caught this over the weekend, but it’s certainly one of those plays you will never forget. Check out the finish to the DIII match up between Trinity (TX) and Millsaps on Saturday:

I’m seriously still wondering how NOBODY made the tackle. Follow the ball — can’t be too hard. Nevertheless, quite exciting.

(video via Ballhype)

Mark Sanchez Wears the Pride of Mexico in His Mouth

Yes, literally. You know how boxers usually sport their native country’s flag on their trunks? Well, Sanchez is doing the same thing, only with his mouthpiece. In fact, he had the USC team dentist customize it for him with the Mexican flag for the game against Notre Dame.

“He put the eagle with the snake on it — it was looking sweet so I had to wear it,” said Sanchez, who is of Mexican descent.

Sanchez said he took pride in the influence his role as USC’s quarterback could have on youngsters.

“When I see little kids after the game and they’re Mexican like me . . . they see hope,” said Sanchez, who attended Mission Viejo High. “That means a lot to me playing for them, playing for my community and this greater L.A.

“I really take that to heart and I think the mouthpiece is just a portrayal of that.”

Sanchez added, “It’s not a Mexican power thing or anything like that. It’s just a little bit of pride in our heritage. Hopefully, it inspires somebody and it’s all for the best.”

“That’s fun. I love it. It’s just all part of it,” Sanchez said. “The band’s going to start playing, ‘Lean Like a Cholo,’ or something. Sweet.”

Lean like a Cholo? That’d be interesting. But someone please tell Mr. Sanchez to chill out on the “model for kids” thing. He’s played just one game (though he did look great), and isn’t assured of the starting job. Wouldn’t want any kids rushing out to purchase the jersey of a backup QB. Now, should he put that mouthpiece on Ebay, that would be a different story.

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Tom Osborne … ‘Crusty Old ***’

Some student at Nebraska has a genius idea to write a book chronicling the downfall of Cornhusker football (this kid is definitely headed for the big time). In the book, the student relies heavily on a former football trainer as his source of information. The source, as you could imagine, was fired by Bill Callahan. Anyway, in the book, it says Callahan allegedly referred to Tom Osborne as a “Crusty Old ***.”

I’m sure you can fill in the blanks there. Is Callahan that far off base here? Seriously, Osborne has to be what, like 70 now? Dude could probably start digging himself a grave alongside Al Davis — the corpse. Bottom line, Nebraska is a mess and they’re not going anywhere with Callahan as head coach, nor ye olde man as AD. But Callahan sure as hell has a death wish to call Osborne such a name. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Billy Boy fired before long.

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