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Saturday, September 5, 2015

College Football

Ben Cotton Grabbed in Nuts by Tony Jerod-Eddie (Video)

While a healthy discussion has broken out over Nebraska coach Bo Pelini’s treatment of the refs and quarterback Taylor Martinez Saturday, a few Huskers fans took the liberty of pointing out that A&M wasn’t acting like a bunch of honor students either. At the bottom of a pile in the first quarter Saturday night, Texas…Read More

Cal Security Guard Chokes a Fan (Video)

Even in the age of the cell phone camera, we see a lot of physical force used by security guards at sporting events.  There has been plenty of controversy regarding when and when not to use a Taser to control a rowdy fan.  We’ve also seen security guards throw some respectable big hits on fans…Read More

Miami Wearing Ugly Nike Pro Combat Jerseys Against Virginia Tech

Watching Miami play Virginia Tech on Saturday, it wasn’t their hot start or decision to go with Stephen Morris at quarterback that stood out. Oh no, it was their hideous garb that was most noticeable. As planned since the beginning of the season, Miami wore its Nike Pro Combat uniforms for their game against Virginia…Read More

Oregon Would Not Be Favored Over Auburn in National Championship Game

Oregon is unbeaten at 10-0. They have the highest scoring offense in college football, averaging just over 50 points per game. They’ve blown out nearly all their opponents, with the exception being a 15-13 win at Cal last weekend. The Ducks are first in the AP Poll, first in the USA Today Poll, and first…Read More

How Corrupt Auburn Is and How They Laundered Money to Players, Cam Newton

If you’re one of those people that closes your eyes to harsh realities, or if you’re an Auburn fan, you won’t want to hear any of this. If you’re a normal college football fan, you probably understand that recruiting violations and some form of “pay for play” are the norm in high-profile college athletics. Not…Read More

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