Nick Saban Speech: ‘I Don’t Give a S*** Who We’re Playing’

Nick Saban answers a lot of questions regarding his relentless drive and passion to succeed. Never satisfied (keep the Miami Dolphins comments to yourself) with what his team accomplished last week or last year, he’s always looking to get better and to keep winning. It’s that type of attitude that’s helped make him one of the best, if not the best, college football coach in the country. That type of attitude also makes it difficult for him to relate to the media and to the fans. But Saban did his best to try and convey that message to the Crimson Tide fans during his weekly radio show, encouraging them in no uncertain terms to get pumped up for their game with Mississippi State just the same as they would for the game against Auburn. Check out Saban getting fired up and cussing in this video, and skip ahead to around the 2:45 mark.

I may have called him Nick Satan in the past — and it was probably deserved — but I’ve really come around on the guy. He has tremendous drive and focus and has proven he’s one of the best at what he does. He certainly has my respect and I’d be cheering like a madman too!

Brian Baldinger: Jon Gruden Wouldn’t Work at Tennessee or in College Football

There’s been a tremendous amount of speculation about Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden leaving the NFL to fill the head coaching vacancy at Tennessee now that Phil Fulmer is out. A lot of the rumors and speculation revolve around Gruden’s ties to Tennesse as a one-time grad assistant with the Vols, and the fact that he still owns property in the area. But NFL analyst Brian Baldinger disagreed with the speculation saying that Gruden would be a bad fit at Tennessee. He gave his reasoning on The Arnie Spanier Show:

“Jon [Gruden] might have the most complex playbook in the whole NFL. That’s why he can only co-exist with a veteran quarterback. Chris Simms didn’t have a chance of digesting that playbook — you’ve gotta have Jeff Garcia or Brad Johnson or Rich Gannon. If you took that playbook to college with 20 hours a week, with 15 spring practices, he would be doing back flips in angst when they couldn’t digest his playbook. It would be a horrible fit, just that alone would be a horrible fit.”

When you think about the point Baldy makes, it’s hard to disagree. The facts are staring you right in the face. And that’s coming from the same analyst who proclaimed on the radio that the Falcons would be the surprise team in the NFL this year, winning around eight games as opposed to the four or less most idiots thought. His reasoning? He broadcasted their preseason games and felt that Matt Ryan was the best quarterback to enter the league since Peyton Manning. I’ll take his word for it. As for Chucky, maybe he can continue to stroke the Tennessee position to gain leverage for a fatter contract with Tampa Bay.

Myron Rolle to Interview for Rhodes Scholarship, Play vs Maryland Same Day

Ordinarily when I proclaim that a particular story or video is “my favorite of the year,” it’s of some athlete stinking up the joint at karaoke, or Pacman Jones getting busted at a local Hooters. This time when I say that Myron Rolle’s story is my favorite of the college football season, it’s for a genuinely good reason — not some stupid slapstick comedy thing.

Myron Rolle is a safety at Florida State, sporting a 3.75 GPA as a pre-med. He finished his undergraduate study in two and a half years I’m told. Rolle also got the good news that he would be a finalist for a Rhodes Scholarship, one that would allow him the opportunity to study at Oxford in England. Last week SI shared the news that Myron Rolle would choose to interview for the scholarship over playing in the game if the times coincided on November 22nd. Coach Bobby Bowden agreed with the decision saying it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. But ESPN has since elected to broadcast the game in prime time, making the situation a whole lot more interesting.

Rolle will be in Birmingham, Ala., that day to interview for a Rhodes Scholarship. He should be done in Alabama by 5 p.m., CST, which should give him a shot at hopping a charter flight to make the game by halftime.

Florida State athletics director Randy Spetman said the wheels are in motion to get Rolle from Birmingham to Maryland. The university has contacted several charter companies for prices is working through the ACC to make sure it submits everything necessary to the NCAA. Spetman said Monday he expects everything to be in place in two or three days.

Talk about bringing new meaning to the term “student-athlete.” I couldn’t be more impressed by Myron Rolle and am now rooting for the Noles in both games and for Myron to do well in his interview. This is what collegiate athletics should be about.

Pete Carroll, Will Ferrell, Captain Compete Pull off a Halloween Prank

Between running a national powerhouse football team, recruiting high schoolers, handling the media, and dealing with BCS jokers, USC coach Pete Carroll sure has a lot on his plate. Despite the pressures of trying to go undefeated each season and win a national championship, the guy sure has managed to set up pretty awesome pranks. He’s staged mock arrests, and LenDale White had a mock suicide once. But this Halloween prank might be the best. Via SC Playbook:

As practice was wrapping up and the team gathered at midfield, suddenly one of the video assistants that was taping practice from a scissor lift high above started yelling and fell from the lift and out of sight.

Seconds later, the door to Howard Jones Field flew open and Will Ferrell, in his Capatin Compete costume, emerged with the fallen video assistant safe in his arms, to the relief of several wide-eyed players.

Captain Compete then gave the team some words of wisdom before being interrupted by a loud explosion. A man then ran onto the field on fire.

Captain Compete saved the day once again by dousing the burning man with Gatorade.

Of course, the whole incident would not be complete without pictures of the events! Photos courtesy of SC Playbook. And may I ask one thing? Why does Will Ferrell always manage to wind up wearing nothing but a speedo?

**UPDATE: See video of the whole prank below**

Video of the incident via The Wiz of Odds:

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Texas Tech’s Brandon Carter Has Crazy Face Paint, Lattimer-Style

I’m not exactly sure what edge face painting can give players, but I guess some on the more crazy end of the spectrum like to do it. Maybe they look at it as war paint and think that it helps them prepare for battle. Maybe they think it makes them more intimidating. Or maybe they just like giving me good material. Witness Texas Tech OL Brandon Carter, a 6’7″ 354 lb monster:

I guess when you’re as big as he is, that face painting kind of completes the whole intimidation look. I’m guessing he’ll also need something behind the face painting for them to beat Texas next week, too.

Colt McCoy’s Girlfriend Rachel Glandorf Is Hot, He Should be Proud

UPDATE: Colt McCoy and Rachel Glandorf are engaged

Yes, the blonde in the stand of the Texas-Missouri game that kept being featured on TV was Colt McCoy’s girlfriend. Turns out it’s Rachel Glandorf, a Baylor track athlete who also does some TV reporting — presumably how she met Colt. Anyway, I’m not into particulars. All that concerns me in the matter are looks. Good ones at that. (check out other hot college football girlfriends below)

College Football Girlfriends

Referee Takes Down South Carolina QB Stephen Garcia with Forearm Shiver

When you’re reffing a game played at a high level, the action around you happens pretty quickly. That’s why it’s not uncommon to see a referee get caught up in the middle of a play and wind up knocked over by a ball-carrier, or a tackler in pursuit. Even on Sunday I saw a referee get run over. But on Saturday, I saw something I had never before seen. South Carolina quarterback Stephen Garcia had tucked the ball and commenced to run in the game against LSU. As he cut across the field, he ran into some trouble and was trying to shake a defender. Only one problem: someone brought him down. You’ll never guess who it was. Let’s go to the videotape:

I’m wondering if the official’s going to get an assisted tackle on that play. Seriously, what the heck was he doing? Was he briskly trying to move out of the way and got caught off guard? Or do the conspiracy theorists have it right thinking that the ref was an LSU alum? Unfortunately we will never have the answer to these questions.