Trinity Plays Rugby, Not Football

I’m not sure if you caught this over the weekend, but it’s certainly one of those plays you will never forget. Check out the finish to the DIII match up between Trinity (TX) and Millsaps on Saturday:

I’m seriously still wondering how NOBODY made the tackle. Follow the ball — can’t be too hard. Nevertheless, quite exciting.

(video via Ballhype)

Mark Sanchez Wears the Pride of Mexico in His Mouth

Yes, literally. You know how boxers usually sport their native country’s flag on their trunks? Well, Sanchez is doing the same thing, only with his mouthpiece. In fact, he had the USC team dentist customize it for him with the Mexican flag for the game against Notre Dame.

“He put the eagle with the snake on it — it was looking sweet so I had to wear it,” said Sanchez, who is of Mexican descent.

Sanchez said he took pride in the influence his role as USC’s quarterback could have on youngsters.

“When I see little kids after the game and they’re Mexican like me . . . they see hope,” said Sanchez, who attended Mission Viejo High. “That means a lot to me playing for them, playing for my community and this greater L.A.

“I really take that to heart and I think the mouthpiece is just a portrayal of that.”

Sanchez added, “It’s not a Mexican power thing or anything like that. It’s just a little bit of pride in our heritage. Hopefully, it inspires somebody and it’s all for the best.”

“That’s fun. I love it. It’s just all part of it,” Sanchez said. “The band’s going to start playing, ‘Lean Like a Cholo,’ or something. Sweet.”

Lean like a Cholo? That’d be interesting. But someone please tell Mr. Sanchez to chill out on the “model for kids” thing. He’s played just one game (though he did look great), and isn’t assured of the starting job. Wouldn’t want any kids rushing out to purchase the jersey of a backup QB. Now, should he put that mouthpiece on Ebay, that would be a different story.

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Tom Osborne … ‘Crusty Old ***’

Some student at Nebraska has a genius idea to write a book chronicling the downfall of Cornhusker football (this kid is definitely headed for the big time). In the book, the student relies heavily on a former football trainer as his source of information. The source, as you could imagine, was fired by Bill Callahan. Anyway, in the book, it says Callahan allegedly referred to Tom Osborne as a “Crusty Old ***.”

I’m sure you can fill in the blanks there. Is Callahan that far off base here? Seriously, Osborne has to be what, like 70 now? Dude could probably start digging himself a grave alongside Al Davis — the corpse. Bottom line, Nebraska is a mess and they’re not going anywhere with Callahan as head coach, nor ye olde man as AD. But Callahan sure as hell has a death wish to call Osborne such a name. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Billy Boy fired before long.

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LSU Wants Students to Use Better Language at Football Games

It’s just that sort of week at LBS. First we had Ray Allen complaining about KG’s choice of words at Celtics practice. Then we had Josh Beckett drop an F-bomb on a reporter after Game 5. And now, those same LSU fans who threatened Tim Tebow with death, have also been flagged five yards for taunting. The geniuses at 100% Injury Rate pass along news that a few LSU football players sponsored a letter in the student paper asking the members of the student section to use more appropriate language during games. From the letter:

The LSU student section is the heartbeat of Death Valley and the center of emotion for our great stadium.

But during the last two games, vulgar language directed at our opponents by the student section has been dissapointing and embarassing to our school.

Your chants can be heard by the national television audience that tunes in from all over America. When those chants include offensive language, it only damages Louisiana State University. More importantly, these chants can be heard by young children in the stadium who come to see their Tigers play.

We need to support our team. You are important to our success. But that doesn’t mean you need to insult our opponents. Let us, the players, take care of our opponents through competition on the field.

We are taught by our coaches to act like champions, play like champions and win like champions. We need you to do the same.

We hope you are with us.

Geaux Tigers!

Glenn Dorsey Jacob Hester

Come on, how can a team with those wussy-yellow helmets expect to be intimidating without using such vulgarities? What is this fellas, a football game, or a Sunday at church? What’s next, a request for students to stop boozing beforehand, too?

BCS Computers Need to Go

OK, either the computers need to go, or the people programming them need to go. Or they seriously need fixing. I just prefer to eliminate them completely since I’m into the dramatic. I won’t even bother getting too complex for you; I’ll keep this simple. Just check out where USC is ranked by the computers. I’ll only show the top 15 for our purposes:

You see all those zeros? You know what that means? They mean that those computers don’t have USC ranked in the Top 25. So I ask you, how is it possible that three ranking systems in the country don’t have USC included in their Top 25? What the eff kind of system is this that we’re dealing with? I don’t think I want to be a part of a system that doesn’t have what clearly is one of the better teams in the country ranked amongst the Top 25. It’s absolute horse manure.

Fans Threaten Tebow with Death

Such is the life when you’re quite the prominent athletic figure, playing in a conference full of rabid fans. But what happens when said fans obtain your phone number? The answer: bedlam ensues.

Tim Tebow said the calls and messages began arriving last Tuesday, but he didn’t answer any of the calls. By the end of the week, the calls and messages had become overwhelming.

Some of the messages sent to the former Nease High School standout’s cell phone threatened bodily harm and even death, Tebow’s father, Bob, told the Times-Union on Tuesday.

Shame on you, LSU fans. Why does everything always have to come down to Teabagging those jean short wearing fans? Why can’t you just be more civil like those Florida fans?

Might Michigan Forfeit a Win?

It’s possible, because apparently they went to the Bill Belichick school of rule-reading. As the venerable SpinMax pointed out in a tip over the weekend, Michigan is being investigated by the Big Ten for using a player who might be ineligible:

Michigan met with the Big Ten this week over an issue with freshman safety Artis Chambers’ eligibility. U-M misapplied an older version of a rule in which Chambers was allowed to participate with the team after graduating early from high school and joining the team in January, athletic director Bill Martin said at halftime of U-M’s game with Northwestern.

“[It won't affect the outcomes of] the first [three] because they were not conference games,” said Martin. “We’ll have to wait and see what the Big Ten says. I can’t rule anything out. I think we should get resolution this week. As soon as we found out, we went to the Big Ten office Thursday afternoon and had discussions with them on Friday.”

Martin said Michigan simply made a mistake in applying the rules.

Yeah, I’m not so sure about all this, and I highly doubt they’ll have to forfeit any games, but just wanted to pass it along that it’s in the cards. Oh yeah, and shows how on top of things they are at Michigan, not even knowing the rules of the conference. Either they’re lying, or seriously out of touch, and I’m not sure which is worse.