Air Force Does Not Complete a Pass, Still Beats Houston

Apparently Air Force does not like to mix pleasure with business. The kids who make their training and living by day through the air, decided not to use that method in their athletics. Air Force beat Houston 31-28 on Saturday in a game played in Dallas because of Hurricane Ike. The Falcons rolled up 380 yards on the ground like they were the Raiders dominating the Chiefs. Only difference, Air Force didn’t even complete a pass. Quarterback Shea Smith was 0-7 in passing attempts. He threw for 0 yards. Smith did lead the team with 93 yards on the ground and three touchdowns. Surprisingly, Air Force didn’t even have a 100-yard rusher.

This probably isn’t too shocking considering the triple-option style of offense that Air Force runs — one that is heavily run oriented. Still, to not even complete a pass? I’d hate to see what they’ll be like when they fall behind in a game. Funny thing is, there was a complete dichotomy on display in terms of offensive styles — Houston attempted 57 passes and threw for 362 yards. More than anything else, they have to be embarrassed that they lost a game in which the opposing team didn’t even complete a pass. At that point you stack the box with 10 guys and play the three options. How could you not do better?

Video: Charlie Weis Injures Knee, Hit on Sideline by His Player

Last weekend, it was Tom Brady who incurred a season-ending injury, after being hit in the knee by Bernard Pollard. Apparently feeling that he did not want Tom Brady to be left out, Charlie Weis was hit on the back of the leg by one of his players who got pushed to the sideline by a Michigan player. Weis crumbled like the Mets in September, falling with his knee bent in an awkward position. Early diagnosis say it’s a torn ACL and MCL and that Weis is done for the season. OK, maybe not done for the season, but he’s scheduled to have surgery some time this week. Let’s go to the video tape:

That was pretty bad. See, the saving grace for Weis is that the play occurred behind him while he was busy focusing on the action in front of him as he should have been. Now Joe Paterno on the other hand, his leg injury was more embarrassing; the play happened before his very eyes, he was just too slow to get out of the way. Sure, Weis really couldn’t have helped the situation, but is there any way to come across as something other than helpless after blowing your leg out in a game in which you didn’t even play? Comes off as pretty pathetic to me, not to mention humorous (given the circumstance).

Cal’s Jahvid Best Hit so Hard by Maryland’s Kevin Barnes He Throws Up

We’ve already seen Brandon Jacobs run over LaRon Landry, and Sheldon Brown crush Steven Jackson, but the hit of the year might be Kevin Barnes of Maryland on Cal running back Jahvid Best. I’m not sure you can place a hit on some more squarely than this one. No doubt Jahvid agrees.

Thanks to LBS tipster Andy, a saddened Cal fan, for emailing that in. We know lots of Cal fans who traveled cross-country to watch this game. Let’s just hope they didn’t see Best puking from where they were sitting, considering that one play probably encapsulates the entire game for Cal fans. Video courtesy of Mister Irrelevant via Deadspin.

Rutgers Student Gives ESPN the Middle Finger During North Carolina Game

If there’s one thing we can all learn from this, it’s that you don’t show crowd shots of fans of the home team following an interception by their quarterback –This is not some gentle english sport like cricket or horse racing. Either that, or certain Rutgers fans are pretty classless. If there’s a downside (and upside?) to live television, this is it:

Big ups to E.K. for emailing in the tip — I completely missed that. We can only assume the fan was upset becuase they lost a football bet from an ESPN tip or something. The only question now is whether or not the Rutgers fan in question will become a hit much like Thunder Labia fan and Jenn Sterger, though I’m not sure how exactly what sort of gig he could parlay this into. Oh, and in case the video’s down, here’s what one Rutger fan did when they panned the crowd following a Mike Teel interception.

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Knowshon Moreno Hurdled a Central Michigan Defender … During the Game

I will not hesitate to say that this is one of the coolest plays I’ve ever seen during a football game. The actual still of the play is the one that does it the most justice. Honestly, just seeing the still, you figure there was something fake about Georgia running back Knowshon Moreno’s leap, but the video confirms it actually happened on the field. Now if you’re wondering why you didn’t see this play until days after Georgia romped Central Michigan, it’s because FSN left the play out of their highlight feed they sent to ESPN (according to the folks at Bristol). If you’re Mark Richt, it’s because you think ESPN has an anti-Georgia bias. I can buy ESPN’s excuse, but now that they know the video’s available, they should be running the play. As for the FSN person who composed the highlight melt, how did you leave that play out? That person should be looking for a new job because they obviously have poor judgment. Anyway, here’s the elusive video of the crazy play.

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UTEP: Where Hilarious Nut Shots and Hand Parties Happen

Maybe something about Mike Price coaching the program has trickled down to the students in El Paso. While searching for a video of a nut shot on the UTEP sidelines from Saturday night, I came across yet another video of interest from the game. EDSBS was the first to pick up on it, and it must be shared here. Don’t forget to check out the second video as well — they’re both hilarious.

Gotta find a way to liven things up when your team’s getting crushed, right? Not quite as good as the topless chick in Toronto, but not bad. Now, on for the nut shot …

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NCAA Needs to Change Celebration Rule that Burned Jake Locker and Washington

One of the biggest controversies on Saturday was the way the Washington/BYU game finished up. With the Huskies down 28-21, Jake Locker scored on an awesome scramble where he eluded several defenders. Elated to have scored on the last play of the game, Locker tossed the ball up behind him after getting into the endzone. Locker wasn’t showboating nor showing up his opponents; he was uber-excited and semi-celebrating. Still, the NCAA rules say you must throw a flag for excessive celebration if a player tosses the ball up in the air after scoring a touchdown. Locker’s antics pushed the point after touchdown attempt back 15 yards, making it a 35-yarder. BYU blocked the extra point and won the game, 28-27. I usually jump on players for celebrating touchdowns, so I understand flagging guys for misconduct. But if Jake Locker’s costing his team 15 yards for what he did after his score on Saturday, then the rule needs to be tweaked. Here’s what the referee who made the call said:

“After scoring the touchdown, the player threw the ball into the air and we are required, by rule, to assess a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty,” Pac-10 referee Larry Farina told the Washington athletic communications staffer. “It is a celebration rule that we are required to call. It was not a judgment call.”

Well, there needs to be some sort of looser interpretation of this rule, where it becomes a judgment call to decide if someone was really celebrating excessively, or merely elated by the exciting moment. I won’t go so far as to blame the referee for ruining Washington’s season or costing Tyrone Willingham his job — the Huskies had 59 minutes to win the game — but they did get screwed by the penalty at the end. Still, how hard is it to hold your blocks for a half second on a field goal?? And in case you haven’t seen the sequence, check out the video from the game to judge for yourself:

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