Willie Williams Plays Music Loudly, Hides His Weed Poorly

If you’re somewhat of a college football fan, you might be familiar with the name Willie Williams. No, you wouldn’t know him for anything he’s done on the field. You might know him however, for his antics off the field. For instance, he was recruited but never played for Miami because of the trouble he caused on a recruiting visit. He wound up going to West LA JC, and nobody else would take a chance on the man arrested 11 times during high school. Except for the bastion of academia, Louisville. And the Cardinals have been burned:

Louisville police arrested the 6-3, 230-pound Williams after he was stopped for driving a car with the music playing too loudly, said Louisville police spokesman Phil Russell.

A detective searched the car and found Williams trying to hide a small amount of marijuana, Russell said.

“He basically had the marijuana in his mouth,” said Russell, who would not release the identities of the others in the car because they were not arrested.

Right, because hiding a drug that does not emit an odor in a body cavity that does not open frequently is a brilliant plan. What more would you expect out of this guy? Did Louisville really think the story would end any other way? Now, all I need is someone to explain to me how testing positive for weed could equate to a positive situation for another football player.

My Kids Can Play for Mike Gundy

Because if he defends his players like this after they get ripped unfairly by the media, then he’s quite the protector.

Congrats Mike Gundy, that’s the way to stand up for a player. And as far as Jennie Carlson goes, don’t pick on a kid just because his mother fed him food after a game. To infer he’s a weak player because of one such incident is absolutely absurd. Way out of line.

Your Nation’s Leaders … in Pictures

Brooks pulled off a nice upset. Mangino slaughtered Ned.

Simon Says pat your head and rub your belly at the same time!

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Is 0-8 a Reality?

Forgive me while I get all giddy here. But now that the loss to Michigan State is out of the way, it really seems possible that Notre Dame starts the year 0-8. I got really excited after the first week when ND got smashed by Georgia Tech. Unfortunately for you Charlie, Lloyd Carr isn’t here to bail you out this time.

Honestly, was there any game that appeared more win-able for Notre Dame than this one? Home against Michigan St., which is arguably the weakest of the first eight teams on the Domer schedule. They’re not beating Purdue or UCLA on the road at this point, so 0-6 looks pretty solid. Then home to a juggernaut like BC, and a national title contender like USC? I’m really starting to think 0-8 is possible.

Heck, the way Notre Dame is going, beating Navy doesn’t seem like much of a guarantee. Could we be seeing 0-9? Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves. We are in the midst of seeing history unfold before your very eyes. This is priceless!

(AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

Is it Basketball Season Yet?

One of my good buddies complimented me this week by saying that the blog had made it into his rotation of reading when he’s slacking off from his law school studies. Naturally, that made me quite pleased. One criticism he had: “I would expect more coverage of UCLA from a former Bruin broadcaster.” Well Mikey, ye ask, ye shall receive.

This is the exact type of loss that leaves me with zero confidence in the UCLA football team. While several publications and prognosticators said the Bruins could be undefeated heading into a matchup with USC, I hedged my bets. I was favorable, yet realistic. I said 9-3. Why? Because you don’t look at the schedule and think traveling to the powerhouse that is Utah Utes football will be an automatic loss, but somewhere deep down, you’re not too certain.

Sure, the win against USC was nice, and more than anything else, sweet, because it eliminated the Trojans from national title hopes. But the Bowl Game blowout by Florida State was more indicative of where the program was headed than the fluke win over USC. About the only time I felt the Bruins had a chance today (you probably had no clue since the game was televised on Versus), was at 17-6 when Marcus Everett had the ball poked away from him down by the goalline after catching a fly pattern left in the 3rd.

So there most of Bruins Nation lies disappointed, hopes of an undefeated season crushed. And here I lie underwhelmed, wholly convinced that a legitimate program does not get beat 44-6 by the Utah Utes. That, quite frankly, is unacceptable.

So, I am left with nothing else, but to ask, is it basketball season yet?

Mike Flynt: Ultimate Weekend Warrior

By now you’ve probably heard about Mike Flynt, the 59-year-old man who makes all of us (except for my tennis-playing father) look bad. Dude is preparing for his first game with Sul Ross State since 1970. He was kicked off the team prior to the ’71 season because he got into a fight with a teammate, and now he’s returning to action. Only difference between him and the man holding the record for oldest college football player ever, Flynt is expected to be a regular contributer.

So just who is this star-studded old man? Turns out he was the strength and conditioning coach for Nebraska, Oregon, and Texas A&M, so dude probably knows a thing or two about staying in shape. Not to mention, he was the inventor of the ever-popular Powerbase. Whatever that is. As they said in Necessary Roughness, let’s just hope he leaves a couple of brain cells for class. I’ll try to hunt down the recap and boxscore of his first game back. Stand by your computer for updates throughout the day.

UPDATE: Sul Ross St. got slaughtered 55-14.

Fake Priests Running Rampant in South Bend

Dude wasn’t quite running through the sidelines for a Jay Leno skit, but he might as well have been. In one of the better pranks I’ve seen in quite some time, right up there with the iron soccer ball, Brian Stouffer at FanHouse points out that a man sneaked onto the Notre Dame sidelines dressed as a fake priest. From the AP:

A man posted on the Internet a video showing how he sneaked into Notre Dame Stadium before the Georgia Tech game by posing as a Roman Catholic priest, prompting the university to re-emphasize its security procedures.

The six-minute video on the Web site YouTube showed the man posing by the team’s signature yellow sign reading “Play Like a Champion Today,” chatting with a television reporter and greeting the Fighting Irish as they ran onto the field to play Georgia Tech on Sept. 1. The video has since been removed.

As commenter GP John quipped, they defend their sidelines about as well as their end zones. Amen. Touchdown Jesus ain’t got nothing on this guy.