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Friday, May 22, 2015

College Football

Boise State Now Offering ‘Cummunication’ Major to Students

FOX must have realized its mistake early on because they made a point to show the profiles for two more players after they screwed that up. Each player happened to be a communication major and they got the spelling both times. No doubt they went out of their way to try and correct things. I…Read More

Pictures: Brandon Carter Head Tattoos

We made a big deal of Texas Tech offensive lineman Brandon Carter last year for his crazy face paint and piercings last year. This year, it’s his head tattoos that got all the attention. They were on full display following the Alamo Bowl when he was shown on camera with his helmet off, hugging interim…Read More

Jevan Snead Gets Crushed, Knocked Out of Cotton Bowl After Hit

One of the favorite plays for a defensive player is an interception because once the ball is turned over, they get a free shot on the quarterback. Case in point: the Cotton Bowl where Ole Miss quarterback Jevan Snead threw his second interception of the game and then got picked off by Markelle Martin. Check…Read More

Texas Tech Coaches and Players: Adam James Is a Lazy, Entitled, Jerk

It’s hard to know what to make of the current investigation and situation surrounding Texas Tech coach Mike Leach. Leach is being investigated by the school for his alleged treatment of receiver Adam James after doctors said James couldn’t practice because of a concussion. James’ father is a high-profile analyst and former player with a…Read More

Urban Meyer Was ‘Alarmed’ by Death of Skip Prosser

Urban Meyer shocked the college football world when he announced Saturday evening that he was stepping down as the head coach at Florida. Meyer cited health reasons for his resignation and that got people worrying about his well-being. We know that Meyer was hospitalized after the SEC championship game, that he’s dealt with chest pains…Read More

Frank Spaziani Must be in the Doghouse with the Wife

USC beat Boston college 24-13 to win the Emerald Bowl in a soggy affair in San Francisco on Saturday night. Once again Matt Barkley is getting most of the praise for the Trojans even though he didn’t play all that well. He did a so-so job getting the ball to Damian Williams and Stanley Havili…Read More

Jacquizz and James Rodgers Train with Cirque De Soleil in Las Vegas

Considering I had 30 out of 34 possible points on Oregon State in my bowl games confidence pool (argg!!!) about the only thing good to come from this massacre was seeing this hilarious video of Jacquizz and James Rodgers training with Cirque de Soleil. See, Oregon State played BYU in the Las Vegas Bowl, and…Read More

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