JD Quinn Couldn’t Care Less About Oklahoma Football

This week we talked about Oklahoma getting punished by the NCAA to the tune of forfeiting all wins from the ’05 season, and losing scholarships for the next two recruiting classes. Don’t expect the man who said all he did was take cash — not like there’s anything wrong with an amateur doing that — to have any remorse for the Sooner program. In other words, don’t expect any sympathy from JD Quinn.

Gotta love the compassion. Gotta love the extensive answers. That must have been a joy of an interview.

Oklahoma Went 0-12, They Suck

Hey, Rhett Bomar already transferred, isn’t that enough? Apparently not, considering Oklahoma must have its wins from the 2005 season stricken from the record books. That’s nothing. Useless. Pointless. Who will remember and care? Now that this has happened, their 8-4 record has been cemented permanently in my mind. And what exactly does it mean? As The Scores Report sarcastically points out, does that mean Oregon all of a sudden won the Holiday Bowl? Gimme a break.

Now, the important aspect of the penalties to take away, is that Oklahoma will be lose two scholarships for the next two recruiting classes. It might not sound like much, but don’t let it fool you. Every scholarship counts. Also to be noted is that Bob Stoops’ career record and winning percentage takes a big hit. That has to piss him off quite a bit. Stoops is now 78-19 instead of 86-19. Now that might make a difference in the history books down the road some.

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Teams Fear Hawaii, Fear the Rainbows

Let me say upfront that I’m a June Jones for several reasons. For one, he’s a really nice guy. Secondly, without June Jones, there would be no Timmy Chang. And lastly, because he gets off some great lines, such as this:

“Teams don’t want to make the trip anymore,” says Hawaii coach June Jones. “They come here, we kick their ass, they go home.”

The NCAA allows Hawaii to play 13 games and allows mainland teams an exempt game for playing at Hawaii. The Michigan State game was the 13th game, and now Hawaii has only one BCS opponent, which isn’t enough to legitimize its schedule.

Well that’s an utter shame. June Jones man, now he is great. Straight up saying we kick everyone’s ass and then send ‘em home. Fantastic. Tell us how it really is why dontcha? Think about it though, would you want to go to Hawaii? They’re a good team that sneaks up on you. They’ll assault you with 400 yards passing and like 5 aerial touchdowns on the Island. They rock at home. I wouldn’t want to go there. Would you? Of course not. Unless you’re on vacation. And therein lies the unfortunate problem. June Jones though, Hall of Famer.

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See Ray Run, Ray Rice for Heisman!

If there’s any rhyme or reason behind Rutgers’ recent surge to competitiveness and popularity — besides Greg Schiano — it’s their P.R. department. They are flawless. Probably the greatest group I’ve ever worked with when it came to interview requests. And this story fits right in. As Ben Maller pointed out, the athletic department has created the website SeeRayRun in order to promote Rice for the Heisman. The mission statement of the site is as follows:

Welcome to the official website for Heisman Candidate Ray Rice. Throughout the 2007 season, the site will be updated with stats, photos and video highlights as Ray runs his way into the Rutgers record book.

Even better, the New Jersey Star Ledger says that a SeeRayRun themed gift will be sent out to reporters across the country. Speaking from experience, if there’s any way to get the media in your favor, a good meal and a nice gift are excellent starting points. All P.R. directors and media relations departments should take note. Now this is how to promote a player. And it’s much cheaper than buying a billboard in the middle of Times Square.

Penalty, 15 Yards for Being Black!

Commenter JS sends me this story, along with the email subject, “Florida State, you just won the BCS National Championship, Where aren’t you going?” Quite an appropriate title. The Happiest Place on Earth is apparently not so for some people. Namely, four Florida State football prospects.

Walt Disney World ejected four of Florida State University’s top football prospects from Downtown Disney last weekend under its anti-gang, no-loitering policy.

“I keep thinking to myself, ‘This is crazy,’ ” said Mark Nugent, stepfather of Vincent Williams, football star at Ridge Community High School in Polk County. “Once they realized they weren’t gangbangers, why didn’t they let them go? They took their pictures. They fingerprinted them. And treated them like common criminals.”

“Is it because they’re all over 6 feet tall and black?” asked Nugent, who is white. “I want the trespass warnings dropped so the kids can visit Disney if they want. And an apology would be nice.”

That…is some messed up stuff right there — so long as the kids were innocent as it’s reported. Jacked up stuff.

Also see SbB and FanHouse.

Stanford Locking Cal Fans Out of the Big Game

We knew Jim Harbaugh had some serious juice, but we didn’t know he was capable of pulling this off (he probably had nothing to do with it, but it’s still fun to pretend, right?). Astute reader JS points out that Stanford is doing whatever they can to lock Cal fans out of the Big Game in hopes of gaining some sort of a homefield advantage.

The only way for Cal fans to get Big Game tickets at this point is to have donated at least $6,800 to the athletic booster fund or to buy Stanford season tickets.
Anyone can get a Big Game ticket by buying a Stanford season ticket, which ranges from $185 to $299.

What a jacked up scenario. So here’s the deal: Stanford downsized its stadium to 50,000 seats, creating a smaller supply of tickets. Cal fans wouldn’t be caught dead contributing money to its rival school, but they need to make it to the game to support their team somehow. So what the heck do they do?

This isn’t unlike the case for many NFL season ticket holders who are forced to buy pre-season tickets of their favorite team, and very similar to what the Chargers did to block out Raider fans, forcing tickets to be bought in multiple game packages. But I’ll be damned if this isn’t one of the biggest eff you moves by one rival school to another. Bottom line — when you’re 1-11, you have to do anything you can for an advantage.

Nebraska AD Wants Five Years of Eligibility for Athletes

Huh? Whaaat? I guess it’s his way of helping Nebraska fans get more enjoyment — but memo — it’s too late to work the magic with Tommy Frazier and Eric Crouch. Lemme see how this works … it takes four years on average to graduate, yet athletes should have five years of eligibility? What, are all these athletes going to grad school? Are they all engineers on the five-year plan (like so many of my friends reading the site — you know who you are!)? What’s the deal?

Husker athletic director Steve Pederson is chairman of the NCAA football issues committee, which is advocating a proposal that would give athletes five seasons of playing eligibility. As it stands, players are allowed to play four seasons in a five-year window.

“We’ve asked that it be put on the agenda of every conference in the country at their spring meetings so it can be discussed,” Pederson said of the proposal. “As a committee, we believe it has validity. And now we want to find out if other people believe like we do.”

What sort of validity could there be to having five seasons of eligibility? Someone please answer this for me!

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