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Monday, December 22, 2014

College Football

Tom Osborne … ‘Crusty Old ***’

Some student at Nebraska has a genius idea to write a book chronicling the downfall of Cornhusker football (this kid is definitely headed for the big time). In the book, the student relies heavily on a former football trainer as his source of information. The source, as you could imagine, was fired by Bill Callahan….Read More

LSU Wants Students to Use Better Language at Football Games

It’s just that sort of week at LBS. First we had Ray Allen complaining about KG’s choice of words at Celtics practice. Then we had Josh Beckett drop an F-bomb on a reporter after Game 5. And now, those same LSU fans who threatened Tim Tebow with death, have also been flagged five yards for…Read More

BCS Computers Need to Go

OK, either the computers need to go, or the people programming them need to go. Or they seriously need fixing. I just prefer to eliminate them completely since I’m into the dramatic. I won’t even bother getting too complex for you; I’ll keep this simple. Just check out where USC is ranked by the computers….Read More

Fans Threaten Tebow with Death

Such is the life when you’re quite the prominent athletic figure, playing in a conference full of rabid fans. But what happens when said fans obtain your phone number? The answer: bedlam ensues. Tim Tebow said the calls and messages began arriving last Tuesday, but he didn’t answer any of the calls. By the end…Read More

Might Michigan Forfeit a Win?

It’s possible, because apparently they went to the Bill Belichick school of rule-reading. As the venerable SpinMax pointed out in a tip over the weekend, Michigan is being investigated by the Big Ten for using a player who might be ineligible: Michigan met with the Big Ten this week over an issue with freshman safety…Read More

Willie Williams Plays Music Loudly, Hides His Weed Poorly

If you’re somewhat of a college football fan, you might be familiar with the name Willie Williams. No, you wouldn’t know him for anything he’s done on the field. You might know him however, for his antics off the field. For instance, he was recruited but never played for Miami because of the trouble he…Read More

My Kids Can Play for Mike Gundy

Because if he defends his players like this after they get ripped unfairly by the media, then he’s quite the protector. Congrats Mike Gundy, that’s the way to stand up for a player. And as far as Jennie Carlson goes, don’t pick on a kid just because his mother fed him food after a game….Read More

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