Florida Football Building New Legacy

Just yesterday it came out that Florida offensive lineman, Ronnie Matthew Wilson, was arrested and is accused of shooting off a gun during a dispute in a club.

Wilson, 19, has been suspended from team activities, coach Urban Meyer said. Wilson was charged with aggravated assault, simple battery and the use or display of a concealed weapon during the commission of a felony, according to jail records.

Well, that’s not the first time a Gator was in the news this week — and not for winning the national title, nor for entering the NBA draft. On Monday, Florida linebacker Dustin Doe (pictured) was charged for fighting in public

for his involvement in a large brawl in a downtown Gainesville parking garage.

Police responded to the scene at 2:25 a.m Sunday, and Doe was observed fighting in a group of 20 or more people. According to police reports, Doe and two others were arrested.

This is certainly a nice way for Urban Meyer’s Gators to celebrate their BCS title. I guess they’re getting in shape for Spring Practice.  Thanks to JS for the alert.

Could We Be Seeing an Ohio St. vs. Florida Rematch?

We are only two wins away from witnessing a rematch of the college football national championship game — only in basketball. Moreover, Florida would be staring at an unprecedented third consecutive national title (in the major sports) straight in the face. Additionally, a national title would also make Florida the first school to win the national championship in both basketball and football in the same school year (they’ve already done it in the same calendar year). So what is the likelihood that we could be seeing a rematch of the BCS Championship game one week from today?

Florida is currently a 3.5 point favorite over UCLA.  The last time the teams met, Florida pimp-slapped UCLA in the championship game, taking no prisoners. Guard Lee Humphrey went 4-8 from 3pt land, Al Horford went 14 and 7, and lets not forget, Joakim Noah scored 16 points on 7 of 9 shooting, grabbed nine rebounds, and the freak also blocked 6 shots. Aside from Humphrey’s shooting spree, the Gators absolutely dominated inside, with Horford and Noah taking advantage of UCLA’s weakness.

Unfortunately for the Bruins, both Horford and Noah elected to return to school, and UCLA hasn’t exactly beefed up in the middle. Sure Mbah a Moute and Aboya are both a year older and wiser, and Mata is arguably tougher inside than Ryan Hollins was, but if Luc Richard and Lorenzo get called for three fouls prior to halftime, you can write off the Bruins and welcome the Gators to the title game once again.

Ohio St. is currently a pick ‘em against Georgetown. The Hoyas have trailed for the most part of their past three games (UNC, Vandy, and BC). It took a blown traveling call against Vandy to send G-Town to the Elite Eight, where one of the most magnificent choke jobs in the history of college basketball (UNC shooting 1 of 23 in a 15 minute span to finish the game) helped send them to the Final Four. Translation, the Hoyas have been in as many tight spots as Ohio St. recently and are lucky to be there.

One of Georgetown’s strength’s has been the play of Roy Hibbert inside. His game will more-than-likely be neutralized by the powerful Greg Oden. The x-factor then becomes the outside shooting of Ron Lewis, Daequan Cook, and Jamar Butler against that of Jonathan Wallace, DaJuan Summers, and Jeff Green. Ron Lewis and Mike Conley Jr. have been absolutely nails in the clutch, draining 3′s and FT’s when it’s mattered the most. They are battle-tested and able to take advantage of an opportunity if you leave one open. The Buckeye’s have overcome two near-death situations already, but they never cashed it in. Given the way they’ve played in the tournament, it just seems like Ohio St. is destined to reach the title game.

Once both teams pull off the with, then we can discuss whether or not Ohio St. will avenge their basketball loss to Florida in December, and their football loss in January. The beautiful thing is we have until Saturday to find out!

Texas CB Tarell Brown sure Loves his Weed

Man, what do you do after a long hard week of workouts for NFL teams as you’re preparing yourself for the biggest step of your life — potentially playing professional football? Answer: you smoke a blunt and just chiillll. Well at least that’s what Texas CB Tarell Brown allegedly did,

Former defensive back Tarell Brown was arrested on misdemeanor marijuana charges in Williamson County Thursday night.

Brown was out on bond Friday and awaits a drug test next week.

Two days ago he tried out for NFL scouts at UT’s Pro Timing Day, hoping to up their draft stock before April 28.

Of course I would be remiss if I did not mention that this is the same Tarell Brown who was arrested for carrying a 9mm gun and two ounces of marijuana the week of the Texas/Ohio St. game last year.

And yes, he survived two taser shocks that night.

Needless to say, the Bengals already have a phone call into his agent.

Jimmy Clausen Won’t Be Healthy to Start Spring Practice

If you read my old blog at Foxsports.com, then you already know what I think about Jimmy Clausen and the disgusting levels of hype he received prior to arriving on Notre Dame’s campus. Now, thanks to commenter JS, I see that the Golden Boy with the Golden Arm won’t be fully healthy when spring practice starts tomorrow, thanks to an undisclosed arm injury.

Jim Clausen Sr. said his son’s injury was discovered last summer. ”We’ve been aware that this was an issue,” the elder Clausen said. ”He played 15 games with the problem this past season, so you know he’s a competitor. But I think at the end of the season, he started to lose some velocity. At some point, if it’s causing that much discomfort, we’ll see what other option is best.”

This is already a bad sign for Jimmy, but not surprising. I always say that the hype in high school means nothing when you get to college.

Just look at Kyle Wright — the consensus top QB in the nation coming out of high school. Last year he was benched at Miami in favor of Kirby Freeman!

Are we looking at the next Ron Powlus? If his arm doesn’t heal, I think so.

Mike Garrett says we don’t Lose Football Games at USC

Former Marlins 1st round pick and LSU quarterback, Josh Booty, was guest-hosting over the weekend on Fox Sports Radio along with Dan Moriarty and Denny Hocking. When the topic of Texas’ national championship win over USC in the Rose Bowl was brought up, Josh reacted adversely. 

Obviously the issue brought up bad memories for Josh, whose brother John David is the starting quarterback for the Trojans. Josh got more specific and explained what that loss said about the USC program:

It took a lot of pressure off JD for this year because he didn’t have that long streak and there’s a lot of things that go along with that.  But [Athletic Director Mike] Garrett came into the locker room after the game and looked at JD and said ‘We don’t lose football games here at ‘SC.’  And he looked right at JD and said ‘Don’t ever lose a game here.’ That was a tough one for JD to swallow, I know that.

Wow.  “We don’t lose football games here at ‘SC.” Don’t ever lose a game here.”  Not to put any pressure on you or anything.  So by those standards, ’06 was a disappointing year for USC I gather. Man, talk about curbing your expectations, sheesh. 

What would the Big 12 Football Coaches look like on South Park?

I’ve already shown the Big Ten, ACC, SEC, and Pac-10 coaches as South Park characters…and now I present, the Big 12 football coaches as South Park characters.

This might be the best of all. Mike Leach is uncanny, Bob Stoops is money, and Dan Hawkins is incredible. It’s Division I football!!!!

Chest bumps for Brian Cook at The Fanhouse, Georgia Sports Blog, and Kit Kitchens for these creations once again, and unless someone gets busy, this will be the last in the South Park series.

What would the Big 10 Football Coaches look like on South Park?

I’ve already shown the ACC, SEC, and Pac-10 coaches as South Park characters…and now I present, the Big 10 football coaches as South Park characters. 

Jim Tressel and Lloyd Carr are so strong! Joe Pa isn’t bad either.

Chest bumps for Brian Cook at The Fanhouse, Georgia Sports Blog, and Kit Kitchens for these creations once again. Also thanks to reader Andy Russell.