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Sunday, December 21, 2014

College Football

Is 0-8 a Reality?

Forgive me while I get all giddy here. But now that the loss to Michigan State is out of the way, it really seems possible that Notre Dame starts the year 0-8. I got really excited after the first week when ND got smashed by Georgia Tech. Unfortunately for you Charlie, Lloyd Carr isn’t here…Read More

Is it Basketball Season Yet?

One of my good buddies complimented me this week by saying that the blog had made it into his rotation of reading when he’s slacking off from his law school studies. Naturally, that made me quite pleased. One criticism he had: “I would expect more coverage of UCLA from a former Bruin broadcaster.” Well Mikey,…Read More

Mike Flynt: Ultimate Weekend Warrior

By now you’ve probably heard about Mike Flynt, the 59-year-old man who makes all of us (except for my tennis-playing father) look bad. Dude is preparing for his first game with Sul Ross State since 1970. He was kicked off the team prior to the ’71 season because he got into a fight with a…Read More

Fake Priests Running Rampant in South Bend

Dude wasn’t quite running through the sidelines for a Jay Leno skit, but he might as well have been. In one of the better pranks I’ve seen in quite some time, right up there with the iron soccer ball, Brian Stouffer at FanHouse points out that a man sneaked onto the Notre Dame sidelines dressed…Read More

Ol’ Ball Coach Unimpressed by Georgia

It’s one thing for a coach to tell pundits not to get excited about a hot start. But it’s a complete other when your way of doing so is to rip your opponent. That’s exactly what Steve Spurrier did following South Carolina’s win this weekend, stirring the pot as he’s done quite a bit this…Read More

Barry Switzer Wants Teams to Lose Properly

Bear with me here — I’m still trying to get my hands around this. As if it wasn’t bad enough that Switzer used to beat opponents at Oklahoma like Scott Kazmir does the Red Sox, now he’s trying to tell us all what the proper way to lose is. Because apparently whatever North Texas did…Read More

WAC Won’t Let Hawaii Dance Haka

First we had June Jones complaining that nobody would come to the Island because Hawaii would kick everyone’s ass there. Now we have officials penalizing them for doing nothing more than a pre-game dance routine. From the Honolulu Advertiser via Ben Maller: Prior to the opening kickoff against Louisiana Tech, the Warriors were assessed a…Read More

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