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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

College Football

Ohio State Fans Are Pretty Crazy About Buckeyes Football

So I realize that I just shared a no-brainer statement there, but something happened Saturday that really turned my head. Nearly 96,000 people showed up to watch Ohio State’s spring game — 95,722 to be exact — setting a national spring football record. I got on Alabama fans two springs ago for having 92,000 people…Read More

Lane Kiffin: Tennesse’s Offense Is Still in the 1960s

Lane Kiffin’s run his mouth so darn much lately it’s hard to distinguish fact from exaggeration. At some point I might have to take everything he says with a grain of salt but I’m not quite there yet. That’s why I’m still inclined to share Kiffin’s thoughts on the state of Tennessee’s offense: “I feel…Read More

Jim Leavitt Runs a Faster 40 Than Me

Let’s be fair though, it doesn’t take much to beat an old codger like myself at a race. I don’t know what the appeal is but for some reason watching old men race is eye-catching. Maybe it’s like tuning in to see the car wreck — you just want to see the guy pop his…Read More

Pete Carroll Backtracks on Mark Sanchez Trashing, Calls it a Test

I gave Pete Carroll the benefit of the doubt the first time around when he strongly disagreed with Mark Sanchez’s decision to leave school early for the NFL. I understood that Carroll was motivated by his desire to run a strong program and also his desire to see Sanchez develop more before going pro. I…Read More

If This Is Tim Tebow’s New Girlfriend, I Definitely Approve

Many curious fans have wondered about Tim Tebow’s sex life for quite some time. There was speculation for quite some time that the busty young lass featured in this photo was his girlfriend. The smart money said it wasn’t his girlfriend, but The Big Lead has used some intrepid detective work to dig up this…Read More

Miami and Notre Dame Bringing Back Catholics vs. Convicts?

Someone must be working behind Charlie Weis’ back because I think he’d be too much of a wuss to step up and play Miami while he’s coaching. And with that line, it’s pretty evident that you’re on one side or the other when Miami and Notre Dame play — there aren’t many schools that are…Read More

Ohio State Cheerleader Josh Springer Makes the Buckeyes Football Team

This is one of the more unusual stories I’ve heard lately. Josh Springer is a cheerleader at Ohio State, but he also played other sports in high school. Springer apparently decided to try out for the football team and made the squad, even though he’s a junior. Ordinarily you wouldn’t think a cheerleader could cross…Read More

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