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Sunday, April 19, 2015

College Football

Does Damian Williams Get Frequent Flyer Miles for This Touchdown?

USC smacked Cal Saturday 30-3, solidifying its place as one of the top teams in the Pac-10 all the while making Cal look like a lightweight more than anything else. Ordinarily you wouldn’t say a turning point doesn’t happen in the first quarter of the game, but that’s when it happened to me. Cal drove…Read More

Joe Paterno Has No Time for Your Local Story Angles, Reporters

Tuesday news conferences for college football coaches are just what the name suggests — there for newspaper reporters. They use the Q&A session to ask the coach about information from either the previous game or the upcoming game, depending on what kind of story they’re working on. Often times you get the usual suspects which…Read More

Indiana Screwed by Refs on 4th Quarter Interception for Michigan

It could have been a magnificent upset for the Indiana Hoosiers at the Big House but alas, the dominant program prevailed. Indiana led the game with about nine minutes left after scoring on an 85 yard touchdown run by Darius Willis. You knew that Michigan wouldn’t be held back and Tate Forcier led the team…Read More

Pete Carroll Must Have a Short Memory

It’s fun to watch Pete Carroll and see the head games that he employs. Remember when he got pissed that Mark Sanchez declared for the pros early and he said Sanchez wasn’t ready? Not only does he look bad for that especially now that Sanchez looks really good, but he also realized how wrong he…Read More

Why Is South Carolina Beating Ole Miss Considered an Upset?

If you watched highlight shows or read about the Ole Miss/South Carolina game from Thursday night, you heard many people term the outcome “an upset.” If you go by the poll rankings it was an upset, but if you actually use common sense, you’ll see that this was just a predictable outcome. What we had…Read More

You Buying Lane Kiffin’s Post-Florida Loss Spin?

Lane Kiffin pissed plenty of people off with his comments upon taking the Tennessee coaching job. His “we’re going to sing Rocky Top” all night long after beating Florida certainly charged up the fans and it no doubt pissed Florida off. But as pumped as Florida had to be for the game, they really never…Read More

Sergio Kindle Decapitates Taylor Potts on Sack, Causes Fumble

Here I was thinking that the hit Tennessee delivered on UCLA quarterback Kevin Prince last weekend that broke his jaw was a tough hit. I may have to reconsider things. Texas defensive end Sergio Kindle is highly rated and a top pro prospect. After seeing the sack he got on Texas Tech quarterback Taylor Potts,…Read More

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