Arkansas State had player play dead on awful fake punt attempt (Video)

Arkansas-State-fake-puntArkansas State tried what could very well be the worst fake punt attempt you will ever see on Saturday. In the second quarter of a 41-20 loss to Miami, the Red Wolves lined up like they were going to kick it away near midfield. Instead of punting, they had a player fake like he had collapsed on the field and then threw an interception.

Let’s start with the faking of the death. Sophomore wide receiver Booker Mays, who is listed at 5-foot-1 on Arkansas State’s official athletics website, immediately grabbed his chest and fell backward when the ball was snapped. No one seemed to care. In fact, he got jacked up as soon as he came to his feet after Miami picked the ball off.

What was the purpose of having someone play dead? If it was to make the opponent concerned for his health, that’s just plain wrong. Whatever the case, it didn’t work. And where the hell was that pass going? There didn’t appear to be a white shirt anywhere in the vicinity of where the ball was thrown.

Arkansas State head coach Blake Anderson told For the Win the play is called the “Fainting Goat” and basically admitted that it served no purpose.

“We were just having a little bit of fun to be honest with you,” he said. “When you scare a goat, it faints. It was a joke.”

The joke’s on you, buddy.

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Rick Neuheisel watches son Jerry beat Texas in priceless video

What could be more satisfying for a father than this?

Former UCLA quarterback and head coach Rick Neuheisel has been broadcasting with Pac-12 Networks ever since being fired by UCLA late in the 2011 season. Before he left UCLA, he recruited his son, Jerry, to come play quarterback for the Bruins, just like pops. Never could the two have imagined what Jerry would one day do.

After Bruins star quarterback Brett Hundley hyper-extended his left elbow early in Saturday’s game against Texas at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, UCLA turned to Jerry, who is the team’s backup QB.

Though Jerry, a redshirt sophomore, looked completely overmatched at first, he threw a touchdown pass on the Bruins’ opening possession of the second half and a beautiful 33-yard TD pass with three minutes left in the game to give UCLA a 20-17 lead and the win.

Jerry had only thrown 13 career passes prior to Saturday’s game, yet he hung tough and led the Bruins to victory to keep them undefeated at 3-0.

It was an incredible game, great win for Jerry, and his dad got to watch it all from the Pac-12 Networks offices.

If you haven’t seen this video of Rick interviewing Jerry, you must. The two are clones. And you’ll know why we call Jerry “Little Ricky.”

Rick son Jerry Neuheisel

Steve Spurrier jabs Paul Finebaum over prediction (Video)

Steve SpurrerSteve Spurrier can talk trash with the best of them. He can also coach with the best of them. And after coaching South Carolina to a 38-35 win over Georgia Saturday, Spurrier decided to take a little jab at respected SEC media personality Paul Finebaum.

“I knew we had a good chance to beat ‘em when I heard Finebaum picked ‘em to win by about 25 points. He picked Alabama to beat Oklahoma by 25 too, so I said we got a chance tonight,” Spurrier said.

“I like Paul Finebaum. I’m just kidding him a little bit. He has a tendency to miss a lot.”

Awesome. Love Spurrier. But was he actually mistaken?

C’mon, Paul. Don’t ruin a good storyline!

Texas Longhorns kicked off to start both halves because of coin toss blunder

Even before the Texas Longhorns-UCLA Bruins game got underway, there was plenty of action in AT&T Stadium.

As rules expert Mike Pereira explained above, when UCLA won the coin toss and chose to defer that gave Texas the option to kick, receive, or choose a goal to defend. Texas chose to kickoff to start the first half. Since UCLA chose to defer, they would have the option to receive to start the second half.

Not surprisingly, Longhorns head coach Charlie Strong was less than pleased.

Texas went into the game probably needing quite a few things to go their way to pull off an upset over the No. 12 team in the country. They didn’t do themselves any favors before the opening kickoff.

Video: Twitter/TheBuzzeronFOX

Kirk Ferentz ices Iowa State kicker Cole Netten and strategy backfires

Kirk Ferentz

Kirk Ferentz out-thought himself in his Hawkeyes’ 20-17 loss to Iowa State on Saturday.

Iowa State had a 4th-and-1 at Iowa’s 24 with two seconds left in a 17-17 game. Ferentz decided to try icing Iowa State kicker Cole Netten on a last-second field goal attempt. Netten’s kick barely hooked wide left, which would have resulted in the game going to overtime. Luckily for the Cyclones, the timeout gave Netten another shot at the kick. This time he kicked it right down the middle to give Iowa State a 20-17 win.

Data studies have shown that kickers have a higher success rate after the opposing team attempts to ice them. When will coaches figure that out?

Mike London wore hat of different military service branch each quarter


It was Military Appreciation Day at the University of Virgina on Saturday. In addition to festivities pregame and during halftime, there was also a very nice tribute by the school’s football head coach, Mike London.

London wore the hat of a different military service branch during each quarter of Virginia’s 23-21 victory over No. 21 Louisville.

While the players will rightfully receive the share of the spoils they deserve for knocking off a top 25 team, head coach Mike London also should receive credit, and not just for the outcome of the game.

Photo: Twitter/CorkGaines

Houston DB comically misses ball on poorly timed jump (Video)

Houston junior DB Trevon Stewart gave us the football equivalent of Harry Doyle’s legendary “Juuuust a bit outside” with a poorly-timed jump on Thursday night.

Just before halftime of BYU’s 33-25 win over Houston, BYU completed a deep pass down the left sideline to Mitchell Juergens. As you can see in the video, a complete lack of awareness by Stewart allowed the pass to be completed. The guy jumped up to defend the pass well after Juergens caught the ball and began going with it. Stewart’s blunder actually turned out to be a good thing for his team because they stripped Juergens, returned the ball into BYU territory, and then completed a touchdown pass just before the half ended.

Houston Trevon Stewart

I bet when Stewart plays baseball he swings when the ball is already in the catcher’s mitt.