Houston DB comically misses ball on poorly timed jump (Video)

Houston junior DB Trevon Stewart gave us the football equivalent of Harry Doyle’s legendary “Juuuust a bit outside” with a poorly-timed jump on Thursday night.

Just before halftime of BYU’s 33-25 win over Houston, BYU completed a deep pass down the left sideline to Mitchell Juergens. As you can see in the video, a complete lack of awareness by Stewart allowed the pass to be completed. The guy jumped up to defend the pass well after Juergens caught the ball and began going with it. Stewart’s blunder actually turned out to be a good thing for his team because they stripped Juergens, returned the ball into BYU territory, and then completed a touchdown pass just before the half ended.

Houston Trevon Stewart

I bet when Stewart plays baseball he swings when the ball is already in the catcher’s mitt.

Guy uses Nick Saban’s office for marriage proposal (Video)

When Nick Saban was not in the office on May 2, he probably had no idea that his private room would be used for a marriage proposal. But that’s exactly what happened.

A young man named Drew Clayton pulled some strings and set up a marriage proposal from inside the Alabama coach’s office for his current fiancee, Kayla Posey, who worked for the football program during her time at Bama.

According to AL.com, Clayton arranged the proposal through some of Posey’s friends in the football office. They helped him hide in the private bathroom inside the coach’s office while Posey was out to lunch. They also replaced Saban’s 2012 BCS National Championship Ring with the engagement ring.

When Posey returned from lunch, she was instructed to clean some of Saban’s rings in preparation for a visit from a very important guest. She was scheduled to give four tours that day and was told another one had been added to the schedule.

Drew Clayton Nick Saban proposal

As you can see in the hidden camera video set up by Posey’s pals, the young lady was cleaning off the rings when she came across her engagement ring … and she was shocked and confused. That’s when Clayton emerged from the bathroom and got down on a knee to propose.

And how’s this for a detail that should not be overlooked: Clayton says he found Saban’s stash of snacks and snagged one of the coach’s famous Oatmeal Creme Pies. That was easily the best part of the story.

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Eric Dickerson: Some high school teams could beat SMU

Eric-DickersonEric Dickerson is not very proud of his alma mater at the moment. Dickerson, the NFL record holder for most rushing yards in a single season, has watched Southern Methodist University lose its first two games of the season by a combined score of 88-6. On Saturday, SMU will take on No. 7 Texas A&M in a game that will almost certainly get ugly in a hurry.

During an interview with Shan and RJ on KRLD-FM Tuesday, Dickerson criticized SMU’s recruiting tactics and said he believes there are high school teams that could beat the Mustangs.

“In some instances there, I didn’t think they did enough to help the students get in,” he said, as transcribed by EJ Holland of The Dallas Morning News. “Recruiting is right there in Dallas. I mean, you have to make the students and their parents feel like they’re welcome. I’m talking about black athletes to come play at the university.

“It’s nothing against those kids because those kids are give their all, but I guarantee you there are some high schools around the country that could beat them. There is no doubt. They don’t have the talent to compete with Baylor or Texas A&M. They would get killed.”

SMU is located in Dallas, and they have virtually no chance recruiting against programs like Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech and Alabama. Despite that, the Mustangs were pretty successful in 2011 with an 8-5 campaign that included wins over TCU, UCF and Pittsburgh. Dickerson believes the opportunity for SMU has come and gone.

“I think we had a shot, but it’s gone,” he said. “I really do believe it’s gone. It’s like Texas and Alabama, those are big schools you can’t compete with. At one point, they were going to join the Big East. If I’m the Big East, if I’m the Big 12 or the Pac-10, I would look at SMU and ask ‘what do you have to offer us?’ You have 3,000 people that come to your football games. You’re winning maybe five games a year. What’s the appeal for us to want to split $12 million? There is no attraction. Yes, you are in Dallas, Texas, but that’s all you have. You can’t even compete.”

If you hear someone booing louder than everyone else at SMU’s next home game, that just might be Dickerson.

Alabama game ended in an incredible bad beat


As expected, Alabama cruised to an easy victory over Florida Atlantic on Saturday. The Crimson Tide ended up winning 41-0 in a game that was shortened due to inclement weather. FAU had no problem calling the game early because they stood no chance of coming back, but anyone who bet on Alabama was left seeing red.

No, not the good kind.

The game was stopped because of lightning with 7:53 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter. If you bet on the game, you probably got Alabama laying somewhere between 40 or 41 points. Even if you had them at -41, the Tide were on the FAU 4-yard line at the time the weather arrived and were almost certainly going to score another touchdown and cover the spread. Too bad, because any game that doesn’t go at least 55 minutes is considered no contest.

In other words, all of the wagers were cancelled. Anyone who was brave enough to bet on FAU was probably dancing in their seat, but those who bet on Alabama got screwed. I suppose no action is better than some of the other bad beats we have shown you over the years, but what are the odds of a football game being called early due to weather? It almost never happens. If you bet on Bama, we feel your pain.

Leonard Fournette struck Heisman pose after first collegiate touchdown (Video)

leonard-fournette-heisman-poseLSU running back Leonard Fournette was among the more sought-after recruits from the 2014 class and No. 1 on ESPN’s top 300 list.

Fournette’s college career got off to a slow start with just 18 yards on eight carries last week against Wisconsin.

On Saturday, the freshman found yards easier to come by with Sam Houston State as the opposition. In the first quarter alone, Fournette registered 47 yards on six carries and found the end zone for the first time as an LSU Tiger.

After crossing the goal line, Fournette struck a pose resembling that of the Heisman Trophy, which apparently didn’t go over well with head coach Les Miles.

Brent Musburger was right in saying it’s probably a little early to be striking a Heisman pose, but sometimes youthful exuberance takes over.

Pat Haden goes onto field to argue with refs (Video)

Pat-HadenUSC came away with a thrilling win over Stanford on Saturday afternoon, but the game did not pass without controversy. These are the Trojans, after all.

USC head coach Steve Sarkisian was not a happy camper when linebacker Hayes Pullard was ejected for targeting after he hit Stanford receiver Ty Montgomery on a kick return. Sarkisian argued the call and ended up picking up an unsportsmanlike penalty of his own when an official ruled that he was standing on the field of play while a play was in progress. Here’s the targeting play that got Sark’s blood boiling:

That’s when USC athletic director Pat Haden somehow became involved. Haden, who had been sitting in a private box, jogged down onto the field at Stanford Stadium to argue with the officials. He later explained during an interview with ESPN’s Heather Cox that Sarkisian had summoned him via text message.

“I got a text just to come down because Sark wanted to talk to me,” Haden said, via Fox Sports. “He felt the penalty was unfair and the referee explained he had warned him, so that’s why he got the penalty. It’s been a really frustrating quarter with the penalties, believe me.”

As if an athletic director arguing with refs in the middle of a game isn’s bad enough, Haden also happens to be one of the 13 members of the College Football Playoff selection committee. His behavior would not have been acceptable for any AD, let alone someone in his position. That was not a good look for the NCAA.

GIF via GIFD Sports

Arkansas State gives us the Clark Griswold jersey combination

Clark Griswold Arkansas State

Arkansas State may have lost 34-19 to Tennessee on Saturday, but they won the hearts of the people with an incredible jersey combination.

When sophomore offensive lineman Jemar Clark and junior tight end Darion Griswold were out on the field at the same exact time and seen standing next to each other, it gave us one of the more priceless jersey backs ever: Clark Griswold.

Now we just need someone from their team with the last name of “W” to go in between.

Those dudes should petition the school to change their nickname to the Marty Mooses or Pigs in the Poke just for one game. Do it. DOOOOO IT!

Clark Griswold Vacation

I bet Arkansas State’s offense has no visible lines. They probably eat real tomato ketchup. Nothing but the best!

Best combo since Dingle Berry?

My favorite combination is still this dirty one.

Photo via Twitter/DixieFriedSport