Auburn’s Tre Williams says Nick Saban has ‘little man syndrome’

Nick SabanAuburn five-star linebacker recruit Tre Williams grew up an Alabama fan. He told AL.com last week that his decision to commit to Auburn was extremely difficult, but that hasn’t stopped him from fueling the rivalry between the two programs — even if it means taking a friendly jab at Nick Saban.

During a recent interview with “Prep Sports Hour” on WSNP, Williams was asked to play a word association game. When the name “Nick Saban” was thrown at him, he spat back the following phrase.

“Little man syndrome.”

Williams was clearly joking, but I’m sure there are plenty of Crimson Tide fans who won’t find it funny. In the same interview where Williams called his decision to commit to Auburn over Alabama difficult, he also said Auburn owns the recruiting scene in the Mobile, Ala. area.

“Auburn owns Mobile,” he said. “They will own Mobile until we leave.”

Obviously, Williams is not going to be a favorite among Alabama fans. Does that make him any different from any other Auburn player? Not really, so I’m sure he doesn’t care.

Hey, remember what Darrelle Revis said about Bill Belichick once during a word association game? Revis now plays for The Hoodie. No hard feelings.

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NMSU coach Chris Symington cited twice in four days for huffing air from can

Chris-SymingtonThe New Mexico State University football team hired offensive line coach Chris Symington on May 9. Unfortunately, a dangerous addiction has resulted in the school already looking to replace him. According to the Las Cruces Sun-News, Symington was cited two times in four days for huffing compressed air.

According to police, Symington received his first criminal citation on Sunday night when an officer found him “slumped over sitting in his vehicle and apparently having seizures.” The officer said he witnessed Symington inhale compressed air from a canister before he approached him.

A separate police report from Tuesday said that police were called to a CVS Pharmacy at around 11:15 a.m. after Symington allegedly locked himself in the store bathroom and was again huffing. An officer said he was “disoriented” but cooperative and admitted he was inhaling from a can.

Deadspin has copies of both police reports.

Symington resigned from New Mexico State on Tuesday, with head coach Doug Martin expressing concern for Symington’s health.

“Right now our concern is for Chris’ health and helping him get better,” Martin said. “Myself and the staff support coach Symington and will do everything we can to help him. His health is more important right now than the game of football.”

He’s obviously got some serious issues that need to be tended to.

Jameis Winston Burger King incident police phone call released (Audio)

You know what they say about stealing soda from a restaurant … it’s just a gateway to stealing bigger and better things later in life … like crab legs.

Jameis Winston and two other men were accused of stealing soda from a Burger King near the Florida State campus on July 21, 2013. The incident didn’t come to light until last November, when it was finally reported in the context of the Winston sexual assault case. It was easy at the time to brush aside the event as a college kids being college kids kind of thing, but placed in a greater context it looks bad now.

Jameis Winston crab legs

The phone call a Burger King assistant manager made to police was published by TMZ on Wednesday. In the call, you can hear how annoyed the employee is.

“I need three teenagers removed from my store,” she says.

The employee says the three guys were “causing a scene” in the front of the store after she caught them stealing soda. She also complained that they wouldn’t leave.

Like I said, it was easy to brush aside Jameis getting busy in a Burger King soda room at the time, but when you look at what came up later — the crab leg incident — it all kind of amounts to Winston being a shady character. Plus, then you add in the sexual assault allegation, and it could make some people more suspicious.

Max Wittek won’t graduate in time to play at Texas this season

Max WittekWord emerged this week that former USC quarterback Max Wittek would not be receiving a scholarship from Texas, and now we know why.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser says Wittek will not graduate this spring as expected and therefore will not be eligible to play for a new school in the fall.

NCAA transfer rules say players must sit out a season if they transfer from one FBS school to another. However, one can play immediately if he receives a bachelor’s degree and enrolls at another school for a graduate program, which is what Wittek planned to do.

Wittek seemed extremely likely to transfer to Texas, which he visited multiple times, including the team’s spring game last month. His future plans have obviously been derailed and now it’s unclear what he plans to do. If he wants to play immediately, he might consider enrolling at an FCS program.

JT Granato commits to Rice after coach writes letter to his cat


The Rice Owls desperately want JT Granato to be their quarterback of the future. The Houston Kinkaid High School junior is a three-star recruit who led his team to an undefeated record last season, throwing for 3,500 yards, 42 touchdowns and only nine interceptions in the process. Earlier this week, Rice offensive coordinator Billy Lynch pulled out all the stops to land Granato.

Lynch somehow caught wind that Granato loves his cat, and he sent him a recruiting letter addressed to the feline. It was addressed to “Kitty Granato,” although the cat’s real name is “White Sox.”

“As you know we’re trying to convince J.T. Rice is the place for him,” Lynch wrote, according to Joseph Duarte of the Houston Chronicle. “I know you’d like to keep him close so he can feed you and change the litter box. Please help us to get him to choose us. Paw me if you have any questions.”

The unique pitch must have worked. On Thursday, Granato gave Rice a verbal commitment. His father announced the news on Twitter.

“@JGranato10 committed to Rice today,” John Granato wrote on Twitter along with the photo you see above. “Rice closed the deal by sending JT’s cat a recruiting letter. Well done Owls.”

JT also expressed his excitement.

Coaches are always looking for an edge with recruits, and many of them think sending tons of recruiting letters in a single day gives them that. Sometimes all it takes is one letter to a high schooler’s cat to seal the deal.

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Antoine Turner lost 70 pounds while homeless

Antoine TurnerBoise State recruit Antoine Turner is a promising defensive tackle. Not long ago, it was tough to classify him as a defensive lineman. Before Turner was given another chance by Fullerton College coach Tim Byrnes, he weighed just 220 pounds.

Turner redshirted in his first year at Fullerton and appeared in just five games as a second-year freshman. His grades became so poor that Byrnes had no choice but to dismiss Turner from the team. That’s when he started spiraling downward again. He briefly found work at a laundromat before ending up homeless.

“They kicked me off and my life was shambles,” Turner told the LA Times.

After that, Turner spent most of his nights thinking about suicide and sleeping on a picnic table at Anaheim’s La Palma Park. His weight dropped from 290 to 220 before he met girlfriend R’Mya DeMarrco and began turning his life around. Turner moved in with DeMarrco’s family, started eating again and put the weight back on. Byrnes then invited him back to Fullerton.

“He got stable,” Byrnes explained. “He’s figured out how to make it. He got another opportunity and he made it.”

Turner was still homeless as of earlier this week, but the NCAA has granted Boise State permission to begin helping him immediately. Everyone will be in Turner’s corner when he starts his playing career with the Broncos.

Nick Saban on Pat White Corvette allegation: ‘Kiss my ass’

Nick SabanNick Saban was not the coach at Alabama at the time former West Virginia quarterback Pat White was coming out of high school, but that doesn’t mean he’s not annoyed by White’s accusations. On Thursday evening, Mike Organ of The Tennesseean asked Saban about White’s claim that he was offered a Corvette to sign with the Crimson Tide. Saban gave a classic response.

“I didn’t even know it happened so I can’t comment on it,” he said. “Is that the best thing we can talk about? Kiss my ass.”

White’s comment — which he wrote on Facebook — has become a pretty big story, so someone was bound to ask Saban about it. And he was bound to give a very Saban-like response, especially considering he was speaking at the annual Crimson Caravan.

The entire discussion came about after current Alabama running back Derrick Henry created a stir when he posted a photo on Instagram standing in front of his brand new Dodge Charger. For what it’s worth, former Alabama running backs coach Sparky Woods said the Tide were hardly interested in White.

“I didn’t recruit Pat, but I remember he wanted to be a quarterback,” Woods told The Tennesseean. “I remember a discussion that we weren’t going to recruit him as a quarterback. That was kind of a closed book on him pretty early because he wanted to be a quarterback.”

I dare someone to ask Saban about it again.