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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

College Football

Report: Florida State OL Josh Ball suspended in wake of dating violence allegation

Florida State logo

Florida State is expected to begin the 2018 season without one of its starting offensive lineman, as sophomore left tackle Josh Ball has reportedly been suspended in the wake of allegations that he was violent toward his ex-girlfriend.

According to Warchant.com, an FSU judicial panel decided to suspend Allen after reviewing claims his ex-girlfriend, Florida State student Sandra Sellers, made against him when she filed paperwork last September seeking “protection against dating violence.” Sellers says Allen attacked her on more than one occasion, including an incident in December 2016 in which he allegedly slapped her in the face, a March 2017 incident in which he shoved her to the floor and an altercation in April 2017 where Sellers says she was left with a cut on her knee after Allen grabbed her and shoved her numerous times.

Sellers believes Allen is a danger to himself and others and stated that she witnessed incidents in which he became violent with other people. She shared a screenshot on social media Monday that claimed to show the FSU ruling against Ball.

“This long journey has finally come to an end! After two long days of testifying and two agonizing weeks of waiting for this letter, it’s finally here,” Sellers wrote in her post. “Thank you FSU for making campus a better place.”

Ball was never charged by Tallahassee Police or the state attorney’s office after Sellers filed the complaint.

It’s unclear how long Sellers has been suspended for, but new Seminoles head coach Willie Taggart may have to look at other options for a starting left tackle.

336-pound Wisconsin DL Olive Sagapolu can do a backflip (Video)

Even if you have never seen Wisconsin defensive lineman Olive Sagapolu play a down of football, you can probably conclude that he is one of the most athletic nose tackles in the country. Why? You’ll see.

Sagapolu, a senior who weighs a cool 336 pounds, is capable of doing a backflip. No, we’re not talking about some uncoordinated backflip where he falls all over himself and everyone laughs — an actual backflip where he lands on his feet. Observe:

Your high school physics teacher probably would have told you that is impossible. While we have seen college football players pull off some impressive backflip feats in the past, this may be the greatest. Someone who weighs over 300 pounds simply should not be capable of that.

Charles Woodson: Michigan hasn’t placed enough emphasis on Ohio State game

Charles Woodson

Expectations remain as high as ever for Michigan heading into Jim Harbaugh’s fourth season as head coach with the program, and every game is crucial if the Wolverines want to make a run at the College Football Playoff. However, Charles Woodson thinks the team needs to remember how important one particular matchup is.

Woodson, one of the greatest players in Michigan history, said over the weekend that he feels like the Wolverines have been taking their annual rivalry game with Ohio State too lightly.

“You know what, to be quite honest, I really feel like in recent years there hasn’t been the emphasis I’m used to being put on that game,” Woodson said at The ChadTough Foundation’s gala in Ann Arbor, according to Nick Baumgardner of the Detroit Free Press. “Every game has been put on the same level as that game. That’s not the way we were brought up. Not the way we were raised around here.

“We had no shame in saying (we were going to beat Ohio State). And every time I watch our teams in recent years, it’s ‘Oh, it’s another game.’ It’s not.”

Ohio State has dominated the Wolverines in recent years, with Michigan winning just one contest since 2003. That win did not come under Harbaugh, and Woodson feels it’s never too early for players to circle that game on their calendars.

“The time is now. We ain’t waiting anymore. … That’s it. That’s the game,” he said. “With us, we talked about it all the time. We could go 0-10 but if we won that game, it was a good season. We wanted to win every game, but we all knew that was the big fish.

“And we didn’t mind saying it (to the media). When’s the last time you guys have heard that? So you get the picture.”

Harbaugh has faced criticism from rival players recently, and beating Ohio State would be one way to quiet some of that talk. Coaches are always trying to get their teams to focus only on their upcoming opponent, but Woodson believes that is not working at Michigan.

QB Joe Burrow confirms he will transfer to LSU

Joe Burrow

Quarterback Joe Burrow confirmed on Twitter Friday that he will transfer to LSU.

Burrow said on Twitter that he was “excited to be playing in Death Valley next season. Ready to get to work.”

Burrow’s announcement comes a week after he took a visit to LSU and just a week and a half after he announced his intention to transfer.

Burrow will have two years of eligibility after spending three years at Ohio State. He redshirted in 2015. The QB is 29-39 (74.4 percent) for 287 yards and two touchdowns in his career. He should be an excellent asset for the Tigers program.

College football player reportedly ordered by coach to deliver vicious cheap shot

A college football player from Nihon University in Japan delivered one of the most dangerous cheap shots you will ever see in an exhibition game earlier this month, and a coach is being accused of ordering the hit.

An anonymous player from Nihon told The Asahi Shimbun on Thursday that the defensive player who delivered the hit was demanded to do so by his coach, Masato Uchida.

“I heard from the defensive player that he was told by the head coach to ‘break’ the opponent’s quarterback if he wanted to play in the game,” the player said.

Here’s a video of the play:

The quarterback suffered knee and lower back injuries and was forced to leave the game. His school, Kwansei Gakuin University, filed a formal complaint against Uchida, but the coach responded that the late hit was a result of a miscommunication. He said he was simply trying to tell the defender to play tough, but another player from Nihon said he also heard “the head coach gave the instructions.”

“I want the university to tell the truth that there were instructions (from the head coach),” the student said. “We are not chess pieces of the coaches.”

Nihon has informed Kwansei Gakuin that an internal investigation is ongoing and a report will be issued on May 24. One Nihon player threatened to quit the team if the report does not include the truth. If you remember, we saw a similar situation a couple years back when a high school coach was accused of ordering his players to attack an official.

H/T Reddit CFB

Tua Tagovailoa says he wanted to transfer to USC

Tua Tagovailoa Alabama

The talk about Tua Tagovailoa considering transferring away from Alabama apparently was quite legitimate.

Tagovailoa spoke at his former middle school in Hawaii on Thursday. According to Hawaii News Now, the Alabama quarterback told the students that he was discouraged by not playing and wanted to leave the Crimson Tide program. He specifically says he asked his father about transferring to play for the USC Trojans.

“I called my dad and asked him if my offer to the University of Southern California was still available,” Tagovailoa told the crowd, via Hawaii News Now. “I wanted to leave. I told my dad I wanted to go to a school where I thought it’d be easier for me and wouldn’t challenge me so much.

“Even throughout my football season, I wasn’t the starter,” Tagovailoa continued. “I wanted to leave the school. So I told myself if I didn’t play in the last game, which was the national championship game, I would transfer out. If I gave in, I don’t think I would have seen the end blessing of where I am now.”

You know what? That’s exactly how Lane Kiffin told the story, and it turns out he was correct.

Tagovailoa was behind Jalen Hurts on Alabama’s depth chart the whole season. It wasn’t until halftime of the national championship game when Tagovailoa was given the chance to star for the Tide. He entered the game in the second half and rallied Alabama back for a victory over Georgia. Now he’s favored to be the starter in the fall, repeat as a national champion, and potentially win the Heisman Trophy. It sounds like perseverance is the theme of his message.

H/T The Spun

Scott Frost fires back at Nick Saban over national championship talk

Scott Frost

Scott Frost may no longer be the head coach at UCF, but he is still willing to defend his former team against the one of the most influential figures in college football history.

Earlier in the week, Nick Saban slighted UCF over the way they have celebrated their undefeated season and crowned themselves national champions, saying the antics have undermined the system. Frost, who is now the head coach at Nebraska, fired back on Thursday, noting that Alabama probably has a few championships that others feel they did not deserve.

Alabama has won 17 national titles in its program’s history, and Frost is probably referring to the ones the Tide won before the playoff system was in place. You could argue that some of those championships were made possible by biased opinions, but that doesn’t really hold weight now that there’s a four-team playoff system.

Frost even said he wouldn’t have gotten behind all the national championship claims UCF has made, and some Alabama players have taken shots at UCF over it. Eventually, a new season will be underway and we won’t have to worry about last year’s champion anymore.

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