Kevin Connolly broke leg playing football with Russell Wilson on ‘Entourage’ set


Russell Wilson is one of a number of professional athletes who will be making a cameo in the upcoming “Entourage” movie, only his scene may have cost the creators of the movie a lot more than others. While Wilson was filming a scene with actor Kevin Connolly, who plays Eric Murphy in the show/movie, Connolly suffered a broken leg.

Deadline reported on Monday that Connolly broke his leg in two places last Wednesday while catching a pass from Wilson. Director Doug Ellin later confirmed that the injury took place while filming and that Connolly still managed to come down with the ball.

“Pain management advice from a Super Bowl champ!!!” Connolly wrote on Twitter. “#brokenleg.”

Wilson shared the same photo on his Instagram account.

“My man (Kevin Connolly) banged up after Running a perfect post route,” he wrote. “When he gets healthy watch out Wes Welker! #ARealHeartGuy #WhiteLightning.”

Amazingly enough, Connolly reportedly got write back to work after the injury happened and shot the next scene. He came to work the next day and production has not been interrupted. Either they’ve somehow worked the broken leg into the movie, or Connolly must be a pretty tough dude. I’m sure no actors will be catching passes from NFL quarterbacks for the remainder of production.

Chelsea Handler said she called Alex Rodriguez a ‘f—ing a–hole’ to his face

Chelsea-HandlerThere are a lot of people in the world who despise New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez, and Chelsea Handler is one of them. The popular talk show host finds A-Rod to be disgusting. She spoke about her disdain for him during an appearance on Wednesday’s “Howard Stern Show.”

Handler said that A-Rod recently approached her and asked why she makes fun of him all the time.

“Get away from me you’re disgusting,” she claims she told him, via FOXSports.com’s Jimmy Traina. “You’re gross.”

Rodriguez, refusing to accept that anyone would think this way about him, then told Handler he is a big fan and thinks the two got off on the wrong foot.

“I go, ‘I don’t know why you’re a big fan. I think you’re a f—ing a–hole,'” Chelsea replied.

Handler went on to tell Stern that she thinks A-Rod is a “buffoon” and hates the way he carries himself. She also mentioned how he supposedly has a painting of himself depicted as a centaur in his bedroom, which she finds “gross.” The full recap of her comments can be read here if you scroll to the 7:50 a.m. section.

Those of you who are familiar with Chelsea or her show “Chelsea Lately” know that she is incredibly outspoken and loves to joke around. That said, she claims she was not kidding at all about A-Rod. She really does despise the dude.

Sean Avery to appear on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Sean AverySean Avery will be the latest ex-athlete to join the cast of “Dancing With the Stars,” according to a report.

The New York Post’s Page Six says Avery, the former New York Rangers forward, has been working out in preparation for the show.

After retiring from hockey in 2012, Avery began working in the fashion industry, which was one of his interests during his playing career. The fashion agency for whom he had been working closed last year.

This spring will mark the 18th season of the show and that means Avery will be the latest in the long line of ex-athletes to join the program. I’m surprised he’s willing to participate in the show despite being like the 20th athlete to do it; I thought he wasn’t big on sloppy seconds … or thirds or fourths.

LeBron James denies being part of ‘Space Jam’ sequel

Space-JamIt seems inevitable that LeBron James will make the transition from basketball to Hollywood at some point. Several months ago, we told you about plans that had been launched to have LeBron star in a comedy movie with actor/comedian Kevin Hart. Now, rumors are swirling about a “Space Jam” sequel involving James.

According to Deadline Hollywood, production has begun for a “Space Jam” sequel and LeBron is expected to play a role similar to the one Michael Jordan played in the revolutionary 1996 blockbuster film. Several other NBA players including Larry Bird, Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing also starred in the first movie.

While Deadline reported that Warner Bros Studio has “confirmed” the movie and LeBron’s role in it, ESPN.com’s Brian Windhorst cited sources who claim neither is happening.

I know the big thing with the first “Space Jam” movie was the concept of real people starring in a movie with cartoon characters, which was still infatuated people. With the technology we have in place now, I’m not sure if it would be as much of a hit.

HBO picks up fictional football series ‘Ballers’

The-Rock-Swears-on-SportscenterRemember the ESPN original series “Playmakers?” While no actual NFL teams or logos were used in the show, it was quite clear that “Playmakers” was supposed to be an inside look at what life is like for NFL players. When the events in the show included binging on cocaine and submitting fake urine samples for drug testing, ESPN was pressured to nix it.

On Thursday, Deadline.com reported that HBO has picked up a similar series called “Ballers.” The show will star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Denzel Washington’s son John David Washington, who will be making his acting debut. The Rock is also producing the series with Mark Wahlberg.

The Rock will play a retired professional football player and Washington will be a “highly competitive and highly spiritual” pro athlete.

As Pro Football Talk noted, the series could create some issues for HBO if it is anything like “Playmakers.” The NFL works with HBO on “Hard Knocks,” and the league is almost certain to have an issue with “Ballers” if it paints the NFL in a negative light. Should the show become a success, HBO will probably have no issue giving up on “Hard Knocks.”

Renee Fleming goes under on national anthem (Video)

Opera singer Renee Fleming did an absolutely terrific job on the national anthem at Super Bowl XLVIII. I mean she just owned it in one of the best Super Bowl anthem performances I can remember. Of course, what most people were interested in was whether Fleming went over or under on the Super Bowl prop bet. I clocked her anthem at 2:02, or 122 seconds, and RJ Bell at pregame.com says she went under on the prop bet. Bovada had the over/under line at 2:25 for the anthem.

There was also another prop bet about whether Fleming would be wearing gloves and what color they would be. The answer for that? She didn’t wear any gloves:

Renee Fleming Super Bowl

Philip Seymour Hoffman let it rain in Along Came Polly like a boss (Video)

Philip Seymour Hoffman let it rainI didn’t think anything could possibly ruin the Super Bowl, but the news of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death certainly killed the mood. Hoffman died on Sunday in his Manhattan apartment of a drug overdose at the age of 46. He was an incredibly talented actor and had critical roles in some of our favorite movies. We loved him in “Boogie Nights,” “The Big Lebowski,” “Almost Famous” and “Moneyball.” But one thing we will never forget was his awesome work as Sandy Lyle in “Along Came Polly.” Man, was he great portraying that washed up child actor. His “Let it Rain” scene on the basketball playground was tremendous. Ball in! I seriously cannot watch that scene without busting up.

Hoffman also was pretty awesome playing former Oakland A’s manager Art Howe. His preoccupation with his contract was great, as was this scene about Carlos Pena:

Oh man, and how can we do a tribute post to Hoffman and not include his laugh in Lebowski:

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