Picture: Hayden Panettiere and Wladimir Klitschko Sitting in a Tree

Two names I never thought I’d mention together in the same sentence: Hayden Panettiere and Wladimir Klitschko. We’ve long been fans of Hayden since the day she became legal around 26 months ago (not that we’re counting). She always seemed to be a girl who dated the Hollywood type, not athletes. But as TMZ points out thanks to a photo from Pacific Coast News, Panetierre and Klitschko were spotted together in Miami.

Hayden Panettiere and Wladimir Klitschko

I don’t even know what to make of this photo. Are the two dating? Did they vacation together? Do they have the same agent? How in the world is the IBF, IBO, and WBF heavyweight champion who’s so little known by U.S. sports fans known by Hayden Panettiere? What is going on here?

Latosha Lee Apparently Is Not a Stripper

A few weeks ago, we shared the story of Latosha Lee who was one of the women Shaq had on the side. Lee has a child with Timberwolves player Damien Wilkins but she also has (does?) messed around with Shaq. Shaq actually was consulting Latosha on how to get more child support money from Wilkins and Latosha’s lawyers have been hard at work. In fact, they took the time to send us a cease and desist letter regarding our story alleging Latosha Lee was a stripper. The allegation is completely false and we regret the error. We were mistaken because we saw videos online of Latosha Lee doing stripteases. Despite these videos, we are told she is not a stripper so we apologize for the error and wanted to clear things up. We wish Latosha nothing but the best in her future endeavors.

Wrestler Sheamus Does to Mark Cuban What Many of us Have Wanted to Do

With the Monday Night Football game being low-scoring early on and relatively boring, some sports fans may have found their way to Monday Night Raw. The event took place at American Airlines Center in Dallas and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was a guest host for the evening. Because Cubes loves to be in the middle of things, you knew he had to get a piece of the action. Since I’m not exactly in the WWE loop, I’ll have to defer to their website for the storyline:

WWE Champion John Cena and Sheamus met in the ring with moderator, special guest host Mark Cuban. As the Dallas Mavs owner asked questions, The Celtic Warrior answered with bombast, stating why and how he will defeat The Champ. For his part, Cena demurred, finally asking his opponent whether he believes what he’s saying.

The question riled Sheamus. He appeared ready to leave the ring, but instead he attacked Cuban and took a cheap shot at the WWE Champion. When Cena came to, Sheamus kicked him in the skull to put him down again. That’s when The Celtic Warrior went all psycho on Cuban, slamming the host through a table!

Yes, Cuban got thrown through a table and it was pretty cool. You know David Stern’s going to love this video. Not great quality, but still worth a look at the video of Mark Cuban slammed through a table by Sheamus:

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Latosha Lee Is an Aspiring Actress

Latosha Lee got her name in the news recently for her relationship with NBA players Shaq and Damien Wilkins. She’s the mother of a child shared by her and Wilkins and she also has (is?) fooled around with Shaq who, despite being married, was upset Lee cheated on him. Anyway, upon further review, my boy Ty Eli noticed Latosha is featured in a few videos around the net showing off her stuff. There’s one of Latosha doing some stripper moves, a music video that would make Michael Vick proud, and one of her doing private confessions. The graphic dancing is a little too strong to post here so I’ll leave it up to you if you want to chase it down. My personal favorite of Latosha Lee is a short film on spousal abuse in which she plays the victim wife. Check out this Oscar-worthy performance:

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Erin Drewes Poses for Playboy in Tim Tebow Body Paint

Erin Drewes became a hit on the Internet after an infamous photo of her and Tim Tebow surfaced. Drewes confirmed that she is NOT Tim Tebow’s girlfriend despite all the speculation to the contrary.

The two were students at Florida together and ended up taking a picture, but they never dated. That didn’t stop Drewes from doing an interview with Playboy.com to explain her relationship with Tebow. She says they used to see each other here and there but that was it. Here are plenty of her bodypaint pictures:

Erin Drewes Tim Tebow Body Paint Erin Drewes Erin Drewes Tim Tebow Body Paint Erin Drewes

Erin Drewes Erin Drewes Tim Tebow Body Paint Erin Drewes and friends Erin Drewes Tim Tebow Body Paint

In her interview on Playboy.com, Erin answered a few questions about her relationship with Tim Tebow:

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The Blind Side Movie Featuring Michael Oher Is Coming Out in November

Unlike the other Michael Lewis sports book, Moneyball, The Blind Side movie was actually made and is set for the big screen. In fact, I was pretty stunned to see trailers of the movie while watching Monday Night Football — I really didn’t hear as much buzz about the movie as I did about Moneyball which was supposed to star Brad Pitt. Anyway, you watch this trailer and it becomes pretty clear they’re trying to market Sandra Bullock as much as possible (their attempt to attract a female audience to a football movie?). Judging by the trailer, the movie does a good job telling the story as it came across in the book. And in case you haven’t read it, The Blind Side is a fun book and its impact (much like Moneyball’s) was strong; the book was released late in ’06 and then in the NFL draft for ’08, 7 left tackles were taken in the first round. Michael Lewis did a good job convincing everyone about the value of having a top left tackle to protect the quarterback’s blind side. Anyway, enough of my rambling, check out the trailer of the movie below:

Brad Penny Dips His Pen Into the Celebrity Ink Again

Brad Penny and Karina SmirnoffThe more I read and see news about Brad Penny the more I’m convinced he cares more about maintaining his off-field profile than his on-field production. Case in point: after breaking up with actress Eliza Dushku, Penny was seen by TMZ necking with Dancing with the Stars’ dancer Karina Smirnoff last night. They apparently were at the Key Club on Sunset in Los Angeles for a Steel Panther show.

Smirnoff actually has a history here at LBS, having done an interview talking about her experience working with then dance partner Floyd Mayweather Jr. Smirnoff is also well known to be friends with Mario Lopez though we have no idea if anything’s ever materialized between her and A.C. Slater. Back to Penny, he’s been a steady mainstay on the Vegas and L.A. party scene, having been captured on film by TMZ several times recently. His worst move may have been being spotted in Las Vegas while the Dodgers were playing in the playoffs last year (he wasn’t on the postseason roster). We all knew he would be opting out of his contract but that still shows what kind of guy he is. I guess this proves once and for all what most women are after — money.