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Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Tom Brady more than the AFC East’s Daddy

Apparently New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been completing passes both on and off the field — and deep balls at that.  Previously I’ve talked about Brady’s relationship with model Gisele Bundchen, and now it looks like good old Tommy Boy’s going to start splitting his weekend between Gisele and former girlfriend Bridget Moynahan.  As…Read More

Jesse Metcalfe Spotted!

Just another reminder that when you’re in LA and you see a guy who looks like the dude from that movie…it’s probably him.  With that in mind, Jesse Metcalfe of Desperate Housewives and John Tucker Must Die fame was spotted Tuesday night dining on some crunchy shrimp rolls at Miyagi’s on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood. …Read More

These People can Change Clothes Quickly

Apparently performing at half time of the Pacers/Pistons game on Sunday was a married couple called the Quick Change Artists - a notable improvement from the SWAT team or Michigan militia.  As you might guess, their talent is an ability to change clothes mulitiple times in short intervals.  I’m not sure if you just wake up one day…Read More

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