Lindsay Lohan Hottest in the World?

Hmm, somehow I think ScarJo, Zeta-Jones, Love-Hewitt, Alba, Simpson, and Jolie might have something to say about that. But yeah, Dlisted informs me that Maxim has named Lindsay Lohan the hottest girl in the world. That’s some retarded crap. See, the problem with the hottest in the world list, is that they’re more about a different type of hot. Rather than focusing on who’s got the banging body, or best overall look, it’s more about who’s hot with the press, hot with a movie, or hot with an album coming out. You have to be a hot item, not hot looking. Granted, Lohan is definitely attractive (even though her nipple shot was a bit disappointing), I can think of 50 chicks off the top of my head who are hotter. Heck, McAdamas and Chabert were both hotter in Mean Girls — a movie that starred Lohan. Anywhoo, you can check out Maxim to see the rest of their fraud list.

Lindsay Lohan Nipple Shot!

I realize this is almost like cheating for a sports site, by damn, I just can’t help it. Being such a big fan of Mean Girls — yes, I’m unashamed to admit that it’s one of my favorite movies — pretty much sticking Lohan, McAdams, and Chabert together on screen for 90 minutes makes you an instant winner in my book. So yeah, getting to the point, I came across a couple of Lindsay Lohan nipple shots on the ‘net today, and felt — as is guy code — the need to share. So, I present to you, some fresh NSFW Lindsay Lohan nipple shots after the jump, courtesy of dlisted.

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Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian

Reggie Bush appears to be making bigger plays off the field than on it. The former USC running back has been spotted with TV personality Kim Kardashian recently.

That’s probably as good a score off the field as any on the field for Bush. I have to say I am impressed. So besides posting this to keep you up-to-date on the latest athlete-celebrity gossip (and I use the term “celebrity” loosely when talking about Kardashian), I am resetting the fact that Kim Kardashian appeared starred in a sex tape. And that’s pretty much the only reason she’s relevant.

Still, we can’t really say anything bad about Reggie here — it’s a nice pull.

No, I’m Not Stalking Pamela Anderson

I just happen to follow her around. Capiche? So let me review the quick history between myself and the future ex. I posted a story on AOL’s FanHouse a few weeks ago about Pam’s involvement with the Pepperdine baseball team. In the headline I even made a reference to her being like their team mom. Then oddly enough, I ran into her on Monday since she happened to be a guest on a radio show where I work. I mentioned that I did a story on her recently, and how popular it became, she was intrigued, and I met her Charger long-snapping boyfriend David Binn, yadayadayada. And then as she was getting ready to roll, she mentioned she would be at Pepperdine’s baseball game on Wednesday. Well far be it from me to let my readers down on a promise — I had to show up. And show up I did.

In the middle of the 5th inning — as is typical LA fashion. And my goodness, I can’t say enough about the venue; Pepperdine’s campus is gorgeous, complete with a view of the nearby Pacific Ocean past the left field wall. I can’t imagine a more spectacular place to play baseball this side of Fenway. And walking up the first base line to find a seat, who do I see sitting in the first row behind the home team’s dugout? None other than Pamela of course.

She was just like a team mom — cheering for all the players, yelling out for them using their first names like they were her sons. She had to have been pleased too; Pepperdine had a no-hitter going when I arrived. But that no-no was short-lived as some Cal. State Fullerton chump laid one down and reached base when nobody covered first in the top of the 6th. Then midway through the seventh, Anderson got up to take a walk around campus, and when she came back, her sons had their gloves on and were playing catch to the side of the field.

Pepperdine gave up a few runs in the ninth, but closed things out for a 7-2 win. And right at the last out, I went over to approach Pam, reminding her that I had seen her on Monday. She recognized the face, forgot the name, but knew I had posted the story about her at the FanHouse. She proceeded to treat me like I was a first-rate guest, introducing me to all the coaches, talking baseball, talking about her kids, and talking about some of the sporting events she had been to recently. I was completely enthralled.

After a lengthy (and albeit surreal) conversation, I decided it was best to head home before traffic became a bitch. But let me tell you, if you’re in the LA area and haven’t made your way out to Pepperdine for a baseball game — you should. And if you’re not in the LA area but happen to get here some day, work it into your plans somehow. Besides enjoying the awesome Malibu location, you’ll also meet one of the best college baseball fans in the country, Pamela Anderson.

My Encounter with Pamela Anderson

So one of the cool things about working for the Premiere Radio Networks in Los Angeles is getting to see some of the guests that show up around the building. One such guest was none other than The Pamela Anderson, who was appearing on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory to talk about her involvement in PETA on Monday night.

And damn, let me tell you, at 39 years old, she still looks spectacular. Matter of fact, imagine a blond Jessica Rabbit, and that’s Pamela Anderson. Her body is freaky — cartoon-like. She has an amazingly tiny waist, beautiful face, and well, damn, I don’t need to tell you the rest, you already know.

So of course I had to get a couple of words in with the fine lady, namely, about her involvement with the Pepperdine baseball team, and how she’s responsible for my short-lived internet fame. I don’t think any of that mattered to her. Actually, I know none of that mattered to her. But she still was nice and kind enough to indulge me. She mentioned how happy she was that there was a positive article written about her and her involvement in the community, not unlike her support of the gymnast Mohini. Pam seemed genuinely generous (how’s that for alliteration and assonance!), talking about how she had the Pepperdine team over for a party — wow. She was truly awesome, with her demeanor as sweet as her looks.

She was also there all cuddly with a dude, who introduced himself as David, and said he was the long snapper for the Chargers. With the slightest bit of research, I found out that it was David Binn, a man to whom Pamela has been romantically linked in the past. He was equally nice and chill as Pamela, and the two seemed quite happy together. Before sledding off in their rig for the night, I asked if I could swing an interview for this here site. The response: sure, I’ll be at the Pepperdine game on Wednesday.

My silent answer: so will I.

UPDATE: Via The Feed, the NY Daily News says Binn is Anderson’s boyfriend

Jessica Simpson Is Hot

But of course you already knew that. Anywhoo, I was watching Dukes of Hazzard last night, and man, she’s enough to keep me hooked to the screen for two hours. This is the best video I can find — probably about the best 45 seconds you’ll spend all day (work safe).

I could watch it over…and over…and over…and over…and over…and over…

You get the point.

Jose Canseco’s Trying For a Reality TV Show: A Day with Jose

I happened to come across a press release…needless to say it’s screaming for attention. Without further ado:

A new television reality series starring Jose Canseco entitle, A DAY WITH JOSE, will begin production in Los Angeles at the end of April. Contestants will “pitch” their fantasy day ideas to a panel of judges, and 6 finalists will surprise Jose with their planned activities — and compete for the ultimate prize — Jose’s 40/40 DIAMOND RING! ….

a pool of contestants, initially chosen from their on-line applications submitted to JoseCanseco.com, will appear before a panel of judges, and compete to become one of six finalists who will spend their fantasy day with Jose. They’ll surprise Jose at his Los Angeles home, explain their planned day of activities as approved by the judges, and have Jose to themselves for the entire day. ….

At a later date, the six finalists will be re-assembled during one of Jose’s now famous Hollywood pool parties, and a winner will be selected.

Jose is apparently scheduled to make a live announcement on Thursday, March 29th at 9:00am CT, and check this out — you can watch it live on www.bigdickhunter.net. No joke. Canseco invited this Richard Hunter character, who’s the host of a Dallas talk show called “Big Dick’s Wild Ass Circus,” to travel around and broadcast the show live. The pair have

a long association, going back to 2003 when [Canseco] was under house arrest in Miami.

As far as I can tell, the show hasn’t been picked up by any network, so don’t ask where you can go to watch it. Just know that Canseco’s trying to pick up his acting career where he left off in ’05 after appearing in six episodes of The Surreal Life. Crazy.