Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting get married on ‘Ellen’ (Video)

Kaley Cuoco Ryan Sweeting EllenKaley Cuoco was on “Ellen” Thursday for an interview and ended up getting married. Sort of.

Cuoco, who is known for her role on “The Big Bang Theory,” was telling the story of how she and fiance/tennis player Ryan Sweeting got together. The two were set up by friends and met for a dinner in LA when he was in town to meet a doctor about his back surgery.

Though Cuoco says she wasn’t ready to meet anyone at the time, the two hit it off and she knew right away that “this is it.” They got engaged shortly after first meeting.

Well Ellen being Ellen had a great skit set up for them. She offered to marry the two on her show right there and then.

After a “hell yeah I do,” and “by the power invested in me in California and Google search,” the two were married. Unofficially. How romantic.

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The Gronkowski brothers are pitching an animated series called ‘The Gronks’ (Video)

Rob-Gronkowski-cartoonI honestly don’t even know where to begin with this. Deadspin got a hold of a three-minute video clip on Tuesday that revealed that Rob Gronkowski and his brothers are shopping an animated TV show around Hollywood. The five brothers — Rob, Gordy Jr., Chris, Dan and Glenn would be turned into cartoon characters along with their old man Gordy (aka Papa Gronk) and their adventures would be based on events from their real lives.

And oh man, are there plenty of television-worthy events.

Where should we begin? There’s that time Rob, a “trouble maker” in school, once sent his teacher an email telling her to “suck his d—.” Or how about the time one or more of the brothers took some Viagra at a pool party just to “walk around the pool party where 1,000 people are with a semi-boner?”

How can a network not buy this? The only beef I have with the show is that I don’t understand why it has to be a cartoon. I’d much rather see a reality TV show involving the Gronkowski brothers and their wrestling matches in Las Vegas or shirtless partying. Altough, this is probably a better way to do it that will allow them to not be distracted from their NFL careers.

Derek Holland to appear in opening scene of ‘Dumb and Dumber To’


Texas Rangers pitcher Derek Holland has one of the best senses of humor in sports. When he and Chicago Cubs pitcher Justin Grimm dressed up in orange and blue suits last year, they were just messing around for MLB Fan Cave. Little did Holland know that he was actually auditioning for a part in the sequel to “Dumb and Dumber.”

Holland was only 8 years old when Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels killed it in the original “Dumb and Dumber” movie in 1994. However, the left-hander is still a huge fan of the comedy. That’s why you can understand why he was excited when filmmakers Peter and Bobby Farrelly contacted him to see if he wanted to make a cameo in the upcoming sequel, “Dumb and Dumber To.”

“I was just going out there to have fun,” Holland told 105.3 KRLD-FM on Tuesday, via the Dallas Morning News. “And next thing I know, they were like, ‘We’re going to actually put you in the movie and you’re going to be in the opening scene.’ As far as the day went, it was unbelievable, out and about with Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels, having an unbelievable time. … I don’t really want to say too much except for keep your expectations high cause this movie is seriously going to be funny.”

What better guy to have in the intro of a highly-anticipated movie than one who showed up to training camp driving this car? I think I speak for all of us when I say I hope “Dumb and Dumber To” doesn’t disappoint. Messing with a masterpiece is always risky.

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Photo: Twitter/MLB Fan Cave

Victoria Azarenka cameos as sexy flight attendant in new Redfoo music video

Victoria Azarenka struts her stuff in a cameo appearance in boyfriend Redfoo’s latest music video, which was released on Saturday.

The video is for a song called “Let’s Get Ridiculous,” and it actually plays out more like a short movie than a music video. Redfoo acts as an outlaw throughout the video and is pursued by some clumsy cops. The song is catchy and the video is highly entertaining. Vika’s cameo comes up before the song starts. She plays the role of a flight attendant on the plane as Redfoo is being deported for being “too ridiculous.”

The world’s No. 2 tennis player is wearing a leopard dress off one shoulder, gets an eyebrow raise from Redfoo, and turns the heads of Redfoo and one of the agents. Not a bad role for her in that music video.

Vika and Redfoo have been boyfriend-girlfriend for over a year. Redfoo has a tennis playing background and was first seen supporting Azarenka at last year’s US Open. He intimated that they were having relationship problems over the summer, but that all seems to have been worked out. Redfoo supported Vika throughout this year’s US Open despite being in Australia to serve as a judge on “The X Factor.” And now she’s appeared in one of his music videos.

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Jerry Ferrara to play Arturo Gatti in biopic

Jerry FerraraActor Jerry Ferrara of “Entourage” fame will play boxer Arturo Gatti in a biopic film, Variety reports.

According to Variety, the film will be produced by Michael Strahan. Mark Wahlberg, who played Gatti’s adversary Micky Ward in “The Fighter,” will be an executive producer.

Gatti is remembered for being one of the most entertaining and exciting boxers in recent memory. He went 40-9 with 31 knockouts in his career and was part of Ring Magazine’s Fight of the Year on four occasions. His epic trilogy with Ward were among the best fights in history and showcased both fighters’ toughness and determination.

Gatti’s death in 2009 was the subject of controversy. The beloved Italian-Canadian fighter was found dead in his hotel room in Brazil, where he was on vacation with his wife and baby son. Gatti’s wife was initially charged with murder, and the belief was that she strangled her drunk/passed out husband with her purse strap. She was later released after they ruled it was a homicide.

The Gatti family was dissatisfied with what the Brazilian police and hired their own investigation, which concluded that Gatti’s death was a homicide.

Ferrara is a huge sports fan and says Gatti is his favorite fighter of all time.

“One of the proudest moments of my life, is to have this chance to play my favorite fighter of all time. #thunder,” Ferrara wrote on Instagram.

He also hinted at the role with this tweet, which he sent prior to Variety’s report.

Being such a huge fan of Gatti is great, because that means Ferrara will put a lot of passion into the project. But I do have to say it will be hard for me to envision the guy who played Turtle also playing such a ferocious fighter. However, I felt the same way about Jonah Hill playing a character based on stat nerd Paul DePodesta, and he killed that role. Hopefully Ferrara will do the same.

Photo: Twitter/Jerry Ferrara

Yeezus Tour commercial airs on Jimmy Kimmel; Beef with Kanye likely staged

Yeezus Tour Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel that media mastermind is at it again.

A few weeks after the “twerking girl sets herself on fire” video was revealed to be a Kimmel hoax, the late-night TV host was back at it with another prank for publicity.

Kimmel was the target of an angry Twitter tirade from Kanye West on Thursday. Yeezus went off on Kimmel on Twitter, calling the TV host names and seemingly getting upset with the comedian for mocking him in a bit. It didn’t make sense that Kanye would be upset over such a small thing, but this is Kanye we’re talking about, so there’s no telling what could make that powder keg explode.

Kimmel played along with Kanye over Twitter, and then teased everyone by saying he had a phone call with West and that you would have to tune into his show to find out what they discussed. Great marketing, right?

Well if you tuned into Kimmel, you sat through his excellent monologue and had to wait through the first commercial break to find out the Kanye story. Kimmel came back from break and explained what happened, but there really wasn’t much to explain. He didn’t have many details about their supposed phone conversation, except that Kanye was calling himself “Pac” as in late rapper 2Pac. So with viewers dissatisfied over the lack of explanation for the supposed beef, the real reason behind their issue seemed to become clear in the next commercial break — it was all a marketing ploy.

A brief commercial promoting Kanye’s Yeezus Tour aired after Kimmel explained the beef, making it seem obvious that the two collaborated on the bit to get some publicity and headlines.

The commercial was just a few different messages in black and white:

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Kanye West goes on massive all-caps Twitter tirade on Jimmy Kimmel

Kanye West went on a massive Twitter tirade against Jimmy Kimmel in response to the comedian mocking him with a spoof on his late-night TV show.

First Kimmel mocked Kanye for the music star’s hour-long interview with BBC Radio 1′s Zane Lowe on Monday. Kimmel jabbed the rapper/entertainer for being his own hype guy and even asking what planet Kanye’s on. Kimmel then played a spoof (seen at the top) of two children recreating the interview. The whole thing was hilarious, but clearly Kanye didn’t find it very funny.

Kanye went on a massive Twitter rant against Kimmel, using all caps the entire time. Below is his rant:

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