Disney encouraging fans to get drunk before driving home from Braves spring training games

National radio host Todd Wright attended a Braves spring training game at Champion Stadium in the Disney/ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex last weekend and noted the late inning beer special offered at a concession stand:

A food and beverages rep from Disney’s Wide World of Sports told LBS the beer discount is called the “Throwback Special,” and is available during the sixth inning of every game. Three types of beers — Natty Light, Miller High Life, and Pabst Blue Ribbon — are discounted from their regular price of $6.50 to $3.00 during the sixth inning.

Though we appreciate the team/stadium trying to make things more affordable — Wright notes that they generously offer free parking for fans — we’re confused by the contradictory nature of the discount. Alcohol sales are suspended after the sixth inning because they don’t want people driving home drunk. Yet they’re cutting the price of beer in half during the sixth to encourage people to get all their drinking in then.

Disney has earned a reputation as one of the most family friendly companies in the world and their theme parks are supposed to be some of the happiest places on earth. I can’t imagine them sending a more contradictory message. It’s unwise to promote late-inning drinking at the ballpark before fans drive home. If you’re going to discount beers at all, do it very early in the game and limit the quantity.

UFC’s Website Hacked, Presumably for Supporting SOPA

The UFC’s website was hacked on Sunday and its front page yielded the image seen above. The site was presumably hacked for supporting SOPA — the stop online piracy act. A group of hackers called Anonymous has attacked several sites in response to file sharing site megaupload.com being shut down. They hacked CBS.com and several Brazilian sites.

The UFC has supported SOPA and goes to great lengths to ensure their content is not pirated on the web. Clearly the government has pissed off a large group of powerful web people who are now responding.

Fist pound to The Big Lead for pointing the hack job.

Joe Paterno Likely Did Not Know in 2002 What We Know About Jerry Sandusky Now

Now that more and more details about Jerry Sandusky’s sexually abusive past are being revealed, people are becoming more and more upset. They’re getting angry. They’re getting outraged. And their blind rage is causing them to become irrational. When people get as upset as they are now, they often look for scapegoats. Joe Paterno, because he is such a widely known and widely revered figure, has become that scapegoat. Most of it may be undeserved.

First off, one serious problem here is that many people have shifted the blame from Jerry Sandusky to Joe Paterno. It’s like people are forgetting who the real monster is. Jerry Sandusky is the person alleged to have sexually abused multiple young boys over a long period of time. If you want to be angry with someone, be angry with him.

He’s allegedly been abusing young boys for over 15 years. Is Joe Paterno the only one didn’t do enough here? The Penn State university police had an incident reported to them in 1998 and didn’t charge Sandusky. What about all the people at The Second Mile, Sandusky’s organization intended to help troubled young boys. Did they ever suspect any wrongdoing or do anything about it? What about all the parents who sent their children to be with him? Should they all be fired as parents for allowing their boys to sleep at Sandusky’s house? What about Sandusky’s wife, who allowed the abuse to take place in her home? Why didn’t she stop any of it?

One big reason is because plenty of people were fooled by Sandusky. Either that, or because they did not know. If they weren’t, this would have been stopped a long time ago. We showed you a video from 2007 where the public perception of Sandusky was that he was an excellent community man doing wonderful things for young kids. Given that was the perception of him, it’s no wonder everyone is shocked and stunned over what’s transpired. Additionally, most people don’t look at every person they come across as a child sex abuser. If you do, that’s an unfair judgment to make about someone. Even if you’ve heard something about someone, if you’ve known them to be a good person for 30 years, would you immediately believe it’s true? Maybe you’d have some doubts.

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Urge to Rip Joe Paterno Leaves Society Ignoring Most Important Lesson: Stop and Report Serious Crimes When you See Them

The outrage over the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal (and by sexual abuse, we mean he allegedly forced kids to participate in oral and anal sex) has for many people turned into an excuse to do something they’ve wanted to for a long time: push Joe Paterno out at Penn State. The lynch mob is out in full force with “bold” columnists and their followers demanding JoePa’s head.

Before going farther, let me make one thing clear: Joe Paterno did not do enough to stop Jerry Sandusky from abusing children. He obviously did not take the anal rape allegation seriously enough. But before you destroy the character of every person involved, ask yourself one question: What would you have done if you had witnessed one of the Sandusky sex acts with a child, or if you were told about it?

I have a strong feeling you wouldn’t do everything you’d like to think you would have.

Of all the people who had heard about Sandusky or saw questionable behavior or actions, the Grand Jury Presentment indicates that only ONE person reported anything to the police. It was the mother of an alleged victim whose son was forced to shower with Sandusky after an athletic workout. It was in 1998, and she told university police that Sandusky had showered with her son and made him uncomfortable. Sandusky admitted to showering with the boy and making physical contact with him in the shower, but nothing was done.

Nobody from Sandusky’s family reported any suspicious behavior. Nobody from the Penn State program said anything either. Even before the 2002 rape that the graduate assistant saw in the shower, a janitor is said to have seen Sandusky having oral sex with a young boy in a shower. The janitor supposedly told all his coworkers about the disturbing event he witnessed. None of them reported the crime to anybody. They feared for the safety of their jobs and did not stand up and do the right thing.

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Male Cheerleader Kicked off Team After Camera Catches Him Kissing a Dude

A male cheerleader at Alice High School (Tx) says he was kicked off the team after a school camera caught him kissing another boy on campus. The cheerleader says public displays of affection are a common occurrence around the school, and he feels he would not have been targeted if he were kissing a girl. The way he was caught makes him believe he was being targeted by the school.

“They never check cameras for anything unless something is stolen,” the young man told KRIS-TV. “We would be the ones getting caught because I’m sure we were the only ones, sexual orientation wise, being caught like that.”

The boy’s parents say they plan to take further action if their son is not put back on the team.

Here is a video of the news report from KRIS-TV:

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11-Year-Old Who Made Goal Denied $50,000 Prize by Insurance Company

You remember Nate Smith, don’t you? He’s the 11-year-old boy who made a $50,000 shot at halftime of a charity hockey game a few weeks ago. At the time we told you there might be an issue with Smith collecting the $50,000 prize. The problem was that Nate took the shot for twin brother Nick, whose name had been selected in a raffle. As you could imagine, the insurance company has decided not to pay the prize.

The twins’ father, Pat Smith, informed the contest officials about the Canseco-like switcheroo and that’s what the insurance company used to rule against awarding the prize. “Odds on Promotions, in Reno, Nev., informed the Smiths that they were not getting the money due to contractual breaches and legal implications.”

Instead, the insurance company has donated $40,000 to youth hockey leagues (split between two different leagues). The donation was a noble deed, but I still say the right move would have been to give the Smiths the $50,000. The money was for someone in the arena to nail the shot during the competition. Who cares if it was one twin brother and not the other? The idea was all the same.

The Smith’s are proud that they did the right thing and I agree. It’s too bad the insurance company didn’t reward them, but at least we know that Karma will be in their favor.

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Does This Look Like the Face of a Child Pornographer?

David Portnoy, the owner and creator of Barstool Sports, has been facing a media firestorm because of a controversial blog post published on his site Thursday evening. The post was titled “Check out the Howitzer on Brady’s Kid,” and it shows a close-up picture of Tom Brady’s son in profile. Portnoy then presents some commentary on the naked two-year-old child’s large member and uses it as a way to compliment Tom Brady on his latest world conquest.

The post’s title and commentary was pretty hilarious, but there is little doubt the picture crosses privacy lines often toed by Barstool Sports. That’s the thing though — that’s exactly what Portnoy and Barstool does. They’re lewd, graphic, and … (gasp) funny! If people didn’t like the smut they throw up, the site wouldn’t get the millions of pageviews it does every month.

However, just because the site throws up the rear end of a famous woman and tells you to “Guess that ass,” doesn’t mean it’s proper decency to show a picture of a two-year-old child and comment on the size of his penis. It’s plain for anyone with a brain to recognize that. I’m sure Portnoy deep down recognizes it; after all, he freely admitted the “El Presidente” alter ego is an uncouth and chauvinistic character he developed for the site.

Here’s the thing: while it may have been in extremely poor taste to post such a picture (though the idea behind it was hilarious), and it may have been an item that crossed privacy lines, the people bringing out the lynch mobs calling for Portnoy’s head are at least on the same level as him, if not worse.

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