Great Predictions in LBS History

Getting prepared for this week’s NFL draft, I began looking at some of our past draft stories here at LBS. At that point it became pretty clear to me that we have been pretty nails on our predictions. With that in mind, I’d like to pump up our credibility before the 2010 NFL draft gets underway on Thursday night. Here are some of the classic predictions/observations made at LBS to convince you we know what we’re talking about:

March 2nd, 2007: Oakland Raiders Don’t NEED to Take Quinn or Russell. We said:

Talk to any draft expert and it’s case closed, signed sealed delivered, Raiders are taking Quinn or Russell. I ask the question however, why?

How great was Brady Quinn against USC? In any Bowl Game? Against Michigan? Is he mobile enough to survive in the NFL with a horrifically brutal offensive line?

Further, 3 interceptions against good defenses like Florida and Tennessee worry me, as does [JaMarcus Russell's] 265lb out of shape frame. What does it show about your work ethic and motivation if you can’t get in shape when the top pick of the draft millions of dollars are at stake?

June 27th, 2007: I Would Take Kevin Durant (over Greg Oden). What we said:

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Robbie Maddison’s Death-Defying Corinth Canal Jump in Greece

I would start off by telling you that Robbie Maddison is certifiably crazy, but you already knew that. His last two New Years Eve jumps — the most recent at the Paris hotel in Las Vegas — confirmed that. Maddison really took things to new heights on Thursday by attempting his most challenging jump ever. Maddison jumped over the Corinth Canal in Greece and faced a 300 foot fall if he didn’t make it. Here’s the video of Robbie Maddison’s canal jump in Greece:

Maddison wasn’t exactly riding through a motocross course there if you didn’t catch it and that’s what made the jump so challenging. As if leaping across a 279 foot canal isn’t daunting enough, trying to pick up speed while riding through a village and freaking chicken coops is pretty tough. Maddison might die doing these stunts one day but at least he will have left behind quite the legacy.

The Sports Adulterers Hall of Fame

With Tiger Woods returning to competitive golf this week despite the recent revelations of his extramarital affairs, it got me thinking about other notorious spouse cheaters in sports. If we were to turn our backs on all the athletes who have cheated on their wives, who would we have left? If we were to shun every athlete who has ever done anything distasteful, then our Hall of Fames would be practically empty. Moreover, it’s amazing that some of the finest athletes in their sports dominated despite drama-filled lives. Today, let’s take a walk through The Sports Adulterers Hall of Fame and remember that what an athlete does in their personal life doesn’t necessarily impact their game.

Tiger Woods: He has returned to the golf world despite all the drama surrounding him and his family. Tiger was scrutinized for his multiple “indiscretions” and rumors swirled that he had even impregnated one of his mistresses a couple of times. Tiger has won 71 PGA Tour events, and 14 Majors to which he is second only to Jack Nicklaus. But beyond his honors and trophies, Tiger’s brilliance resulted in an explosion in popularity of the game which itsel has been an amazing achievement.

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Manny Pacquiao Gives Jerry Jones the Escaped Bottle of Wine from St. Elmo

Last week, Peter King of SI shared a humorous story about Saints coach Sean Payton lifting the metaphorical middle finger towards Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Jones had called ahead and reserved a special bottle of wine for an upcoming dinner at St. Elmo steakhouse in Indianapolis — home of the combine. Unfortunately for Jones, several Saints staffers were dining at St. Elmo the prior night and requested the same bottle of wine. The New Orleans group downed the wine and Payton left the following note for Jerruh:

World Champions XLIV
Sean Payton

The story got a ton of publicity around NFL circles and even made its way to the Manny Pacquiao camp. How do we know? Because Pacquiao arrived in Texas this week to prepare for his Saturday fight at Cowboys Stadium against Joshua Clottey and brought a special present. Todd Archer of The Dallas Morning News shared with us that Pacquiao presented Jerry Jones with an autographed bottle of Caymus Special Selection wine prior to his workout Tuesday — the exact same bottle the Saints drank in Indy. Clearly Pacquiao’s doing what he can to get on Jerruh’s good side. After the gate numbers are in Saturday, I’m guessing it’s Jerruh who will be lavishing Pacman with gifts.

Manny Pacquiao gives Jerry Jones a special present [The Dallas Morning News]
Notes from combine: New rivalry, OT changes and how to help troops [Sports Illustrated]

Getty Photos Includes Saints Fan Flashing Camera on Bourbon Street

They said New Orleans would throw the greatest party in American history if the Saints won the Super Bowl. Well, the Saints did indeed win the Super Bowl and the partying on Bourbon Street in New Orleans has been spectacular. It’s been so spectacular that I guess Getty Images photographer Skip Bolen figured he had to portray the wild scene in the most realistic way possible; he decided to photograph a Saints fan flashing the camera:

It doesn’t get more authentic than that. Some time from now, maybe a few weeks, that chick is going to wake up and realize half the country has seen her bust. And she probably won’t care. Why? Because the Saints won the Super Bowl.

Tim Tebow Anti-Abortion Pro Life Ad Video from Focus on the Family

After two weeks of debate and outrage, we finally got to see the infamous Tim Tebow anti-abortion pro life ad. It really was nowhere near as bad as it was made out to be and it’s no wonder CBS allowed the commercial to air. I actually understand why they approved it even though I criticized their decision before. Here’s the video of the Tim Tebow pro life abortion ad brought to you by Focus on the Family:

Much thanks to the Boston Herald via PFT for the video. It really was much more innocent than I thought and now I see why they weren’t reluctant to let it air. Offensive? Hardly. Most people won’t have a clue unless they go to the website. It actually seems like a waste of money to me to have aired the ad. All the pre-Super Bowl they received is really what they paid for.

Susan Finklestein’s Lawyer: She Was a Slut, Not a Prostitute

Susan FinklesteinSusan Finklestein is the Philadelphia woman who famously (infamously?) offered sex for Phillies World Series tickets. Here’s how her ad read: “DESPERATE BLONDE NEEDS WS TIX (Philadelphia) Diehard Phillies fan–gorgeous tall buxom blonde– in desperate need of two World Series Tickets. Price negotiable— I’m the creative type! Maybe we can help each other!” That sounds pretty clearly like a prostitution solicitation, but I’m no judge. Nor am I a lawyer, much less one who came up with one of the more bizarre defenses I’ve ever encountered. Check out what William J. Brennan is using as a defense of his client, as shared by the Philadelphia Inquirer via FanHouse:

“You can be a slut; that’s not illegal,” Brennan argued at a hearing this afternoon. “Here you have to be in the business of prostitution” to have broken the law.

But [Judge] Cepparulo ruled that the allegations against Finkel fit one legal description of prostitution: engaging or attempting to engage “in sexual activities as a business.”

Honestly, do lawyers have no self respect? Did he really just try to invoke the “she’s a slut” defense? How is this anything other than prostitution? It’s no different from a porn star asking someone to escort her to a Phoenix Coyotes game. There’s no defense for prostitution and this only gives sluts a bad name.