Airport Workers Plaster ’45-3′ All Over Jets Private Plane in Boston (Pictures)

I guess there isn’t much airport security can do about an inside job.  You can scan for guns and check for explosives, but there’s only so much you can do to stop a couple runway employees from putting a Sharpie and a few sheets of paper to good use.  Employees at Logan Airport wanted to make sure they got one final shot in at the New York Jets for their embarrassing 45-3 loss to the Patriots on Monday night, and I have to say they were successful.  Don’t forget — the guys with the wands are obnoxious Boston fans, too.  Thanks to Deadspin for the pictures.

2,288 Atlanta Students Set Exercise Record at Georgia Dome with Falcons

When they’re not dealing with helmet-to-helmet hits, DUIs, and drug arrests, the NFL actually does a fantastic job with its public relations. It’s nearly impossible to watch an NFL game and not see a commercial for their Play 60 program, or at least a logo on the field somewhere. The Play 60 program is pretty simple — its mission is “To make the next generation of youth the most active and healthy.” Keeping the program in mind, the Atlanta Falcons essentially sponsored an event at the Georgia Dome where 2,288 elementary and middle schoolers came to the Dome to participate in a physical education class.

The 2,288 people together for the class was confirmed as a new Guinness World Record, breaking a previous record of 646 students together at FedEx Field in Maryland. Somewhere the University of Michigan is thinking they can blow people away at the Big House. Gotta love the NFL — does anyone do P.R. better than them?

Chiefs-Broncos National Anthem Total Fail by Eli Young Band Singer

I guess you never had to attend elementary school in order to become a singer because it’s pretty impossible to get this far in life and not know the words to the National Anthem. How many times have you heard it before? You sung it growing up, you hear it at like every sporting event, yet somehow people butcher the lines — and these are ones who rehearse it! How is that possible?

This video comes courtesy of Broncos writer Lindsay Jones who passed along the YouTube link. A singer from the Eli Young Band absolutely butchered the National Anthem before the Chiefs-Broncos game in Kansas City not once but … twice. Just watch:

I would boo too. That performance was nothing short of shameful. Just pitiful, truly pitiful.

Did Oregon Fan Steal Lee Corso’s Head?

Saturday’s show in Corvallis marked College GameDay’s final edition of the college football season. Keeping that in mind, one fan decided he would go home with a souvenir from the set. As ESPN host/reporter Erin Andrews tweeted via Sports by Brooks Live, Lee Corso’s costume head was stolen, so she was asking for some help finding it. SB Nation Detroit shared this picture that they found on a message board of someone with an Oregon sweatshirt wearing Corso’s head:

That is one sick souvenir if you ask me. I don’t condone stealing but let’s just say the person who took it has really good taste. Hopefully they’ll give it back. If not, this Oregon fan should hang that head on his wall.

UPDATE: The head has been recovered, via SbB Live

Shawn Marion Offers Super Bowl Tickets to Anyone Who Buys His House

Shawn Marion really wants you to buy his house. Please? Pretty, pretty please? Fine, if you don’t want to fork over the $2 million he’s asking for without getting something else in the deal, Marion will respect that you’re a tough negotiator. How does a mansion, four Super Bowl tickets, and private jet transportation to and from Dallas for the game sound, all for a couple mill?

According to Pro Basketball Talk, via Fanhouse, Marion and his realtor wanted to spice things up a little and draw attention to the 7,600-square foot home he has on the market in Miami.  So they settled on the Super Bowl tickets.  I guess it’s a good idea.

Then again, if I had $2 million to spend on a Miami mansion in this economy, wouldn’t I be able to afford tickets to the Super Bowl?  I’m going to say yes.  One thing we can definitely agree on: if there’s two houses in Miami that appeal to you, both are the same size, both have a great location, and both cost $2 million — Marion has to have the edge.

Harlem Globetrotters Introduce Four-Point Shot (Video)

Call me a downer, but the Harlem Globetrotters don’t really excite me. It’s great for little kids and families and people who just want to see some crazy shenanigans on the court, but that’s about it. However, I’m buying the new idea that they’re selling.  As Deadspin pointed out, the Globetrotters will debut a four-point shot this weekend.  The only argument I have with the idea is that the shot could be worth five points.  The spot on the floor that players have to shoot from to earn four points is 35 feet from the basket.  I would have no problem handing out four points for a 30-foot shot, but that’s just me.  Then again, it doesn’t look like the Trotters are going to have a problem hitting it.  Check out this video:

Players can only shoot the four-pointer during the final three minutes of each quarter, which is also a smart idea.  Otherwise, the games might get even more out of hand than they already are.  In any event, kudos to the Globetrotters marketing department.

Dwight Howard Makes Fun of Derek Anderson’s Rant (Video)

Poor Derek Anderson.  Not only is he the quarterback of a 3-8 team and a guy who had to answer questions about smiling while he team was getting smacked around — he’s now the center of jokes across the sporting world.  Following a 90-79 Magic win over the Pistons on Tuesday night, Dwight Howard decided to have a little fun at Anderson’s expense.  Check out the video of Dwight Howard making fun of Derek Anderson, courtesy of the Orlando Sentinel:

If Dwight wasn’t about 7 feet tall, 265 pounds, and one of the strongest guys in the NBA, I’d say Anderson should call him out.