Dwight Howard Makes Fun of Derek Anderson’s Rant (Video)

Poor Derek Anderson.  Not only is he the quarterback of a 3-8 team and a guy who had to answer questions about smiling while he team was getting smacked around — he’s now the center of jokes across the sporting world.  Following a 90-79 Magic win over the Pistons on Tuesday night, Dwight Howard decided to have a little fun at Anderson’s expense.  Check out the video of Dwight Howard making fun of Derek Anderson, courtesy of the Orlando Sentinel:

If Dwight wasn’t about 7 feet tall, 265 pounds, and one of the strongest guys in the NBA, I’d say Anderson should call him out.

Michael Jordan Responds to LeBron James ‘What Should I Do?’ Ad (Video)

UPDATE: This video seems to be a fake and just a YouTube creation.

I can’t really figure out where this came from or if it’s real for that matter, but it’s gone viral.  Michael Jordan has (allegedly) created a response to LeBron James’ infamous “What Should I Do?” commercial.  Although we’ve been critical of M.J. before for not being able to let go, I actually think this video is clever.  Here’s Michael Jordan’s response to LeBron’s “What Should I Do?” commercial, courtesy of The Big Lead:

At first I had the same “give it up, Michael” reaction that a lot of people will probably have, but then I realized if it rags on LeBron it must be okay in my book.  If nothing else, it helps make King James look like a little more of an a-hole.  That’s always the goal, isn’t it?

Heart Pumping Moments: Win a Copy of EA Sports Active 2

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Sports are all about the unforgettable, heart pumping moments that stick with us as fans. Having a few shekels on the game certainly makes things more ingrained in our minds, but there are some moments that get you going no matter what. With that in mind, I’d like to write about some of the best heart pumping moments I grew up with in the 90s. No fitness trainer can get your heart pumping like EA Sports Active 2, and not many sports moments got my heart pumping like the following.

**Submit your favorite heart pumping moment from the 90s in the comments and five people will be chosen to win a copy of EA Sports Active 2.**

5. Reggie Miller Scores 8 points in 11 seconds vs. Knicks

Reggie Miller’s history with the Knicks was well documented on an ESPN 30 for 30 program last year. Miller used to go back and forth with Spike Lee, whose trash talk seemed to bring the best out of 31. This 1995 clip took place when the NBA involved hated rivalries, and when one single player could be utterly despised by an entire city. Reggie Miller improbably scored 8 points in 11 seconds to steal Game 1 of the 1995 Eastern Conference Semifinals from the Knicks. Keep in mind the Pacers were knocked out of the playoffs the previous two years by New York. Take a look at this clip that makes me misty as I reminisce about some of my favorite times growing up:

No game is over until it’s truly over.

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Tracy Porter Got a Family Guy Haircut for Seahawks Game (Picture)

I think it’s safe to say Tracy Porter takes the following things seriously: his haircuts, his next opponent, and Family Guy.  If you remember, Porter had the SB44 logo shaved into his head before the big game last year and went on to be the hero with his late-game interception.  Tracy was at it again on Sunday, this time with a specialized design aimed at his opponent, the Seahawks.  Here’s a picture of Tracy Porter’s Family Guy haircut, courtesy of Deadspin:

That’s some quality artwork right there.  Porter didn’t record an interception, so the haircut may not have worked the same magic as it did in the Super Bowl.  However, the Saints won 34-19, so I’m sure his teammates will want him to keep the buzzes coming.

Ron Artest Says He’ll Try Out for the NFL When His Contract Expires

Sometimes even professional athletes can lose sight of the fact that you need more than just size, strength, and athletic ability to excel in a professional sport.  Brandon Marshall has already insisted he’ll play in the NBA if there’s an NFL lockout next season.  Marshall pretty much implied he’d be able to pick the team he played for, and while Ron Artest is choosing to be less pompous about it he has a similar idea in mind.

In an interview with CBSSports.com, Artest said he won’t be looking for another NBA contract when his current deal with the Lakers expires in 2014.  Instead, he’ll take his talents to the NFL for a tryout at the tender age of 35.

God willing, after my NBA career, God willing I’m still athletic enough – which I’m trying to take care of my body as best as possible and be prepared for this day, for this tryout of an NFL team,” Artest said. “… It’s a fantasy of mine. It’s an opportunity because I’m athletic. So if that fantasy can be fulfilled, and if it’s something that can really be reached as far as a goal, I’m going for it.”

Everyone knows 35-year-old men make the best football players, right?  Give Artest some credit for having a dream and wanting to stick to it, but even he must know how ridiculous it is to think an NFL team would sign a 35-year-old basketball player.  Even if he were in great shape, why risk signing a certified nut job?  But hey, like they always say — a man can dream.  Artest seems like a guy with plenty of them.

Chris Bosh ‘Like a Bosh’ Song/Video is Absolutely Hilarious

Aside from his multimillion dollar contract, it’s not easy being Chris Bosh at the moment.  The Miami Heat are off to a slow start and much of that is being pinned on their big man.  He’s been crucified for talking about things like wanting to be on TV and for standing back while Rajon Rondo dunks on him.  The latest piece of anti-Bosh propaganda tops them all.  That’s because it pretty much sums up everything that Bosh has done and can be made fun of for over the past year.  Check out the “Like a Bosh” music video from The Basketball Jones on Vimeo:

Definitely the funniest spoof video we’ve seen since the Brett Favre SNL commercial.  If you’ve seen the original “Like a Boss” video from Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island you’ll probably appreciate the brilliance of this one even more.  Bravo, Basketball Jones.  Bravo.

Tom Brady’s Hair Should No Longer Be Compared to Justin Bieber’s

Don’t get excited.  Tom Brady didn’t get a haircut.  He still has the same long, flowing locks he’s had since the beginning of the season.  However, it’s time to face the facts, folks — Brady no longer has the Justin Bieber haircut.

It may be fun to rag on Tom for looking like a pretty boy and toting around his super model wife’s tiny dog, but it’s time to let the Justin Bieber comparisons go.  Take it from one who knows.  I’m not proud of it by any stretch of the imagination, but I grew my hair out for a short period of time back in high school and it too was in the Justin Bieber phase at one point.

You see, everyone that grows their hair out hits what most call the “awkward phase” during the growth period.  It’s that point where the hair is kind of matted down against your forehead and over your ears and not quite long and flowing like a female’s, which — sadly — seems to be the goal.  The cut that Bieber has become famous for is permanently in the “awkward phase.”  That’s the Biebs’ style.  Brady has gotten beyond it.

Look at the above photos.  The similarities are all but gone.  We can still crap all over Brady for flipping his hair to the side and looking like a feminine little pansy on the sidelines.  Justin Bieber can rap about it all he wants, but the truth of the matter is the two hairstyles are no longer the same.