Nick Saban Yells At, Spanks Freshman Quarterback A.J. McCarron (Video)

I guess part of what makes a great coach a great coach is never missing a teachable moment.  With his Alabama Crimson Tide leading Mississippi State, 30-3, Nick Saban decided to give his redshirt freshman quarterback, A.J. McCarron, a few reps.  McCarron passed for 50 yards and rushed for -10 during his limited action, but it appeared Saban wasn’t all that pleased with his performance. Either that, or he was way too please.  You be the judge.  Check out the video of Nick Saban spanking A.J. McCarron:

That’s a straight up “I told you to be home before the street lights came on!” ass-warming right there.  Thanks to Deadspin and YouTube user SportsAndSuch for the video.

Kicker Cam Haas Did Gymnastics Moves Across the Field in Football Game

It seems like more and more we’re seeing crazy things happen in high school football games. Either these people know the crazier their stuff gets the more viral it will go, or we just happen to have YouTube making it easier for videos to spread across the internet. Whatever the reason, I just know that this might be the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in a football game (outside of Samurai Hansen busting out karate moves mid-play). Check out this video of high school kicker Cam Haas doing gymnastics across the field while in motion:

Now that is how to put a man in motion! SI Hot Clicks informs us that the player got ejected for the move which is somewhat surprising. What did he do that was so bad huh? We’re also told by Yahoo! Sports that the coach was ejected too. Hey, if you have to go for a two-point conversion from 18 yards out you have to get creative, right?

Fan Goes a Little Overboard After Getting Peanut Tillman Souvenir

If you were wondering whether or not the fans in Toronto appreciated hosting an NFL game, this should answer your question:

Hey, I know getting game-worn swag from a player is pretty sweet but much like scoring a touchdown, act like you’ve been there before, lady. Video from Highway 35 via SI Hot Clicks, who also shared with us this funny story about a lottery winner.

Shaq Sticks a Wad of Big Red Gum Under the Bench Before Every Game

It’s no secret that Shaquille O’Neal is one weird character.  He dressed up as a woman for Halloween and posed as a little girl to help catch sexual predators.  He may or may not have a man crush on Tom Brady.  But does he have to make more work for the arena custodians before every game he plays in?

In an episode of his NESN show, After the Game: Work Hard, Live Well, Give Back, Shaq tells us about a strange habit he’s had for his entire career.  Before every game, Shaq said he sticks a wad of Big Red gum under the bench.  Big Daddy Diesel said he chews four pieces of the gum before every game and then shoves it under his seat.

“I’ve been doing that for 19 years,” Shaq said.

There’s weird and then there’s just annoying.  The question is does every chair Shaq’s ever shat in have a nasty lump of chewed gum under it, or is there an unlucky cleaning crew at every arena that’s had to pry it off?  Now that the secret’s out, the job of a stadium custodian just got a little dirtier.

Swiss Fans Throw Tennis Balls on Field to Protest TV Time Change (Video)

That’s definitely one of those titles that immediately produces a “huh?” reaction.  Don’t worry, that was mine too.  As Out of Bounds points out, fans of the Swiss soccer team FC Basel were irate about the start time of an important match against FC Luzern.  The match was moved to 12:45 so that the network showing it could also air the final of the Swiss indoor tennis tournament.  For the Swiss fans, that went over about as well as a fart in church would.  So what did they do?  Threw tennis balls onto the field in protest.  Have a look at the video of Swiss fans throwing tennis balls in protest:

I suppose that’s one way to express your displeasure.  Not sure the players and refs deserved to be in the line of fire, since they likely had absolutely nothing to do with the time change.  Also, as Rick Chandler mentioned, how is it that security allowed everyone to get in with tennis balls?  Inside job?  Had to be.

Video Credit: YouTube user voetballblognet

Allen Iverson Misses Flight, European Career Will Have to Wait a Few Days

It was kind of disappointing to hear that Allen Iverson was going to take his talents to Istanbul to finish out his basketball career.  To bloggers like us, it meant the countless shenanigans A.I. provides us with will likely no longer be in play.  Looks like we were wrong.  Iverson never lets us down.

Good old Allen was supposed to be introduced to his new team, Besiktas Cola Turka, this week.  Apparently they’ll have to wait, as Iverson missed his flight to Istanbul and as a result will not be able to get there until Monday.

I think it’s safe to say this isn’t the kind of start his new team was hoping for.  At the same time, there’s no way they can be surprised.  Unless Besiktas did absolutely no research before inking A.I. to a two-year, $4 million contract, this “mix-up” probably prompted nothing more than an eye roll from team executives.

If I were Iverson — and clearly I’m not because if I was I’d go down as one of the greatest basketball players to ever play — I’d probably be in a rush to get to Europe and claim the $300,000 bonus that’s on the table just for showing up.  We all know Allen doesn’t think like we do, however.  Anyone think he’ll survive two years out there if he ever shows up?  Me neither.

Those Sacramento Kings Are Playing Some Good Hockey

In one picture, you’ll see why I never got into watching sports on the local news:

That blunder took place on CBS channel 2 in Los Angeles with Jim Hill as the news anchor, and it was brought to our attention by the great Ben Maller via LA Observed. Can you imagine the LA Kings are a hometown team, playing outstanding hockey, and yet the local LA newscast posts a Sacramento Kings logo in place of theirs? Not only is that the wrong team, it’s the wrong sport! Who do they have working there?