USC Coach Takes an Epic Spill (Video)

It’s come to our attention that USC lost on Saturday in more ways than one.  Their team, of course, lost a tough game to unranked Washington on a last-second field goal.  However, one of the members of the Trojans coaching staff may be hurting more than anyone on Sunday.  Check out this video of a fat USC coach wiping out, courtesy of YouTube user jgregorio62:

It looked like someone literally swept the rug out from under his feet. That can’t have felt good.

Sanford Health Ad on Target Center Upsetting Twins (Picture)

Whatever Sanford Health paid to put a giant advertisement on Target Center in downtown Minneapolis, they’ve certainly gotten their money’s worth based on the free advertising from the controversy they’ve created. The Twins are upset that the Timberwolves have sold a giant advertisement on the outside of their arena, right in time for the baseball playoffs. That means fans and viewers will be stuck with an eyesore hovering over the beautiful view of the city’s skyline. Not only that, it also means the Timberwolves and Sanford Health are capitalizing on the Twins’ success for added exposure. Here’s what the ad and skyline will look like according to a photo obtained by MinnPost.com:

Will the Twins counter with a billboard of their own erected in right field? I doubt it. Maybe the city will figure out a way to solve it. As it is, I don’t think most people would have noticed or given a second thought to the ad before this story hit the news wire.

Duke Student Karen Owen Details Her Sexcapades with Blue Devil Athletes

Duke University students and officials have found themselves under an assault of media attention for the wrong reason once again — kind of.  At the moment, it doesn’t appear any of the Blue Devils that were listed in Karen Owen’s phony senior thesis, which outlines sexual encounters she had over her college career with Duke student athletes, actually did anything wrong.

Yes, you read that correctly.  A young woman from Duke University actually chronicled — in detail — sexual experiences she had with 13 different student athletes.  In the full thesis, which can be read at Deadspin in its entirety with the “subjects” names, Owen gives each partner a raw score out of 10 based on various grading criteria such as the size of their hardware, how attractive they are, how aggressive they were, how creative they were, how entertaining they were, and their athletic ability.

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Nate Robinson Dunks on Shaq During Celtics Practice (Video)

The Boston Celtics have some big personalities on their roster this year.  The addition of Shaquille O’Neal has really put them over the top, whether you appreciate his antics or not.  It remains to be seen if the egos of these veterans will translate into a winning team.  One thing’s for sure: their antics — whether positive or negative — are going to be solid gold for the media.

It looks like Nate Robinson is really starting to come into his own with the team, specifically with regard to Shaq.  We all remember the Shrek and Donkey duo of Robinson and Glen Davis that emerged during the 2010 postseason.  Robinson already seems to share a similar dynamic with Shaq, as he’s been treating him like an older brother that he has no choice but to annoy.  That’s certainly evident in the picture of Nate feeding Shaq a cookie while The Big Shamrock was asleep.  Check out the video of Nate Robinson dunking on Shaq during practice:

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Fans Supporting Teams with Teeth Tattoos

Whether it’s getting your whole body tattooed with autographs from your favorite team or getting an ass tattoo for playoff tickets, fans do crazy things when it comes to their ink. It’s not even fans, either. We’ve seen athletes get tattoos on their necks, on their heads, and their butt. What I didn’t realize is that the latest fad is getting teeth tattoos. Chad Margulius of IntheOT.com has an uncle who is a dentist. One of his patients has this Canucks logo placed on one of his porcelain puppies:

I suppose the good news is, as Chad pointed out, compared to permanent ink at least you can just pull out your tooth when you get sick of it.

Tampa Bay Rays’ Reid Brignac Does the Dougie (Video)

The Tampa Bay Rays clinched a postseason berth last night and decided to do what any athlete would do when they’re happy about something — the “Dougie Dance.”  Braylon Edwards Dougied on Darius Butler after he caught a touchdown pass against the Patriots and did it again on Sunday night against the Dolphins.  So what if he was benched for the first quarter of the game because he was arrested for a DUI?  The Dougie can’t be controlled.

To this point, I’ve never been truly uncomfortable watching someone do the Dougie.  That just changed.  Check out the Reid Brignac Dougie video, courtesy of The Big Lead via TampaBay.com:

Golfers Have Hot Wives/Girlfriends, Tiger Used To

From top to bottom: American golfer and his hot wife/girlfriend, American golfer and his hot wife/girlfriend, American golfer and his hot wife/girlfriend, American golfer and his hot wife/girlfriend, American golfer and his hot wife/girlfriend, American golfer and his hot wife/girlfriend, American golfer and his hot wife/girlfriend, American golfer and his hot wife/girlfriend, American golfer and his hot wife/girlfriend, American golfer and his hot wife/girlfriend, American golfer and his hot wife/girlfriend, Tiger Woods

Missing from photo: Elin Nordegren

Ah, poor Tiger.  All these beautiful women joining their significant others at the Ryder Cup and no one by the side of the world’s wealthiest golfer.  I think Joslyn James and Holly Sampson were both invited but they had to go to a shoot or something?  Does that sound right?  I don’t know.  Something tells me Tiger won’t be as lonely in his hotel room as he looks exiting this plane.

Photo: The Sun