SNL Kills it With Brett Favre Wrangler Commercial Spoof (Video)

Brett Favre has reportedly admitted to leaving voicemails on Jenn Sterger’s phone but denied ever having sent her inappropriate photos.  As usual, the writers over at Saturday Night Live aren’t interested in whether or not Favre is telling the truth.  The only thing they were worried about is turning the story into a hilarious skit.  It’s about time they got in on the action, because the end result was nothing shy of brilliant.  Have a look at the phenomenal Brett Favre Wrangler SNL video from Hulu.com:

I challenge you to pretend that’s not pure gold — Brett Favre fan or not.  Without a doubt a top-five sports related skit for SNL.

Chad Ochocinco Bought a Tiger (Picture)

You’re looking at a picture of Chad Ochocinco’s pet tiger.  As in he owns it.  He named it Emilio.  But we aren’t really surprised, are we?  Just another day in the messed up life of one of the NFL’s most insane employees.  It will be interesting to see how the Mike Tyson approach to financial management works out for Ochocinco down the road when he’s no longer playing football.  Bankruptcy, anyone?

Photo Credit: Ochocinco on Twitter

Even LSU Fans Picking on Brett Favre

Wow, you know things are bad when fans attending a game in which you’re not even playing still make fun of you! Such is the life for Brett Favre, whose best option right now has to be this. By the way, I’m guessing Favre might be interested in throwing down with some of those co-eds, if he hasn’t already.

Alex Rodriguez Gets the Last Laugh

Suck it, Feliz. By the way, it was only fair that A-Rod hit .190 and struck out looking to end the series. He’s still on the Rangers’ payroll ya know.

Yes, This Woman Sang God Bless America Wearing That Ridiculous Giants Hat

Yes, the lady who sang God Bless America in the 7th inning at AT&T Park in San Francisco on Thursday night was wearing that hat. According to the Philly Inquirer, the woman in question is Tammy Nelson and she was wearing the San Francisco skyline on her noggin. That was easily the strangest dome piece I’ve ever seen someone wear, that’s for sure. Cher from Clueless thinks it’s a little much.

As for the game, let’s talk about it. What a performance by the Phillies’ bullpen picking up Roy Halladay with three scoreless innings allowing just one hit. Jayson Werth had a huge home run to provide the extra cushion, and he deserves special recognition for getting it out over the right field wall going opposite field.

Because of the excellent performance by Philadelphia’s pen, the mistake-filled third inning by the Giants was enough for Philly. Aubrey Huff booting the Shane Victorino ground ball into center field allowing the two runs to score was the difference. Before that, we had another “baseball needs instant replay” moment.

Roy Halladay dropped down a sac bunt with men on first and second and it was clearly fielded by Buster Posey in foul territory. Halladay didn’t even run it out because he knew it was foul, so he ended up being thrown out at first. Still, the Phillies ended up with men on second and third with nobody out. They would have had men on first and second if replay were utilized. Moreover, what was Bruce Bochy thinking that he didn’t even come out to complain? Where was he on that? Just another example of him screwing up and why I don’t think much of Boch as a manager.

Photo Credits: Goon29, SluggahJells

Tim Tebow Has a New Dog Named Bronco

You gotta love Tim Tebow. The week he scores his first career NFL touchdown, he goes out and gets a new dog named Bronco. Either that, or someone else lent him a dog named Bronco to use in a photograph on Tuesday.

And if you didn’t think the media could use this for an overboard interpretation, then you were wrong. Tebow always seems to “do the right thing,” and he has done just that. What better way to endear yourself to your fans than by naming your dog after the team? Certainly franchise players like LeBron James and even Tom Brady have gotten that wrong. Not Tebow — there’s nothing he could do wrong!

Explaining the Athlete Dong Phenomenon: It’s a Members Only Thing

Louis Daguerre must be doing McTwists in his grave by now. When the Frenchman put into process what we now know as photographs in 1837, little did he know what his creation would produce some 170 years later. Unless you have just returned from a jaunt through Waziristan or you were one of the thirty-three miners interred in the San Jose mine in Chile for the last 2 months, you are probably very much aware of the scandal enveloping the life of Brett Favre now.

From the time of our earliest ancestor’s drawing on cave walls to the ancient Egyptians, there have been, let’s say, “colorful” depictions of the human body portrayed in society. An eleventh century wood cut was not as easily posted on Facebook or MySpace as it is today, however. That brings us to the modern day, where athletes have taken certainly liberties with technology and have celebrated the new features added to their mobile phones by presenting themselves to the world in a whole new light.

It seems like a growing number of professional athletes, ranging from George Hill and Greg Oden to David Aardsma have found their name linked with pictures of their appendage splashed all over the Internet. Any modicum of intelligence these players were assumed to have had has seemingly disappeared, taking any sense of shame with it. But, no one would confuse George Hill for George Mikan, Greg Oden for Greg Maddux. The Hall of Famers operate on a different wavelength, right?

Well that might have been the case up until recently, when cell phone pictures purportedly showing Brett Favre’s johnson joined the long list of wilsons that have unfortunately found their way into the pubic, er, public domain. Of course, for now, Brett’s name in this matter comes with the modifier “allegedly” close behind due to a lack of irrefutable evidence. However, there have been no denials or statements to the contrary from any of the parties involved. There have been many tearful apologies in sports lately, but all that has come from Mr. Favre are oddly phrased responses like, “I’ve got my hands full with the Jets,” which have caused many snickers and have sent New York headline writers into apoplectic fit.

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