Chicago Bears Cry Racism After Being Refused Entrance to Angels and Kings Club

Jay Cutler may have thrown four interceptions to the same player last Sunday, but he wasn’t even with his Bears teammates when they were refused entrance to a Chicago club.  If he were, I could maybe understand not letting the guys join the party.  So there goes that theory.

Sports by Brooks highlights a rather unusual story from the Chicago Sun-Times, which reports that several Bears players were given the stop sign at the door of the Angels and Kings nightclub in downtown Chicago on Monday night.  According to the report, there were 26 players in total.  Among them were linebackers Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs.

It was supposedly only 11:30 p.m. and the club was not overcrowded.  The players also did not appear to be intoxicated, according to the Sun-Times source who was allegedly there “every step of the way.”  The Bears players claim they had arranged the plans to attend the club with its head bartender in advance, so they were understandably p.o.’ed when they were told they couldn’t go in.

The clubs management is backpedaling quite a bit now.  Although the group of players was racially mixed, the report says they felt they were not allowed in because there were too many African-American men with them.  Since the club can really give no reason why they prevented the players from entering, that kind of looks bad from a public relations standpoint.

On Wednesday night, a spokeswoman for Angels and Kings, Cheryl V. Jackson, claimed the operations for the bar that night were in the hands of an outside vendor.  Jackson said the “outside vendor” had made a mistake and the club’s relationship with them has since been terminated.  As Brooks mentioned, it’s tough to believe the outside vendor can just call their own shots and has nothing to do with the club.  However, I haven’t the slightest clue why the players weren’t let in, so I’m not going to speculate.

My Friend Snapped His Arm in a Friendly Arm Wrestling Match

What?  Arm wrestling’s a sport.  Especially when you’re arm wrestling to determine not only who the bigger man is but who’s buying the next round at the bar.  Besides, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to throw a real life experience into the nasty injury mix here at LBS.  Here’s an x-ray of my friend’s cleanly snapped humerus, or in Layman’s terms the bone that goes from your shoulder to your elbow.

Your initial thought is probably, “did it hurt?”  Yes, of course it hurt.  But it didn’t start to really hurt until he looked at our friends’ faces and realized that the noise he just heard, which sounded like a branch snapping and could be heard over the music and ruckus in the bar, was his arm.  A handful of screw’s and a metal plate later and my buddy should be making a full recovery just in time to get his golf swing back when the weather warms up again. Don’t worry, he’s a pretty strong arm wrestler with his left arm, too.

Head Shots Are a Problem in Youth Football as Well (Video)

Here’s another perfect example of why the NFL’s push to cut down on head shots is important.  Helmet-to-helmet contact is a problem throughout all levels of football, and unfortunately that includes Pee Wee.  Guyism posted a video on Tuesday that may look funny at first, but gets pretty disturbing the more you watch it.  I’ll let you have a look at it before I weigh in.  Check out this Pee Wee football head shot video:

That’s effed up on so many levels.  First of all, what kind of coach makes 8-year-old kids go through a hardcore drill where they’re trying to truck each other?  Yeah, it’s all part of the game but it looks a little too intense to be going on with kids this age.  Secondly, the kid who was trying to make the tackle is laying motionless on the ground.  I have no idea whether he’s actually hurt or not, but it’s not fun to look at.  Lastly, and most importantly in my opinion, look at the kid who was carrying the ball after the play.  Doesn’t go over to his teammate, who’s laying flat on his back, to check if he’s okay.  The kid gets up and flips the ball to the coach and pretty much celebrates the hit.  He’s clearly aware that he accomplished his goal of destroying the defender.  This type of stuff shouldn’t be happening with football players this young, especially when they’re at practice in a more controlled environment than a game.

Giants Fan Offers Weed for World Series Tickets on Craigslist

Craigslist: Where idiots meet to exchange tickets for pot and attract undercover cops. This has to be a fake because you’re just asking for trouble, but I guess some people really are that dumb. Here’s the hilarious post on craigslist in San Francisco brought to our attention by SI Hot Clicks:

Now that’s taking barter to a whole new level. Just a thought: why doesn’t this person sell the 420 and buy tickets with the proceeds? I guess if you’re making such a post in the first place you’re probably not too bright and that’s a little too much to ask.

‘Tony Homo’ Twitter Trend Shows How Fans Feel About Romo

Monday Night Football is one of the most popular programs on TV, and the ratings were even more explosive with America’s Team taking on the New York Giants. Millions of fans were watching the game, and many of them were active using social media tools like twitter to express their thoughts. The thousands, or possibly millions of twitter users tweeted so much about the game they dominated the “trends” with subjects like “Gruden,” “Kitna,” and of course “Tony Homo.” Football fans, please tell us how you really feel about the now-injured Dallas Cowboys quarterback.

SNL Kills it With Brett Favre Wrangler Commercial Spoof (Video)

Brett Favre has reportedly admitted to leaving voicemails on Jenn Sterger’s phone but denied ever having sent her inappropriate photos.  As usual, the writers over at Saturday Night Live aren’t interested in whether or not Favre is telling the truth.  The only thing they were worried about is turning the story into a hilarious skit.  It’s about time they got in on the action, because the end result was nothing shy of brilliant.  Have a look at the phenomenal Brett Favre Wrangler SNL video from Hulu.com:

I challenge you to pretend that’s not pure gold — Brett Favre fan or not.  Without a doubt a top-five sports related skit for SNL.

Chad Ochocinco Bought a Tiger (Picture)

You’re looking at a picture of Chad Ochocinco’s pet tiger.  As in he owns it.  He named it Emilio.  But we aren’t really surprised, are we?  Just another day in the messed up life of one of the NFL’s most insane employees.  It will be interesting to see how the Mike Tyson approach to financial management works out for Ochocinco down the road when he’s no longer playing football.  Bankruptcy, anyone?

Photo Credit: Ochocinco on Twitter