Steve Young and Jeff Kent Clash on Prop 8 Banning Gay Marriage

Normally I don’t like to mix politics on the site here, but I thought there were a few interesting points raised by this issue. California has a proposition in its upcoming election that would ban gay marriage statewide. Surefire Hall of Fame second baseman and current Dodger Jeff Kent has donated $15,000 in favor of the measure — a good indicator of how some athletes would feel about gays in the locker room. In addition to Jeff Kent, one of the greatest proponents of the proposition seems to be members of the Mormon church. That’s where Steve Young comes in. Young went to BYU and is a Mormon, but his wife is a staunch supporter of gay marriage and he’s not stopping her:

Former San Francisco 49ers’ Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young, who ironically just had his number 8 jersey retired by the team, has two official “No On 8″ signs in the windows of his house in Palo Alto.

On Friday, there were also three Halloween-themed signs in Young’s yard that also urged people to reject the gay marriage ban.

In addition, records show Young’s wife, Barbara, has donated approximately $50,000 to the “No On 8″ campaign aimed at defeating Proposition 8.

Barbara Young made it clear that she’s the one behind the political push and that Steve supports whatever her interests are. No word yet from the Mormon church on the matter, but you can be certain they’re not too happy with the Young family right now. I mean, wasn’t that university freaking named after Steve’s family??

(the tombstone pictured was actually a decoration piece at the Young household for Halloween, according to CBS)

Duck Duck Goose Touchdown Celebration

Normally I wouldn’t reward showboating with the notoriety that comes with an appearance here at LBS, but when I saw this on SportsCenter Friday night, I knew I had to post it up. The vid wasn’t available over the weekend, but looks like it’s finally made its way onto YouTube and into my hands via The Meaningful Collateral. Only in the CFL will you see something like this:

Reminds a lot of that scene in Baseketball where they talk about modern athletes and celebrations getting out of hand. Looks like it only took 15 years to get to that point. I guess next up would be all the players lining up with arms locked and doing the Radio City Rockettes kick in unison.

Greatest Job of All-Time?

OK, so I’m a little hazy on all the details here, but as far as I understand things, Manchester United player Cristiano Ronaldo has a notorious lady friend. The girl in question is 26-year-old Brazilian hottie, Fernanda (do any of them have last names??), and apparently in addition to banging Ronaldo, she also peddles coke and serves as a hooker in her spare time. Sports by Brooks alerted me to the story that was uncovered by News of the World. Now how did News of the World confirm this story? That’s where this greatest job ever stuff comes in.

Apparently one of their writers was assigned the duty of pursuing an evening with Fernanda. He got her naked, got her to offer coke, documented the whole thing on video. He even got her to bring a friend, with whom Fernanda put on a show. Honestly, if this is what undercover reporting is all about, sign me up. Does anyone have a job application to the World? I’m not even joking. What I wouldn’t give to have an assignment where I’m getting a hooker naked. To see the whole documentation of the evening, including a NSFW pic of Fernanda, visit the News of the World site. Link includes NSFW pic. The pictures of Fernanda below however, are safe for work.

David Beckham Booed in Kansas City

If Vince Young thinks he has it bad, maybe he needs to take a look at David Beckham. The international soccer star who was recently benched on the English national team, came home to the U.S. to a similar tune in the Galaxy’s 2-0 loss to the Wizards:

Beckham, who arrived in Kansas City on Friday, missed a free kick badly – leading to boos from the crowd – and did not have much of an impact on the outcome. “Obviously, it’s tough because I’m trying to get back into the time zone and didn’t sleep well last night, which didn’t help,” said Beckham, who played the entire game. “It’s something that I’ve got used to. It’s tough at times, especially when I don’t have many games before I play again.”

Becks apparently traveled through nine different time zones, hitting up four different cities in three days. Thing is, that’s the lifestyle he’s created for himself — he shouldn’t let it damage his play. Reality seems to be (not that I’m much of a soccer fan) that his skill has fallen off and that Beckham is nowhere near the player he was several years ago. Still, being booed is a common thing here so he shouldn’t be surprised. On the bright side, at least he’s not Carl Pavano.

Poll: Fans **** Better After Team Wins

I just don’t even know what to do with this. I’m not so sure that the outcome of a sporting event really impacted my life to great levels for longer than like an hour, but I know there are some who live and die with each win or loss. It is for them that the term “fan” was developed. Anyway, here goes nothing:

Nearly 30 percent of U.S. men think sex is better after their football team wins and 10 percent say they have bad sex after a loss, a survey indicates. The survey says 1-in-4 male sports fans would be willing to give up sex for at least a month if their favorite team were guaranteed a Super Bowl win. Of them, 11 percent would give up sex “for however long it takes.”

Bengals fans were unable to participate in the study citing “lack of empirical evidence to make such a conclusion.” The poll results remind me of that line Happy said in Blue Chips, telling Pete Bell, “I don’t know about you, but I **** better when we’re winning.” I guess there really are people like him.

(From UPI via Fark)

Jennie Finch Won’t Be Getting Naked Anytime Too Soon

Jennie Finch is pretty busy these days pitching shutouts for Team USA in Beijing. Even though she’s been bringing the country lots of pride through her play on the field, it’s her looks off of it that brings the country all its joy. Unfortunately if you were hoping Finch were going to go the way of Ashley Harkleroad and Amanda Beard, it ain’t happening. In a recent interview, Jennie Finch was asked if she’d consider posing for Playboy. Despite giving elaborate answers on every other question, her response to that question was one word: no. That’s just too bad. Let’s see what we’re missing out on:

One of the other questions she gave a slightly more detailed answer, and that was in regards to her future career plans. She says she enjoys her commentary roles on ESPN and This Week in Baseball. She may enjoy her roles, but let’s just say it’s a good thing we don’t have to hear her continue to make mistakes as a fantasy baseball analyst. But if she is willing to reconsider her position on the whole posing naked thing, I’m all for it.

Competitive Eater Joey Chestnut Loses to Blogger in Beer Chug

And here I was, thinking that Joey Chestnut was some sort of a badass. At a time when America was losing ground in athletic competitions to the rest of the world, at least we had Joey Chestnut to step up and show everyone that there is something America can still do well — pig out. He beat Kobayashi in the hot dog eating competition and brought back respectability to our nation. Anyway, though he might be the top eater in the country, he somehow couldn’t beat Yardbarker blogger master Dewey Hammond at a beer chug. Check it:

I dunno, that looked pretty legit to me. Maybe Dewey just has the ability to open up his throat and guzzle like a champ. And where I come from, opening up your throat to max capacity isn’t exactly a gift for a male. Nonetheless, pretty impressive on Dewey’s part.