Marcus Jordan Should Use His Head

Do I care that Marcus Jordan spent $35,000 at the Haze at Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas?  No.  Do I care that he’s only 19 years old and was more than likely poppin’ bottles?  No.  If that’s your idea of fun, then go for it.  Just don’t Tweet about it and make it everyone’s problem, forcing Nevada regulators to probe MGM resorts.

If Marcus wants to carry on the family tradition of having a serious gambling problem, that’s certainly his prerogative.  I’m even a fan of the girl he’s shown with in the pictures below, even if it is indeed his ex-girlfriend.  The Marcus Jordan Las Vegas pictures probably would have leaked to the public either way (see James, Lebron), but he needs to learn how to make it more of a challenge for us bloggers to get a hold of them.  Live and learn, young Airness.


Photo Credit: Deadspin

Does Shaq Have a Man Crush on Tom Brady Already?

There were plenty of high profile athletes and celebrities in attendance on Saturday night at the T.D. Garden in Boston to watch James Toney embarrass himself and B.J. Penn get destroyed.  Among them were Tom Brady and Shaq.  Big Daddy Diesel signed with the Celtics less than a month ago, but it appears he’s already caught Brady fever.  He even took time out from making a ridiculous challenge to fight Hong Man Choi to Tweet his thoughts about the Patriots quarterback.  Those thoughts had nothing to do with sports.  Shocking, I know.

Sounds like a blatant man crush if you ask me.  Don’t be surprised if we see Shaq at a Pats game holding a “Will you marry me, Tom?” sign within the next few weeks.

Shaq on Twitter

Haircut Hazing Extends to College

Haircut hazing has officially reached epidemic status.  Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention as closely in past years or maybe it wasn’t as well-documented, but I don’t ever remember more rookies — and now freshmen — with bad haircuts leading up to the regular season.  The Patriots gave their rookies slightly embarrassing haircuts.  They were then outdone by Tim Tebow’s Friar Tuck haircut, the Jaguars more vulgar cuts, and the Raiders shaving one entire side of a rookie’s head and face.

According to Sportress of Blogitude, this is a first for the Minnesota Golden Gophers.  Is a coach yelling at them in the above photo, or are they just that humiliated?  Maybe they’re feeling the pressure of being leaned on to revive a program that ranked 113th out of 120 in sacks allowed and last in rushing in the Big Ten last season.  In any event, freshmen all over the country should now beware: haricut hazing has reached the collegiate level.  Here’s a look at all the rookie and freshman haircut hazing pictures we’ve featured to this point:

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Skydiver Gets Hung at Rangers Game

The Rangers decided to entertain their fans on Tuesday night by having an Army Golden Knights parachute team drop in before the game. Unfortunately for one of the parachuters, he missed his mark and got stuck on the flagpole as we saw via Deadspin.

Luckily he was only up there for a few minutes and I think the fans got a good laugh out of watching him try to get off the flagpole. I’m not going to sit here and judge him though. If that were me, I probably would have missed the park completely.

Skydiver Gets Stranded Atop Rangers Ballpark [Deadspin]

T.O. and Ochocinco are Officially Batman and Robin

If Marvin Lewis really was unhappy about the signing of Terrell Owens, moments like these probably don’t do a lot to help ease his concerns.  In a photo-shoot that I still don’t fully understand that appears to have been done for a special that will be run in the Cincinnati Enquirer Sept. 5th, you could say that T.O. and Chad Ochocinco officially became Batman and Robin.  At least they think they are, as Tweets about Brett Favre and Jay Mariotti seem to indicate. Now, we’re talking Batmobile and everything.

It’s no secret that these two receivers have a few screws loose.  All I can say is they’d be wise to put up respectable numbers on Sundays.  Otherwise, there will be plenty of outside distractions for fans and coaches to blame.  Take these pictures of T.O. and Ochocinco posing as Batman and Robin with the Batmobile as a prime example:


T.O. and Ochocinco Batman and Robin Photoshoot [The Pigskin Doctors]
Photo Credit: Cincinnati Enquirer

More Ochocinco Twitter Shenanigans

On Saturday, I expressed my feelings about Chad Ochocinco and his Tweets.  I thought it was hilarious that he decided to Tweet to his best pal and new teammate, T.O. (aka Batman), and chime in on the Jay Mariotti arrest.  I’ve since developed a habit of checking Ochocinco’s Twitter account daily, and so far I really have yet to be disappointed.  I reached out to our readers to stop me from thinking this guy is funny, but I ain’t heard nothin’ yet.

Apparently the NFL fined Ocho $25,000 for Tweeting about a hit he took during the Bengals preseason game against the Eagles.  Somehow, Chad managed to make a humorous comment about the fine and relate it to his Bugatti payments via, of course, Twitter:

The guy just seems like he’s having fun.  Even Goodell must laugh at some of the stuff he comes up with.  Whether it’s sending deodorant to an opposing defense or kicking an extra point, you can’t argue that Ochocinco isn’t having a good time at work.  I’m not saying the NFL is a joke or should be taken lightly, but I think it could use more light-hearted personalities like Chad.  For those of you debating whether or not I have a man crush — not yet, but I may be getting there.

Chad Ochocinco on Twitter

Ochocinco Tweets to ‘Batman’ About Mariotti Arrest

Word is spreading quickly about the arrest of ESPN’s Jay Mariotti, and it’s certainly no surprise that Chad Ochocinco has decided to weigh in on the matter via Twitter.  Call me crazy, but I’m kind of starting to think the whole Batman and Robin thing is funny, especially when Ocho Tweets ridiculous things to T.O. on Twitter using their aliases.  Check out these Tweets from Chad Ochocinco about Jay Mariotti:

For those of you who haven’t heard, Ocho is referring to the hit he took in Friday night’s preseason game against the Eagles.  Between this, the Tweet to “Batman” about Brett Favre stealing the media spotlight, and Chad’s other little shout-outs to his new teammate, I’m actualy starting to warm up to the shenanigans.  Somebody want to talk me out of it, please?

Ochocinco on Twitter