Worst Rookie Hazing Haircuts: Jaguars or Broncos?

It would seem that horrible haircuts have emerged as the favorite form of rookie hazing across the NFL over the past couple of weeks.  The first team to grab our attention by butchering rookies was the New England Patriots, but we’ve since stopped feeling bad for the Pats newbies after seeing what the Jaguars veterans have done to their rookies.  Then there was Tim Tebow’s Friar Tuck look, which was original and hilarious in my opinion.

The Broncos weren’t only targeting Tebow, however.  Their other newcomers also got the clippers.  I’m going to say the Patriots rookies got off easy, so let’s take a look at the Jaguars and Broncos to determine who has gotten the worst rookie hazing haircuts so far during training camp.  Granted, the Broncos’ rookies don’t have to deal with haircuts that are in the shapes of male genitalia, but the veterans still managed to do a number on their scalps.  Here are some photos of the Broncos and Jaguars rookie haircuts, courtesy of Busted Coverage:



Who am I kidding? The Jaguars got it way worse.

Photos: Other Great Denver Broncos Rookie Haircuts Other Than The ‘Tebow Monk’ [Busted Coverage]

Does Brett Favre’s Mom Know How to Use Facebook?

There’s been plenty of backlash about Deadspin running the story about Brett Favre sending pictures of his Brett Jr. to Jenn Sterger.  A lot of people think the story should never have been run because Sterger didn’t want it to be, because there’s no tangible evidence, and other various reasons.  All valid points, but the prospect is still hilarious and Favre’s mom, Bonita Favre, just made it funnier.

Let me start by saying I strongly believe the following to be a case of technological incompetence.  That being said, Bonita Favre recently Facebook “liked” a story from the NY Times about Favre “sexting.”  Here’s a screen shot of her assumed mistake, courtesy of who else but Deadspin:

Like I said, this is probably just a case of Brett’s mom “liking” anything that has her son’s name in it because she doesn’t fully understand Facebook.  Honest mistakes haven’t stopped us from having fun at other people’s expenses before, so why should it now?

Brett Favre’s Mom Likes The Story About His Sexting Habits [Deadspin]

Jim Rome and Shaq Bring Us the Latest Twitter War

It’s safe for me to assume we’re all aware of the Jim Rome/Jim Everett incident, right?  You know, the one where he called Everett “Chris” in reference to female tennis star Chris Evert and ended up getting pancaked for it.  If Rome thought that was a scary moment in his life, he should accept Shaq’s boxing match challenge.  After all, it’d be for a good cause according to the newest Boston Celtic.

Although Kobe does have more rings now, Shaq apparently got pretty pissed when Rome said that he “never approached the game with the dedication and discipline of Kobe Bryant.”  A war of the words on Twitter followed shortly after Rome made the comments on his show on Wednesday:

SHAQ: Jim rome, I am happy with my career and the legacy that I have left behind,obviously u r not happy wit yur legacy I 4got u have no legacy

SHAQ: And forget the back and forth jim rome, I challenge u to a boxing match, live at espn studios, show the world if u can bak up the tuff talk

SHAQ: If u wanna see shaq box jim rome live on espn. I do if he wins ill donate my salary to a charity of his choice

Rome finally decided to get in on the action after a few Tweets from Shaq, and of course back down and not agree to the fight:

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Ryan Howard Super Wedgie

Bad news for Philadelphia Phillies fans today as their $125 million dollar man, Ryan Howard, left Sunday afternoon’s game against the Nationals with a sprained left ankle and a strained butt crack. The second part of that is a joke, of course, but I can’t imagine his ankle is the only thing hurting after seeing the Ryan Howard wedgie picture. Aren’t trainers supposed to make players feel better?  For the sake of Phillies fans, let’s hope this atomic wedgie doesn’t slow the healing process for their all-star first baseman. Thanks to The Big Lead for the photo.

Former Eagles’ Cheerleader to Marry Eddie Munster

Ready for the weird story of the day? Former Philadelphia Eagles’ cheerleader, Donna McCall, is engaged to her childhood crush. Now that wouldn’t be so weird if her childhood crush wasn’t Butch Patrick, a.k.a Eddie Munster from The Munsters.

I’m not one to judge people on who they fall in love with, but does anyone else think that this is a little creepy? McCall has had a crush on Patrick ever since the show was on the air in the 60s.  She wrote him a love letter in 1964 and continued writing even after the show ended because she was so infatuated with the actor. One day Patrick decided to write back and gave McCall his phone number. When she called him she immediately felt “at ease” and even spoke to his mother too. Uh, OK?

That’s not even the weirdest part about all this. They finally met at DraculiaCon II in May of this year and shortly after got engaged. Yes, I said May as in just over two months ago. This is a story where all stereotypes fly out the window. McCall may have been a cheerleader, but she was a cheerleader with an odd crush that she never let die. Hey, I guess she could say that she beat everyone to the whole vampire obsession because she’s been crushing on little Eddie Munster for almost 50 years. Well, kudos to the happy couple.  I hope married life doesn’t suck. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself).

Donna McCall to marry Eddie Munster actor Butch Patrick, a love story 46 years in the making [Examiner]

LeBron James’ Vegas Throw Down

I’m sure everyone has heard about Arash Markazi’s write-up about LeBron James’ trip to Las Vegas by now, where he appeared to be taking hedonism to a whole new level.  His comments about “girls with no panties” and his allegedly cocky behavior shouldn’t surprise anyone in the slightest, and ESPN has made this entire thing into a huge ordeal by getting bagged trying to pull the story before anyone could see it.  Yes, the story makes LeBron look like a douche and ESPN adores him, as evidenced by the decision.  But it’s nothing earth-shattering and it’s not like it was Ray Allen in Vegas poppin’ bottles with his boys and making crude comments to women.

From the looks of it, things had much more potential for getting out of control in Vegas than they did at the “Three Kings” party that was thrown in South Beach after LeBron and Chris Bosh made their choices official.  Again, no surprise there.  Maybe that’s why ESPN chose to nix the story, but at this point we can only speculate.  A Deadspin reader happened to capture a bit of the party on camera out west, so here’s a few pictures of LeBron James partying in Las Vegas for those of you who are visual learners like myself:

Man am I really starting to despise this guy.

Scenes From LeBron’s Too-Hot-For-ESPN Weekend In Vegas [Deadspin]

Cris Collinsworth Looking Cat-Like

These pictures of Cris Collinsworth in cat makeup were posted on Warren Sapp’s Twitter page before the news came out that Terrell Owens will sign with the Bengals, so that rules out the possibility of there being a connection with that story line.  As You Been Blinded notes, Sapp provides no explanation for the photos so we’re left to assume it has something to do with Showtime’s Inside the NFL…we hope.   I think I’m annoyed already and I don’t even understand the concept of the bit, so it’ll be interesting to see where this is headed.

Cris Collinsworth in Cat Makeup [You Been Blinded]
Photo Credit: Warren Sapp on Twitter