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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

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Jose Conseco Evicted from Home

Jose Canseco has led an interesting life.  On second thought, I’ll call it unique because much of it has nearly bored me to death.  He’s outed every steroid user he possibly could.  He tried his hand at reality TV.  He gave boxing a try and got knocked out.  He gave mixed martial arts a shot. …Read More

This Astros Fan is a Pansy

Unfortunately for Houston Astros fans, I don’t know much about you.  Actually, that could be a good thing considering the types of things we’ve learned about Phillies fans over the past few months.  However you want to look at it, if you subscribe to the “first impression is the most important” theory, you’ll understand why…Read More

Worst Rookie Hazing Haircuts: Jaguars or Broncos?

It would seem that horrible haircuts have emerged as the favorite form of rookie hazing across the NFL over the past couple of weeks.  The first team to grab our attention by butchering rookies was the New England Patriots, but we’ve since stopped feeling bad for the Pats newbies after seeing what the Jaguars veterans…Read More

Does Brett Favre’s Mom Know How to Use Facebook?

There’s been plenty of backlash about Deadspin running the story about Brett Favre sending pictures of his Brett Jr. to Jenn Sterger.  A lot of people think the story should never have been run because Sterger didn’t want it to be, because there’s no tangible evidence, and other various reasons.  All valid points, but the…Read More

Jim Rome and Shaq Bring Us the Latest Twitter War

It’s safe for me to assume we’re all aware of the Jim Rome/Jim Everett incident, right?  You know, the one where he called Everett “Chris” in reference to female tennis star Chris Evert and ended up getting pancaked for it.  If Rome thought that was a scary moment in his life, he should accept Shaq’s…Read More

Ryan Howard Super Wedgie

Bad news for Philadelphia Phillies fans today as their $125 million dollar man, Ryan Howard, left Sunday afternoon’s game against the Nationals with a sprained left ankle and a strained butt crack. The second part of that is a joke, of course, but I can’t imagine his ankle is the only thing hurting after seeing…Read More

Former Eagles’ Cheerleader to Marry Eddie Munster

Ready for the weird story of the day? Former Philadelphia Eagles’ cheerleader, Donna McCall, is engaged to her childhood crush. Now that wouldn’t be so weird if her childhood crush wasn’t Butch Patrick, a.k.a Eddie Munster from The Munsters. I’m not one to judge people on who they fall in love with, but does anyone…Read More

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