Drunken Skeeball “Brewskee Ball” Leagues Sweeping the Nation

I was alerted by a friend and site reader about the recent fad sweeping the nation. It’s cheap, it’s fun, it’s easy, and best of all, anyone can do it. It’s drunken skeeball, also known as Brewskee Ball. Founded by a few dudes in the summer of ’05, Brewskee ball is the hottest new thing around. They keep stats, have invented a lexicon of terms to describe the action, and preface nearly all words with a “skee.” The sport(?) has gained so much popularity recently that leagues have sprung up around the country, in various metropolises such as New York, San Francisco, Charlotte, and Wilmington. And much like fantasy sports, Brewskee Ball is as much about cleverly named team nicknames as it is about actual team production. Check out some of the team/roller names:

    Hepatitis Skee
    The Holy Rollers
    Balls of Glory
    Kelly Kapowskees

My personal favorite name of course is a nod to NBA player, Rafer Alston. There’s a top roller in the league who goes by the name of Skeep to My Lou, and he happens to be quite the prospect, excelling in both skee ball and dance celebration moves. See for yourself:

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David Stern Is Considering NBA Franchises in Europe

Let’s see, the NHL hit up Europe, the NFL went to London and wants to go to Germany, baseball’s venturing to China, and now the NBA is considering franchises in Europe. Per Ian Thomsen at SI (to whom Stern likely dropped the test balloon):

Commissioner David Stern is considering new plans to create five full-fledged NBA franchises in Europe over the next decade … The current idea would be to create five new teams in major markets to form a “European” division within the NBA. The teams would play the full 82-game schedule and compete for the NBA championship. But the proposal is new and many factors will influence the eventual outcome, the league source said.

Well, we all know who would volunteer to play point guard for one of those European franchises. I’m actually starting to come around slightly on this idea. I know it’s not Europe, but basketball and the NBA seemed to be popular in Australia, and is no doubt on the rise in Asia. Maybe the NBA could grow enough in Europe (though it would never be a top sport in terms of popularity). Or baybe that’s just because I’m looking forward to getting an assignment to cover the team in Amsterdam. Just imagine: in 15 years, the NBA will be like Star Wars with an Asian division, South American division, European division, and the American divisions. Then the team that wins it all would be able to legitimately call itself the World Champion. I like the sound of that.

David Beckham’s Kiss Makes Girl Faint

You can pretty much rely on me to keep this area Grammy-free. You and I both know why we all come here — and it’s not for my CD reviews. Even still, I couldn’t help but not pass this story up. For anyone who’s seen groupies in action, this might not be much of a surprise, but it was for me, and it’s kind of humorous regardless. From People, talking about Becks at a pre-Grammy party:

While Beckham played it cool with the party’s hosts, it’s safe to say he was heating things up among the women at the party. In fact, when one young female fan approached the soccer star and got a quick kiss on the cheek, she literally went weak in the knees – and fainted!

Beckham’s reaction: “He looked like it was an ordinary everyday thing,” an observer tells PEOPLE. “He just said ‘Get her some water. She’ll be ok.’”

Oh yeah, shrug, it happens all the time. Gotta be nice to have that sort of power where your kiss makes women faint. Wonder what the touch of his hands does to their clothes. I think I might have to add this to the list of desirable Superpowers.

LBS Sydney Australia Pics and Video

OK, so I promised some pictures from the trip, and I wasn’t lying when I said I was going on a global growth project. First up is a short video compilation (well worth two minutes of your time). After the jump are a few pictures (not that you give a crap). Here’s the vid:

Some pictures are after the jump …

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Sean Taylor Doubters Proved Wrong?

Sean Taylor Arrests

Four arrests were made in the Sean Taylor murder case Friday. That is a good thing, especially compared to the Darrent Williams case which is 11 months old and still unsolved in Denver. The police say they have at least one confession from the suspects, and potentially more to come. New information has come out, including the fact that two of the arrested men had ties to Taylor — one did household chores at the house, and the other had a relative dating Taylor’s sister. I still have a few issues here.

One of the main points the police department is making is that the suspects were strictly looking to rob Taylor, unaware Sean was even in the home. This is important because it separates the degree of murder for which they will be tried. Secondly, the police are still trying to figure out whether or not this incident was related to the break-in the previous week at Taylor’s home. It’s quite obvious that the suspects wouldn’t admit to either of the charges and make themselves look worse (no matter how dumb they are).

So if the information that was revealed late on Friday holds true, does that mean the people who blamed the death on Taylor’s sketchy past are wrong? It sure looks that way, though I won’t jump to any conclusions. Also, the four men are relatively young and do not have extensive, nor serious crimes on their records.  Connecting those dots, it seems quite possible that they were just there for money. I’m still left wondering though, who the heck left that knife behind?  How are the two not related?

Is it OK to Root Against Your Team?

There’s been a bit of a discussion going on in the comments following the post suggesting UCLA still has a shot at the Rose Bowl after beating Oregon, despite completing just four passes in the game. The discussion raises a larger issue beyond strictly UCLA football: is it ever OK to root against your team? I have mixed feelings on this subject, considering I’ve only been lukewarm to the idea of UCLA’s football team the last few seasons. I think there are two cases when it’s OK for a fan to root against their team.

If it helps the team in the long run to lose in the immediate, short term, then I think it’s OK to root against your team. Losing could help a team in the long run in two cases — if it helps a poor executive or coach get fired, or if it helps them gain a higher spot in a draft. Lions fans felt this way about Matt Millen, Jets fans once upon a time with Rich Kotite, UCLA fans with Lavin and Dorrell. Last year Celtics fans were rooting for losses so they could get Greg Oden or Kevin Durant in the lottery.  The second circumstance is if your team’s season is already lost, and by losing, you’re screwing over your biggest rival. For instance, if you’re a Red Sox fan and the team is 60-101 heading into the last day of the season, and losing gives the Blue Jays one more win to pass the Yankees for first place keeping New York out of the playoffs, you have to be rooting against your team, right?

There are some cases where natural sensibility outweighs irrational fervor as a fan. Those are the two circumstances, as crappy as a feeling as it is, when I think it’s OK to root against your team. Or am I completely misguided because fans are fanatics, with only one purpose — to cheer for a team no matter what? Your thoughts are welcome.

Buy Manny Ramirez’s Car on eBay

Not long ago, we had Jerome Bettis selling his rig on eBay. Now it’s Manny Ramirez. Apparently not turned off by the hardship trying to pawn off a friend’s grill via auction, Man Ram is returning to the internet for profit.

Manny’s tricked-out 2006 Crysler 300M, SRT8 with a 6.1 liter hemi, will be going, going, gone to the highest bidder.

“It’s a fun car,” said West Roxbury Motors’ Jerry Nasif, who is handling the sale of the car for Manny. “It has a lot of custom features, 22-inch wheels, chrome, a custom grill. It was Manny’s personal drive.”

Nasif said Manny wants to sell the Chrysler to make room in his garage for the ’56 Chrysler Imperial coupe he told Jay Leno he is hot to buy.

While Manny calls himself a car enthusiast, he only has four rigs in the garage. What do you expect out of the guy? He was living in a hotel recently. And memo to Man Ram: if you’re going to sell something on eBay, make sure you’re not outdone by a teammate who already sold a car that was more tricked out than yours.

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