PETA Calls for End to College Fishing Team

I try to avoid doing stories on PETA wherever possible because I realize most of what they do is for one purpose — to gain publicity. But sometimes they have material that is so good I can’t resist passing it up. Amanda Beard posing nude was one of those moments. Sending a letter to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga to ask the Mocs to shut down their fishing team is another. True story.

The Chattanoogan got a hold of the letter sent to the chancellor of Terrell Owens’ alma mater. PETA wants the chancellor to shut down the school’s fishing team, “the Mocs Bass Anglers, because of the suffering that fishing causes to animals and the dangerous message it sends to students.” They even went on to say “Fishing is a blood sport that causes immense physical and psychological suffering.”

I’ll let you marinate on that whole “blood sport” comparison because last I checked that was a badass Van Damme movie, but what do I know. I do have two points I’d like to make here. One, if we’re not to kill other animals, how will we feed ourselves? Why doesn’t some PETA person ‘splain me that one. Two, why is it that hunting certain animals, fishing, and horse racing are completely acceptable in society (and in some cases sports of the upper class), but dog fighting lands people federal prison? Just asking because there seems to be inconsistencies with the system. Thanks for the time, I’ll hang up and listen.

Jon Gruden Apparently Was Giving it to High School Referees

When you think of Jon Gruden, you think of the guy known as Chucky who can get off legendary rants. Sure he puts on his rose-colored glasses for his analyst work with ESPN, but we all know what Gruden is deep down. Apparently that Chucky side was on full display a few weeks ago during his high school football team’s opener.

Chucky’s been assisting Carrollwood Day School in Tampa according to Joe Bucs Fan (via Jimmy Traina’s Hot Clicks), and got into it with the refs during the team’s season-opener. Gruden was tagged with a 15-yard penalty for berating the refs and then removed himself from the situation by walking away to sit in the stands. If you thought that was the end of the story then you would be wrong.

An eye witness told Joe Bucs Fan that “Chucky continued to berate officials while watching from the stands, calling them ‘Forrest Gump’ and questioning calls.” Now that’s the Gruden I know! Chucky may be able to find positive things to say about everyone when he’s doing his TV work, but you know that’s not who he is deep down. Chucky, that’s why we love you man. Don’t ever change.

Chiefs Fan Unhappy After Chargers TD

One fan was not happy with ESPN’s decision to replay San Diego’s touchdown catch by Legedu Naanee. How did he know they were replaying it? No clue, but he expressed his displeasure.

Nice win, KC. Stay classy as well.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Always Stays Fly

It looks like police officers out in Las Vegas finally tracked down Floyd Mayweather Jr.  It also looks like he couldn’t care less that he’s been arrested.  The mother of Floyd’s children, Josie Harris, claimed Mayweather attacked her on Thursday.  After looking at the Floyd Mayweather Jr. mugshot, I’d say Pretty Boy is more concerned about looking fresh than he is about his police record.

Fresh shirt, fresh smile, fresh iPod, and an endless pit of money to spend on legal counsel.  Man, this guy’s a dink.

Photo Credit: TMZ

Dennis Rodman Mic’d Up

No, not like that.  Not mic’d up like a head coach would be mic’d up on the sidelines.  What could be heard was probably just as intense, however.  Dennis Rodman recently attended a party at Hotel Indigo in Hampton Bays and managed to become the center of attention.  Shocking, isn’t it?

Rodman — who Phil Jackson considers a Hall of Famer, by the way — was using a cordless microphone before deciding to take six girls upstairs to his bedroom with him.  Apparently he stuck the microphone in his pocket, without turning it off, and set off on his sexcapade with the six women.  Minutes later, the entire pool party could hear Rodman dirty talking through the microphone.

Rodman had quite a lot to drink and had been making shout-outs on the mike. He headed up to his room with six girls. Then, the next thing you could hear through the speakers downstairs was Rodman describing in full sexual detail what he wanted to do to them. Organizers pulled the plug before it got any dirtier.”

Rodman’s agent, Darren Prince, admitted Rodman had a few drinks and said he was “unaware of the microphone being turned on.”  The agent then realized we’re in the United States as opposed to Guam and are familiar with Rodman’s antics and immediately regretted trying to defend his client.

Hamptons partygoers get earful of Rodman sex [NY Post]

LeBron Finding Creative New Ways to Make People Hate Him

To the above left is a picture of LeBron James’ old signature. To the above right, LeBron’s new signature.  That’s right, “King” James has decided to change his signature — his signature.  The reason he gave is that the way he wrote the “L” in his old signature made it a part of his No. 23, which has now been changed to No. 6.  Whatever.

This guy truly is taking d-baggery to a new level.  He went out of his way to not thank Clevelanders.  He and his new teammates had what looked like a championship celebration in South Beach before playing a game.  He hired a Rabbi as a financial accountant.  He changed teams.  He changed numbers.  Now, LeBron feels the need to change his autograph?

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This Has to be the Luckiest Fan Around

You’ve probably been to several ballgames throughout you’re life and never had a chance at catching a foul ball. And getting one in BP or between innings when a player tosses one in the stands doesn’t count. Nothing compares to catching an actual foul ball in a game or bailing on your girlfriend like this lame fan. Most of us have never had a crack at catching one, but this lucky fan had not one, not two, but three chances at a ball during a recent Rays game! Take a look at this video from FanHouse as shared by SI Hot Clicks as the lucky lady confuses her face for a mitt:

Let’s hope she went home immediately and bought a scratcher or two.

Woman Takes Foul Ball to Face, Makes Play on Next 2 Chances [FanHouse]
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