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Sunday, January 25, 2015

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Competitive Eater Joey Chestnut Loses to Blogger in Beer Chug

And here I was, thinking that Joey Chestnut was some sort of a badass. At a time when America was losing ground in athletic competitions to the rest of the world, at least we had Joey Chestnut to step up and show everyone that there is something America can still do well — pig out….Read More

Must Have Strong Thighs to Live in China

Most people think it’s the athletic competition that comprises the biggest element of the Olympic Games. Au contraire, it’s the cultural learnings and adjustments that really makes the Olympics a truly international wonder. Witness: Dude, that’s like an episode of Borat right there. Think it’s a coincidence many of the Asian players who come over…Read More

Soccer More Popular than Porn in Spain

I don’t know about you, but when it comes down to a trip to Vegas for either the National Fantasy Baseball Championship draft or the AVN Weekend, I’m going with the ladies all the way. And that’s coming from someone who loves fantasy baseball. That’s why I was pretty shocked to read what happened in…Read More

Your Chance to Own Tiger’s Apple Core

Hey look, I was fascinated by Tiger Woods coming out of a porto potty. It just gets me every time. That dude really does those things just like us? Given the reaction people had over Tiger coming out of a restroom, it’s no surprise that the bidding on a half-eaten apple by Tiger Woods is…Read More

LSU Baseball Civil War Logic

As I said the other day, sometimes words are not necessary. What is that saying about pictures anyway? Photo via Spencer Hall’s trusty musket over at The Sporting Blog and Friends of the Program.

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