Getty Photos Includes Saints Fan Flashing Camera on Bourbon Street

They said New Orleans would throw the greatest party in American history if the Saints won the Super Bowl. Well, the Saints did indeed win the Super Bowl and the partying on Bourbon Street in New Orleans has been spectacular. It’s been so spectacular that I guess Getty Images photographer Skip Bolen figured he had to portray the wild scene in the most realistic way possible; he decided to photograph a Saints fan flashing the camera:

It doesn’t get more authentic than that. Some time from now, maybe a few weeks, that chick is going to wake up and realize half the country has seen her bust. And she probably won’t care. Why? Because the Saints won the Super Bowl.

Tim Tebow Anti-Abortion Pro Life Ad Video from Focus on the Family

After two weeks of debate and outrage, we finally got to see the infamous Tim Tebow anti-abortion pro life ad. It really was nowhere near as bad as it was made out to be and it’s no wonder CBS allowed the commercial to air. I actually understand why they approved it even though I criticized their decision before. Here’s the video of the Tim Tebow pro life abortion ad brought to you by Focus on the Family:

Much thanks to the Boston Herald via PFT for the video. It really was much more innocent than I thought and now I see why they weren’t reluctant to let it air. Offensive? Hardly. Most people won’t have a clue unless they go to the website. It actually seems like a waste of money to me to have aired the ad. All the pre-Super Bowl they received is really what they paid for.

Susan Finklestein’s Lawyer: She Was a Slut, Not a Prostitute

Susan FinklesteinSusan Finklestein is the Philadelphia woman who famously (infamously?) offered sex for Phillies World Series tickets. Here’s how her ad read: “DESPERATE BLONDE NEEDS WS TIX (Philadelphia) Diehard Phillies fan–gorgeous tall buxom blonde– in desperate need of two World Series Tickets. Price negotiable— I’m the creative type! Maybe we can help each other!” That sounds pretty clearly like a prostitution solicitation, but I’m no judge. Nor am I a lawyer, much less one who came up with one of the more bizarre defenses I’ve ever encountered. Check out what William J. Brennan is using as a defense of his client, as shared by the Philadelphia Inquirer via FanHouse:

“You can be a slut; that’s not illegal,” Brennan argued at a hearing this afternoon. “Here you have to be in the business of prostitution” to have broken the law.

But [Judge] Cepparulo ruled that the allegations against Finkel fit one legal description of prostitution: engaging or attempting to engage “in sexual activities as a business.”

Honestly, do lawyers have no self respect? Did he really just try to invoke the “she’s a slut” defense? How is this anything other than prostitution? It’s no different from a porn star asking someone to escort her to a Phoenix Coyotes game. There’s no defense for prostitution and this only gives sluts a bad name.

Mancrunch Gets Publicity from Canceled Super Bowl Ad

The biggest debates in the week leading up to the Super Bowl had little to do with football and everything to do with politics. First, Tim Tebow became the center of attention because he’s the spokesman for a commercial espousing a Pro Life stance on abortion. That caused a stir amongst the Pro Choice supporters of America. While it looks like that ad will air, CBS has exercised its veto right on a few other submissions. They’ve rejected one of five submissions by Go Daddy for reasons unbeknownst to me. More controversially, CBS has rejected an ad proposed by the gay dating site Mancrunch. The ad isn’t as graphic as I initially expected based on what I read:

The genius behind this whole proposition is that Mancrunch is getting about as much publicity as they could have dreamed to receive, all without paying the million dollar tab to CBS (there’s probably a submission/review fee, but it’s not as high as the price of the ad). They’re even getting it from this very post and that’s all without doing anything other than producing a rejected ad! Here’s something I don’t understand: how is it that CBS approves a Pro Life commercial but rejects one for a gay dating website? I didn’t see anything inappropriate nor graphic in the ad — what’s the problem? If you’re deciding that political messages have no place on a sports platform I understand that. But if you’re approving a commercial regarding abortion, then why not let a gay dating site ad run? I don’t have a problem with either one.

Most Ill-Timed Sports Injuries

When Colt McCoy got hurt on Texas’ first series in the BCS National Championship Game, the entire complexion of the contest had changed. With one hit, it was as if Texas’ chance of winning the game had ended and that sentiment seemed to be confirmed when Bama’s defense began abusing freshman quarterback Garrett Gilbert, McCoy’s backup. Although Gilbert rallied Texas to within a field goal with six minutes left, Bama ultimately prevailed by forcing five turnovers in their 37-21 win. The events that transpired on Thursday night got me wondering about other injuries to a player that meant as much as McCoy does to Texas, which also happened to take place on a stage as big as a National Championship Game. While McCoy’s injury tops the list, here are some others I could think of. Feel free to add to this list in the comments.

Carson Palmer knee injuryCarson Palmer injures his knee vs Steelers in ’05 AFC playoffs

It was the Bengals first playoff game in 15 years and their star quarterback got hurt on his first pass play of the game. Kimo von Oelhoffen dove into Palmer’s knee and absolutely shredded every ligament he had. Jon Kitna came on and went 24-40 for 197 yards, one touchdown and two picks. The Bengals lost 31-17 and the Steelers went on to win the Super Bowl.

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Chad Ochocinco Is a Kama Sutra Master

Dodgers All-Star catcher Russell Martin may have blamed Kama Sutra for an injury but Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco is citing it as evidence of his health. The Bengals wacky receiver hurt his knee in warm-ups at Giants Stadium on Sunday night, slipping on the frozen turf. He hardly played in the game against the Jets so that left his status for Saturday’s playoff game (also against the Jets) in doubt. That was until Ocho cleared things up:

“I had sex yesterday,” the Bengals receiver said. “With some of the moves I did — I should be fine.”

Ochocinco returned to more conventional rehab yesterday, getting treatment and practicing fully.

I’m sure Ocho’s kids will appreciate reading that. You know that filter which most people have that prevents them from saying stupid and embarrassing things? It’s quote obvious that Chad lacks that filter. But we love him for it. By the way Chad, we’re all still waiting on those Chad Ochocinco condoms for your Johnson to be released in stores. Where are they?

Greatest Sports Contest Ever

One of the biggest hits here at LBS came last year when we got a hold of a video showing the RCA Dome in Indianapolis getting blown to smithereens. Lucas Oil Stadium had been built by then so there wasn’t much of a use for the RCA Dome after that. A similar situation is going on with the Cowboys who moved from their old home in Irving to their new home in Arlington. With Jerry World in full effect — low-hanging scoreboard and all — there isn’t much of a use for Texas Stadium. Naturally they’ve decided to do what any sane person would do to a useless stadium — blow it up. And Kraft Foods is holding a contest to see who receives the honor of jumping on the dynamite lever!

As part of the deal, Kraft will pay Irving a $75,000 sponsorship fee prior to the demolition for charities selected by the city. The company will also provide worth of $75,000 Kraft products for local charities of its choosing.

Next week, Kraft will launch a national essay contest for children as part of its promotional campaign … the winner will get to trigger the detonator at the public demolition.

Count me in. I don’t care what needs to be done to win this contest … I will do it. I’ve been dying for a Wile E. Coyote moment my entire life and this could be it! Greatest contest ever!