Kobayashi Arrested for Rushing Stage

When most people think of the name Kobayashi, they think of the amazing eater who dominated the Nathan’s Coney Island 4th of July hot dog contest until Joey Chestnut came along. When I think of the name “Kobayashi,” I think of the character from The Usual Suspects first, but the eater guy isn’t bad either. Anyway, Kobayashi didn’t compete in the eating contest this year because of a contract dispute with Major League Eating. Seriously. Kobayashi was holding out because he wants to be free to participate in contests governed by other sanctioning bodies. He was in attendance for the contest but he only watched from the crowd. After the event, Kobayashi tried to rush the stage and wound up getting arrested for trespassing. Check out this video of Takeru Kobayashi arrested for trespassing at the hot dog contest:

The whole thing looked contrived and a little too WWE for me, but it could have been legit for all we know. I’m guessing Kobayashi just isn’t happy about Chestnut taking over his crown as the best competitive eater around. That’s four straight hot dog titles for Chestnut; Kobayashi hasn’t won since 2006.

Video Credit: YouTube user TheUMassBlog

Jonathan Toews + Snooki = Awkward

Jonathan Toews has been getting around lately. He made an appearance on the Jay Leno Show, had an extremely awkward interview with Miley Cyrus, and now he had the, erm … honor of meeting Jersey Shore’sSnooki.

Toews did an after party interview for the MuchMusic Awards even after the Miley mishap, and it was actually going quite well. Captain Serious was joking around and seemed a little less tense than usual … then Snooki was brought onto the set. Check out this video of Jonathan Toews and Snooki that a friend just passed along to me:

First off, Toews, I really hope you burned that suit when you got home. I also hope you took multiple showers.  I would never let Snooki sit next to me let alone touch me. Was anyone else disgusted by her horrible attempt to hit on the captain? Yeah, me too.

And Snooki … the Mets are baseball. She just made a fool out of herself as usual. I mean you’re from Jersey and you don’t know who the New Jersey Devils are? And as for Toews, I really hope you aren’t subjected to anymore interviews with ditsy girls anymore. But if you want to give the females of the world one more shot, I’d be happy to interview you.

Video Credit: YouTube user stephen8904

Toddler Beaten to Death for Crying During World Cup

There really are some sick, sick people in the world.  There can’t be many that are more demented than Hector Castro, a 28-year-old man from McAllen, Texas who allegedly beat his 2-year-old stepdaughter to death because she wouldn’t stop crying during the U.S.-Ghana World Cup match.  According to police, Castro — an illegal immigrant — shoved a screw down the girl’s throat and called 9-1-1 in an attempt to make it look like she had choked on it and make the death appear to be an accident.

McAllen Police Chief Victor Rodriguez spoke about the incident and voiced an opinion that a lot of us can probably share.  Here’s what Rodriguez had to say, courtesy of USA Today via the Monitor:

There are no words for this. It makes you want to think about doing lots of things to this guy, but he will face the criminal justice system just like everybody else. The criminal justice system will spend horrendous amounts of time, effort and money to make these cases. That’s time, effort and money that our regular citizens are deprived of.

It’s unimaginable. I just can’t fathom, you know, a grown adult person beating a 2-year-old to death. I have grandkids and it’s just impossible for me to imagine this kind of behavior.”

If this idiot ever sees the light of day again there’s something seriously wrong with our justice system.

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Which Is the Best Type of Win: Blowouts, Close Games, or Comebacks?

While watching Game 7 of the NBA Finals on Thursday night, I got to thinking. Witnessing the LA Lakers come back from a 13 point deficit to beat the Boston Celtics made me wonder which is the best way to win a game: dominating the whole game, winning a close one, or coming from behind? So I thought we could examine all three and determine what’s the better way to win.

Dominating the whole game: There’s nothing better than winning, especially when you crush your opponent. But can spanking the other team lose it’s fun after awhile? For example, in January 2009 a Texas high school girl’s basketball team beat their opponent 100-0. While it might be fun to brag about for those girls, crushing an opponent like that had to have lost it’s fun at some point. Sports are about competition and the other team putting up somewhat of a fight. If the other team has no chance then what’s the fun in that? We see it all the time in the pros — a baseball team wins 20-4 or a basketball game ends in a final of 102-67. I think that blowout wins are only fun to watch to a certain point; when you know a team is out of it, sometimes you want to change the channel.

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Wuss or Wise? Matador Flees Ring

I guess that video and picture of the matador who was gored with the bull’s horns coming out of his chin and mouth must have had a pretty widespread effect on the bullfighting community at-large. How else do you explain Christian Hernandez peacing out midfight and hopping over a wall to avoid the horns? Maybe it’s because he was gored in the leg months before and didn’t want to relive it, or maybe it was that traumatic photo. Anyway, check out Christian Hernandez doing the unthinkable and ask yourself the question: idiot or genius? Here’s the video of matador Christian Hernandez fleeing the ring courtesy of Jimmy Traina at SI Hot Clicks:

If you were wondering about the consequences of Hernandez’s actions, well they were stiff. Initially he was arrested by police for breach of contract and brought back to the ring where he fled once again. Some might deride Hernandez for his cowardice but I’ll go another direction: he’s the smart one while the other matadors are the idiots. Think about it.

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Video Credit: YouTube user farabuttokumunista

Today’s Funny Sports Video: A Drunk Biting a Pork Chop On a Stick

I think I’ve come across a pretty good one here.  It’s one of those that gets more and more funny every time you watch it.  I really can’t stand Michael Kay.  No, I really, really hate the guy.  But for some reason his reaction to this is what makes the video so great to me.  Check out the video of a Yankees fan biting a pork-chop-on-a-stick, courtesy of The Sporting Blog via YouTube:

Yeah, this guy is completely out of line to be violating the reporter’s personal space like that and biting a cold pork chop.  I’m just not sure its as “disgusting” as Michael Kay is making it out to be.  I’m also not sure if it warrants her shoving the remainder of the snack down his throat.  That, however, is what makes this clip so humorous for me.  I have a hunch this guy holding the dust pan-sized brush enjoyed a beer or two at the game – your thoughts?

UPDATE: Unfortunately, MLB took down the original video I had up, so the whole Michael Kay aspect of this post can’t be appreciated unless you saw the original version.  This new one doesn’t have quite the same effect, but at least you get the idea.

YES Reporter Saves Fan Trip to the Concession Stand [The Sporting Blog]
Video Credit: SI Hot Clicks

Three Men Arrested While ‘Looking For a Lost Wallet’

This could be one of the best excuses for breaking and entering you’ll ever hear.  Have you ever woken up one morning and thought to yourself, “crap, I can’t find my wallet”?  It’s probably happened to everyone at some point.  Maybe you misplaced it.  Maybe it was stolen.  Maybe you left it in your car.  Maybe you were intoxicated the night before and just can’t seem to remember where you put all of your things.  And maybe, just maybe, you left it at Heinz Field during a Steelers game back in December.

That’s the story three Texas men gave after they were arrested and charged with criminal trespass and conspiracy to commit criminal trespass at Heinz Field early Sunday morning.  Security said the men “used themselves like human ladders” in an attempt to get over the gate and into the stadium.  The one of three who lost his wallet must have had a good amount of cash in it.  He also must be in a pinch — or perhaps unemployed — if he’s just now attempting to reclaim something he’s been missing for five months.

Pittsburgh Police Sgt. Patrick Knapp told reporters, “the story’s not credible.”  Perhaps if they had claimed to be searching for Ben Roethlisberger’s dignity, the police would have cut him a break.

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