Wuss or Wise? Matador Flees Ring

I guess that video and picture of the matador who was gored with the bull’s horns coming out of his chin and mouth must have had a pretty widespread effect on the bullfighting community at-large. How else do you explain Christian Hernandez peacing out midfight and hopping over a wall to avoid the horns? Maybe it’s because he was gored in the leg months before and didn’t want to relive it, or maybe it was that traumatic photo. Anyway, check out Christian Hernandez doing the unthinkable and ask yourself the question: idiot or genius? Here’s the video of matador Christian Hernandez fleeing the ring courtesy of Jimmy Traina at SI Hot Clicks:

If you were wondering about the consequences of Hernandez’s actions, well they were stiff. Initially he was arrested by police for breach of contract and brought back to the ring where he fled once again. Some might deride Hernandez for his cowardice but I’ll go another direction: he’s the smart one while the other matadors are the idiots. Think about it.

No Bull: Matador Arrested After Fleeing Ring [AOL News]
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Video Credit: YouTube user farabuttokumunista

Today’s Funny Sports Video: A Drunk Biting a Pork Chop On a Stick

I think I’ve come across a pretty good one here.  It’s one of those that gets more and more funny every time you watch it.  I really can’t stand Michael Kay.  No, I really, really hate the guy.  But for some reason his reaction to this is what makes the video so great to me.  Check out the video of a Yankees fan biting a pork-chop-on-a-stick, courtesy of The Sporting Blog via YouTube:

Yeah, this guy is completely out of line to be violating the reporter’s personal space like that and biting a cold pork chop.  I’m just not sure its as “disgusting” as Michael Kay is making it out to be.  I’m also not sure if it warrants her shoving the remainder of the snack down his throat.  That, however, is what makes this clip so humorous for me.  I have a hunch this guy holding the dust pan-sized brush enjoyed a beer or two at the game – your thoughts?

UPDATE: Unfortunately, MLB took down the original video I had up, so the whole Michael Kay aspect of this post can’t be appreciated unless you saw the original version.  This new one doesn’t have quite the same effect, but at least you get the idea.

YES Reporter Saves Fan Trip to the Concession Stand [The Sporting Blog]
Video Credit: SI Hot Clicks

Three Men Arrested While ‘Looking For a Lost Wallet’

This could be one of the best excuses for breaking and entering you’ll ever hear.  Have you ever woken up one morning and thought to yourself, “crap, I can’t find my wallet”?  It’s probably happened to everyone at some point.  Maybe you misplaced it.  Maybe it was stolen.  Maybe you left it in your car.  Maybe you were intoxicated the night before and just can’t seem to remember where you put all of your things.  And maybe, just maybe, you left it at Heinz Field during a Steelers game back in December.

That’s the story three Texas men gave after they were arrested and charged with criminal trespass and conspiracy to commit criminal trespass at Heinz Field early Sunday morning.  Security said the men “used themselves like human ladders” in an attempt to get over the gate and into the stadium.  The one of three who lost his wallet must have had a good amount of cash in it.  He also must be in a pinch — or perhaps unemployed — if he’s just now attempting to reclaim something he’s been missing for five months.

Pittsburgh Police Sgt. Patrick Knapp told reporters, “the story’s not credible.”  Perhaps if they had claimed to be searching for Ben Roethlisberger’s dignity, the police would have cut him a break.

Men arrested after break in at Heinz Field [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
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13-Year-Old Makes Impressive Feat

On Saturday, Jordan Romero, a 13-year-old boy from Big Bear, CA became the youngest person to climb Mount Everest. He made the climb with his father and his father’s girlfriend, and they did it from the Chinese side of the mountain because there’s no age restriction on that side.

As if climbing Mount Everest at 13 wasn’t enough, Romero climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa when he was only 9-years-old leaving him with only one goal left –to climb the Vinson Massif in Antarctica. His climbing team leaves in December. This is just awesome. The kid is just barely a teenager and he is already conquering the life goals that he set for himself. It’s not like these are little goals either; Mount Everest is almost 30,000 feet high — I don’t think I could even imagine something that tall.

I’m proud of this little climber. I’ll be honest, I can’t even conquer my rock climbing wall at the gym and this kid is scaling mountains. The thing that made me smile the most about this story is the quote that Romero had on his blog before climbing Everest:

“Every step I take is finally toward the biggest goal of my life, to stand on top of the world.”

I can’t imagine ever actually being able to standing on top of the world but this does make me want to do things that are a little more achievable. Let’s all take a page from this kid’s book and start doing some of the things we’ve always wanted to.

13-Year-Old Reaches Top of Mount Everest [CBS World]
Photo Credit: JordanRomero.com

Love Him or Loathe Him, Dick Vitale Makes the World a Better Place

Many admire his passion for the game of college basketball.  Others want to throw up just having to listen to a two-hour ESPN broadcast that features college basketball’s most passionate figure –  a man who gives a new meaning to the word “color” in the title of color commentator.  It’s not difficult to imagine why so many people grow annoyed after listening to Dick Vitale for an extended period of time.  Maybe a raspy, energetic voice yelling, “slam, bam, jam, up up and away the elevator man!” gets under your skin and makes you want to mute your TV so you can enjoy the game.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I would strongly urge the Vitale bashers (of which there are many) to hate his style, his delivery, and even the way he goes about his job — not the man himself.

Vitale is twice as — if not more — passionate about fighting and finding a cure for cancer than he is toward anything that has to do with the game of college basketball.  Having already eclipsed the age of 70, he doesn’t need any extra attention or recognition on top of what he has already received throughout his illustrious Hall of Fame career.  The effort he puts toward raising money in the fight against cancer is for no other reason than to help save lives — and there are few who have done more to help the cause than Dick Vitale.

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Video: Bull’s Horn Goes Through Matador’s Chin and Out Mouth

Watch at your own risk.

Rick Chandler had this classic line to describe the incident, “At least one guy in Spain now knows what a trout feels like when it gets caught.” Precisely. Just another example why it’s a bad idea to mess with nature. Or larger animals, in this case.

Well, this is rather gruesome [Out of Bounds]

This Guy Needs to Calm Down

I love when an announcer shows a little emotion while calling a game.  When the situation calls for it, a play-by-play broadcaster can make a moment that much more memorable and say some things that will stay with you for the rest of your life.  This is absolutely not one of those situations.  Maybe you can’t envision a scenario in which an announcer goes completely bonkers during the 5th inning of a Division II NCAA Semifinal baseball game.  Well, it happened yesterday when a University of Tampa player hit a grand slam in the 5th to increase his team’s lead from 3-2 to 7-2.  Yes, that’s right, they already had the lead.  I suppose if nothing else you can’t accuse this guy of scripting what he’s going to say, but this is pretty priceless.  Check out the video of a University of Tampa baseball announcer overreacting to a grand slam, courtesy of SI Hot Clicks.

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