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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

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Guess Who’s Rocking the Soul Patch!

I don’t know, something about seeing 58-year-old men sporting the soul patch that just makes me laugh. You know, because I thought it was reserved strictly for 20-year-old surfers who hang out at the beach, not former major league managers currently serving as analysts for Baseball Tonight. But as my buddy Andy points out, Dusty…Read More

LA Sports Bloggers Rendezvous Recap

So Wednesday I arranged this shindig down at Lucky Strike in Hollywood. Several LA-area sports bloggers came through for what ended up being a great time. We chatted it up over many drinks, spending most of the time sharing stories and getting to know each other. I want to thank everyone who showed up for…Read More

Paris Hilton Nipple Slip

I’m not sure this qualifies as a nip slip — it’s more along the lines of a straight up Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction. And let me just go on the record and say that I’m not a fan of that bikini style for the looks. But if it keeps producing results like the following, then…Read More

Estonians Rule in Wife-Carrying

Remember the name: Uusorg. Like Alou is to baseball, and Niedermayer is to hockey, Uusorg is to wife carrying. Madis Uusorg took first in the wife-carrying championships in Finland on Saturday, checking in with a winning time of 61.7 seconds. He is the brother of last year’s winner, Margo Uusorg, who holds the world record…Read More

Runner Collapses on Cardiac Hill with Heart Attack

How appropriate is that?  I just love a good irony, and this is certainly one. The Atlanta-Journal Constitution has the details of the Peachtree Road Race from Wednesday morning: A 65-year-old man collapsed with a heart attack just after completing the famed Cardiac Hill portion of the Peachtree Road Race on Wednesday morning. Paramedics on…Read More

Is Sonya Thomas too Hot to be a Competitive Eater?

I might have to say yes. It’s quite curious actually that so many competitive eaters are in good shape. Kobayashi’s ripped, Chesnut’s normal, and some of those other dudes were getting down doing pushups before the competition. Which brings us to Sonya Thomas. Known as the Black Widow (I thought that was Janet Lee’s nickname?),…Read More

Just How Would Mini Me Do?

photo courtesy ERIC KAYNE / THE SEATTLE TIMES I still am not sure about all the technicalities regarding the difference between dwarfs and midgets. I think it has to do with whether or not everything is in proportion, although I can’t swear to it. Either way, I’m proud to say that the Dwarf Games were…Read More

The Apple IPhone Craze, it Can’t Be

Mark Jackson had a great line in his analysis of the draft last night — the Blazers had such a good draft it overshadowed the release of the Apple Iphone. Well, there are a lot of people excited about Portland hoops, but probably not as many as people excited about the latest Apple I-___ technology….Read More

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