Video: Dallas Cowboys Practice Facility Collapses Because of Tornado Winds

Let me ask one fundamental question: is it more important for cameramen to try and execute their job by filming and documenting an event such as this one, or to shed the camera and try to help out other people in need? The reason I ask this is because it was strange watching a cameraman film a Cowboys player trying to help someone who was trapped. That just seemed odd to me. Here’s the chilling video of the Dallas Cowboys practice facility collapsing because of thunderstorms (which I guess I’m glad we have so we can see what it looked like):

The aftermath of the collapse was pretty significant. 12 of the reported 70 people in the facility were injured. The Cowboys special teams coach, Joe DeCamillis, has a broken back. One of their scouting assistants, Rich Behm, wound up paralyzed from the waist down. Recent draft pick David Buehler seems to have sustained the worst injuries of all the players. My initial reaction, aside from feeling horribly for the people who’s lives have been harmed by this incident, is to wonder why the Cowboys were practicing amidst such threatening weather conditions. If the facility is designed to protect from thunderstorms and tornadoes, then who screwed up building it? I’m just hoping that some teams learned the importance of keeping employees safe in the face of natural disasters. Mother nature always wins. Squeezing in a few extra hours or days of practice isn’t worth jeopardizing lives.

Playboy Girls Love LBS!

If and when I die, that snippet is going in my commemorative video. And on my tombstone. And in my epithet. Excellent job by Alana G at Yardbarker for putting that video together and making all this blogging feel worthwhile. Sorta. If only she could hook me up with a date …

Michael Phelps Kellogg’s Cereals Now Feeding the Hungry at Food Banks

Much like the Patriots 19-0, Super Bowl champs t-shirts, you probably figured those Kellogg’s cereal boxes featuring Michael Phelps were headed to Central America as a result of Mikey’s cheech and chong display. So what happened to all those boxes of cereal with Phelps’ likeness plastered all over the front? They got cleared off the shelves and sent to food banks.

Kellogg’s isn’t actually saying that it dumped the cereal boxes on food banks – a spokesman for the cereal company did not return a call – but it is a logical conclusion.

The sudden appearance of about 3,800 pounds of flakes would indicate that someone was trying to dump some unwanted stock.

Apparently cereal is a high-scale item in demand at the food banks, so the product got cleaned out without a problem. Even making his best efforts to embarrass himself, Phelps still wound up doing a good deed and some charity. Who knew?

The Downsides to Live TV Reporting

There is nothing more for me to say than … here, just watch:

I just busted up laughing out loud when I saw that video hit about the 15 second mark. As Jimmy at SI said, that poor reporter had no clue what was going on. Funny how the angle made things practically perfect. Crazy, crazy soccer hooligans.

North Carolina Senate Bill 377 Would End High School Athletics for Poor Academics

I doubt this bill actually gets passed because it’s pretty outrageous. Nonetheless, it’s worth pointing out what’s floating around out there. There’s a proposed bill in North Carolina that would end athletics in high schools that score below the 50th percentile for end of year tests two years in a row. I guess the idea is canceling sports would help the academic performance at the school:

Sen. Charlie Albertson, D-Duplin, the sponsor of the bill, said the proposal isn’t intended to punish students who are doing well. He said he only wants to encourage students who aren’t performing well in the classroom to do better.

“We certainly want our kids to keep playing sports because we know how important that is, but we need to remember the first thing about a school is to be able to learn to read and write and do math,” Albertson said.

This is about the damn dumbest thing of which I’ve heard. How can you categorically blame poor academic performance on sports and athletic performance? Why wouldn’t you start with the kids or the parents for poor academics? What about the school teaching better? What about the parents making the kids do their homework? There’s a pretty darn high percentage of high school students that participate in athletics so stripping them of that right would be insane. I’m willing to guess that academic performance for high schoolers on sports teams is highly competitive with that of the regular student body. How could it possibly be worth ending the fun for all the other students doing well in school that enjoy their sports?

So the Patriots Had Cheerleader Tryouts

I would’ve had no idea that the Patriots were auditioning new dancers if it weren’t for Deadspin, which also was able to sift through the crowd to locate the hottest chick of all 500 that went to try out, without a doubt. Given Belichick’s dry personality, you would figure he’d be outlawing cheerleaders so as to prevent player distractions. But even Belichick likes to get some strange, so it is reasonable to think that he has the final say over all new cheerleader selections. Anyway, here’s the best of what New England has to offer, courtesy of the highly reputable and journalistic Boston Globe:

Poor Cassel, guy got traded away before he even had a chance to enjoy himself. Sigh.

Drink VitaminWater, Get Banned by NCAA

Good thing I’m not trying to make it as a college athlete otherwise I’d be screwed. Looks like my favorite drink out there — VitaminWater — has some flavors that would be banned in college for having questionable substances. Deadspin tipped me off to this story from the Brown Daily Herald:

Six of Vitaminwater’s 15 varieties contain common stimulants or other psychoactive chemicals that could be problematic for both the University and the student-athletes, according to Drug Free Sport, an organization that conducts drug testing for NCAA schools.

A student who tests positive for a banned substance above a certain level, according to the NCAA, loses a year of eligibility. An “impermissible” substance is one that is not banned, but is against the rules for coaches or trainers to provide to students.

I’d have to give up Power-C if I were playing otherwise I’d be out a year of eligibility because I love that stuff. Luckily my other favorites are on the approved list. Just goes to show once again that you can’t trust everything you put into your body — it’s probably worth researching ingredients before you ingest.