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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

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Is Sonya Thomas too Hot to be a Competitive Eater?

I might have to say yes. It’s quite curious actually that so many competitive eaters are in good shape. Kobayashi’s ripped, Chesnut’s normal, and some of those other dudes were getting down doing pushups before the competition. Which brings us to Sonya Thomas. Known as the Black Widow (I thought that was Janet Lee’s nickname?),…Read More

Just How Would Mini Me Do?

photo courtesy ERIC KAYNE / THE SEATTLE TIMES I still am not sure about all the technicalities regarding the difference between dwarfs and midgets. I think it has to do with whether or not everything is in proportion, although I can’t swear to it. Either way, I’m proud to say that the Dwarf Games were…Read More

The Apple IPhone Craze, it Can’t Be

Mark Jackson had a great line in his analysis of the draft last night — the Blazers had such a good draft it overshadowed the release of the Apple Iphone. Well, there are a lot of people excited about Portland hoops, but probably not as many as people excited about the latest Apple I-___ technology….Read More

Brazilian Soccer Ref Posing in Playboy

I didn’t post this to get your thoughts on international soccer. I just wanted you to see what she looks like. She’s 29 and has far too many names for me to write them all here. Just check the video below. And also be sure to check out this google translated press release. It’s freaking…Read More

How Bad Is Horse Racing Compared to Dogfighting?

I think for the most part, we can all agree that dogfighting is pretty disgusting. But as mjd questioned in one of his first Debriefings, what makes the Preakness and other horse racing events such acceptable forms of entertainment, while dog fighting is considered so deplorable? I think that both can be considered animal abuse….Read More

Want to Make Some Money? Sue Nike

That’s exactly what Chris Whetsline is doing. Don’t know the name? That’s OK. He’s a massage therapist who wound up getting included in the whole Justin Gatlin scandal. And what’s this dude doing? Oh nothing, just suing Nike for $3.8 million. You know, chump change. The suit claims Llewellyn Starks, a former long jumper who…Read More

Retirement? Say It Ain’t so Chamique

This is the saddest thing. I remember like it was yesterday when Chamique was making women’s college hoops somewhat popular on ESPN, balling it up for the Lady Vols. And what, less than 10 years later she’s hanging it up? What will Sparks fans do without her? I’m not Mr. up-to-date when it comes to…Read More

Humane Society Wants to End Shark Fishing Tournament

They’re already working on curtailing Michael Vick’s canine obedience school, and now they won’t let sharks have the pleasure of swallowing a stick of dynamite? Those animal rights activists certainly are doing everything in their power to ensure man’s last days of fun are over. Major bummer. Here’s the background: this is an Ocean City…Read More

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