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Thursday, July 2, 2015

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Who Goofed I’ve Got to Know?

And the Winnars of the 2007 Men’s NIT Tournament… The West VirGINA Mountaineers!! Who were for the record, better than about 20 teams in the big dance. Chest Bump NCAA FanHouse)

NC State Coach’s son Sidney Lowe Is Jacked Up

And you thought Andy Reid’s kids were messed up? Wait til you read this. Over the weekend their was a shooting inside the dorms at UNC-Greensboro. While two men were already arrested, a third man, 21 year-old Sidney Lowe Jr., has now been arrested as well. He also happens to be the son of N.C….Read More

Don’t Let Kenneth John Gibson Coach Your Kid in Soccer

What is it with people sometimes? I just don’t get it. The lawyer for the man soon-to-be-mentioned says he’s a law-abiding banker with no criminal history. Is that so? Then what the heck is up with him trading child porn??? Kenneth John Gibson was arrested by FBI agents Friday. Investigators say he possessed sexually explicit…Read More

Make Sure You Strap One On

OK, so this is totally unrelated to sports — unless of course, you consider hitting home runs off the field sport — but, since the majority of the readers of the site are male (I’m guessing), I feel it is my duty to alert you. Here’s a story from Toronto via Reuters: A Canadian woman…Read More

Johnnie Morton Will Try His Hand at Mixed Martial Arts

12 seasons in the NFL on three different teams which resulted in 43 touchdowns and nearly 9,000 career receiving yards. A 1st round pick out of college and 1993 All-American honors. 138 yards receiving and a TD in the playoffs. And where do all those accomplishments get former USC great and Detroit Lions WR Johnnie…Read More

Michael Jackson and His Nephew TJ Jackson

Sorry if this wasn’t the way you wanted to start off your day…but it’s so disgustingly disturbing…it must be shared. From comes this photo, along with the words These disturbing images were taken as part of a promo for T.J.’s album. At the time, T.J. was only 17 years old. There’s nothing else that…Read More

I May Be Switching Jobs (and Dating)

OK, so in the post below, I said I might be putting the Behemoth on Craig’s List. Naturally, in order to link to Craig’s List, I had to visit the site. Well, a visit to the site led me to the wanted section, and I have to say, I may be leaving you all. Dry your…Read More

Moving the Behemoth

I just spent the last two hours trying to relocate this monstrous TV set. The beastly creature has a 35 inch screen and would win a seesaw battle with Andre The Giant. The set was born sometime during the early-90s back when hi-definition referred to a setting on your audio cassette player. Unfortunately it had…Read More

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